It’s Just Twin Peaks with a Different Flavor of Frosting

I have to agree with Tycho on this. LOST is standing frighteningly close to the ledge of Plummeting Ratings. I have been an avid fan of this show since the pilot episode. I have clung to the hope that there was a cohesive story, complete with a fully satisfying ending. I clung to this hope even when a polar bear appeared in the middle of a tropical island. I didn’t lose hope when black smoke started making industrial sounds and acting as if it had intelligence. I kept the faith when… oh wait, can’t say that one because my friends across the pond are a season behind us and I’m not big on blurting out spoilers.

Thing is, I expect at least some answers to any of the myriad of conundrums which have been put in my face these past two-and-a-half seasons. But all I’m getting are more bizarre-ass mysteries and redundant backstories and it’s starting to feel very familiar…

I used to watch this little program back in the early 90s called Twin Peaks. It was filmed here in Washington state and co-created by filmmaking giant David Lynch. Now, I absolutely loved Twin Peaks. The relationship ended badly, however. I started to get bored, then I became distracted, then finally outright apathetic. By the time the show was cancelled in 1991, I had long since had enough of the drawn-out storyline and what started to seem like weirdness just for weirdness’ sake. I resented being strung along. I had lost interest in the characters. I had stopped caring. Then they made a Twin Peaks movie in 1992 — a movie that only made sense to long-time fans of the TV show (and even to us only just barely). I didn’t actually see it until it was out on video; 134 minutes of Why Should I Give a Crap?

So you see, I’m starting to get this familiar feeling as LOST reaches the middle of its third season. I feel like, well, like I’m being strung along with a drawn-out storyline and shown what’s starting to look like weirdness for weirdness’ sake.

Just like in 1991. I don’t want it to happen all over again.

If I’m not mistaken, LOST is taking a break for several weeks after next Wednesday’s episode. I’ll be using that hiatus to seriously consider if my time wouldn’t be better spent watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’m on season four now and haven’t lost interest once.

UPDATE: New York Magazine’s Adam Sternbergh has a short and sweet summation of how I think we’re all feeling about LOST. Check it out.

UPDATE: I would be criminally remiss if I didn’t make proper note of this genius cartoon which I found at Goomi’s Unspeakable Vault (of Doom). Absolutely brilliant!


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21 Responses to It’s Just Twin Peaks with a Different Flavor of Frosting

  1. M says:

    Someone else in the neighborhood said Lost is on hiatus until after the first of the year! Why do they even bother? I thought they learned their lesson last year when they probably lost a ton of viewers because of all the reruns.
    I'm not going to watch it anymore, it's not worth it.

  2. Budd says:

    the split season is crap. I think Fox is showing the world that you can start a season at anytime and run it through and it be successful. Scrubs starts at the end of the month.

  3. Essy says:

    I hate the split season too. I religiously wait until every Wednesday night to see Lost, and now there's only one more episode until FEBRUARY! Didn't the season just get started? This is crazy TV programming. I want some answers too. It's already bothering me that they kill off characters so that they can introduce some more of the survivors that we just haven't met yet.

  4. bouche says:

    I tried to jump in on the Lost rage in season two. I knew the jist of what was going on from all my sisters babbling, no wait… foaming rabidly at the mouths about it. The third, maybe fourth episode in, I declared a avid hatred for the show! Each show after the first I saw might have had 10 minutes of new footage on top of one scenario replaying after it was fully understood what went on… After some time away, I think perhaps I was too hard on and too quick to judge. I think I should have watched season one and I still might, perhaps if or when it gets syndicated or if I can find a free means to see season one, then part of season two. Now, one thing that may keep me away is the constant rehashing of a single scene — not a fan of that. I feel I could deduce or could go without questioning inconsistencies or ponderances so long as the storylines fairly riveting.I started Buffy party near the beginning of season three and it hooked me there. I saw most of them and have a few seasons on dvd. It has its up episodes and down but I still yearn for more shows along those lines. So far, Heroes has proven to keep me excited and I hope it continues to. I hope that lost does something to win you back, that it ties some things up without making you feel tired of its run.

  5. bernie says:

    I tried to ride the Lost wagon after hearing all the rave. The few episodes I saw were pretty good but they didn't hook me. I miss Buffy.

  6. Budd says:

    Lost is good, but it has a very slow pace. The show depends heavily upon character development. Abrams is a comic writer at heart and the show has the comic book problem of leaving plotlines dangling and forgoten until they are needed for some end. I think the writers know, roughley, where they are going. They have to explain some things and close old plot threads before starting new ones.
    My prediction: The shows numbers will continue to drop. The network will cancel in season 5. Season 5 will be one heck of a season though. I have heard a podcast where they have said that in season 6 all the dead characters would return as zombies, but, alas, it was only a joke.

  7. Lytah says:

    I watched the first season of Lost, but didn't care enough to return for the second season. My soon-to-be-ex husband was an avid fan, so I'd catch glimpses of episodes every now and again, and they'd always leave me with that "Yep, still bullshit" feeling.Buffy > Lost, definitely, although season 6 is a major downer.

  8. crankypants says:

    I still like Lost a lot, but it could be because I have quit trying to 'figure it out'. I just watch and enjoy. especially the episodes where Sawyer is shirtless. or clothed. I hate that they have killed off so many main characters in such a short time, or in Michael & Walt's case, sent them packing. It would make more sense if someone got sick & died or jumped off a cliff or drowned or something. anyway….if you slow down the scenes with the black smoke, you see scenes/faces from the past of whichever person it's going after.
    It's still better than most of what is on TV.

  9. M says:

    Are you serious? If you slow-mo the smoke scenes you see faces of other cast members? Are you pulling our legs? I don't have t-vo so I'd have to take your word for it, but tell me if you're joking…
    And what did happen to Walt and the kid? Did they write them out of this season after they boated away?

  10. Deborah says:

    I jumped into Lost and was hooked, until this season. You are right – it feels like Twin Peaks all over again.It's like a gyroscope as it spins out of control, I can feel lost starting to tip over…

  11. crankypants says:

    Maureen, I shit you not. I didn't watch the first season as it was shown on tv, I bought the DVD when it came out. I super slow moed it for instance, when Locke was being dragged into the hole and it showed all kinds of faces from his past that we saw in his backstory. I think I also saw it last season when I DVR'ed an episode for Mr. Eko.
    Regarding Michael & Walt…I had heard rumors last season about them getting rid of Walt because he was growing up too fast…they've only been on the island for what, 2 months? in another 'month' he'd be like 6 feet tall & legal to vote! haha. Also I had heard that Harold Perrinault (Michael) wanted out. You never know, it's always open for them to come back, or one of them.
    I was just wondering how many different babies they have used for Aaron in the last year, haha

  12. Kirk says:

    Maureen, if you'd like even more proof, there are screen captures out there on the 'net. Like this one which shows Eko's brother in the smoke. Or this one wherein we see some carnage going down at Eko's old stomping grounds back home.Personally, I despised Michael from the start. He was always such a putz. I couldn't empathize with him at all and I'm glad he's gone. But that's just me.

  13. M says:

    Aaaaaiiiiiiieeeeee! FEBRUARY 7TH????

  14. M says:

    That story line was kind of lame, anyway, I thought. I wasn't sad to see them motoring off, but now that they've killed off Eco, that island isn't very diverse, is it?

  15. M says:

    The first link came up, but is Eco's brother a white man who got crucified? That's what it looks like to me, on the left side of the photo?
    The second link won't come up. Is that part of the conspiracy?

  16. Kirk says:

    Oops, linked to the wrong piccie and now I can't find the one I meant to link to. >_< Doh! That one I linked to just shows a crucifix. The second one seems to have gone down now. Ugh. I'll try to find new links tomorrow.

  17. crankypants says:

    Awww, I liked Michael. I did feel for him, I thought his story was pretty compelling. I didn't really like how he left though. The one I don't feel too much for is Kate. Though she has grown on me. Maybe I am just jealous of her because of Sawyer, haha

  18. Kirk says:

    You wouldn't be the only one, crankypants. Both of the women in my house drool extra when Sawyer's got the shirt off. Kate is another character I don't empathize much with. I'd like to know more about Hurley.Well, in 24 minutes we'll see if they can keep me as a viewer…

  19. Budd says:


  20. AlexMars says:

    I've had my heart broken by too many genre shows, and never even started with Lost. For some reason sci-fi/fantasy/horror shows tend to only have about 5 good years to them and Lost is really special because it couldn't even manage that. What kills me is that Abrams has always insisted they knew what was going on, and obviously this is what we call a LIE. Incidentally, Buffy's a great example of the five year rule. I'd say more but you'll see (okay, hint: I hope you REALLY REALLY like Spike).

  21. Kirk says:

    Spike is the man. Love him. Good for me, I guess, huh? 🙂 I'm on season five of Buffy now and still quite loving it.The creators of LOST still claim there is a complete, cohesive story. I obviously have my doubts about that.

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