Try These Waves Next Time You Surf

I’ve no doubt the kick-ass people at VOX are working on the coding required to allow us to have links to other sites we enjoy right there in the sidebars of our blogs. It’s another wonderful way to get to know what a person is like and I hope they add that functionality soon. Until then, though, I thought I might point you toward a few of the other blogs I visit regularly. This is in no way an implication that I am having difficulties cobbling together a complete and coherent post. Perish the thought. I just felt like maybe introducing you guys to new things, that’s all. Yup.

1. The Bleat

James Lileks is an immensely skilled writer, plain and simple. He makes it seem so… easy. I don’t agree with his politics, but I never miss a day of The Bleat and I even registered with the Star Tribune website just so I could read his columns. He’s just so bloody talented that I’m willing to endure the spam in order to read his Daily Quirk. It’s a fair trade, trust me.

2. Defective Yeti

Matthew Baldwin is a fellow Seattlite with a superb sense of humor. Here, I’ll just quickly bring you up to speed so you can jump right in. His wife is known as The Queen and his son is The Squirrely. He’s a left-leaning individual but never gets all serious and brooding on the topic of politics. He also writes a column for The Morning News which is always good. Did I mention he’s really funny?

3. Izzle Pfaff!

This is a blog by Skot Kurruk, who also happens to be a Seattle resident. He’s an actor with a day job in the field of cancer research (far as I can tell) which may not seem inherently funny, but somehow it is. He's a heavy smoker, so there's a nice dash of irony in the mix. Skot also has a bit of a foul mouth. So this is FAIR WARNING: Izzle Pfaff! is chock full of potentially offensive terminology. It’s immensely funny if you are not easily offended, but I would never even think of asking my mother to endure it. Put simply, Kurruk writes intelligent, adult humor pieces with a consistently high level of quality. And cuss words.

4. Drawn!

If you’re a graphic artist of any kind, you’ll want to bookmark this site. I have been turned on to some pretty amazing artists since I started frequenting Drawn! I’m pretty sure it’s where I found the path that lead me to the work of the ever-prolific cartoonist Andrew Bell, whose Creatures I look forward to on a (somewhat) daily basis.

5. Little Fluffy Industries

Your boss will hate me for this. More online games than you can shake a stick at, tagged and rated. My friends Lauri and Lorelei surely won’t want to miss the Flying Spaghetti Monster game. Not sure if Little Fluffy Industries can technically be considered a blog, but whatever.

UPDATE: Yes, technically, Little Fluffy Industries can be considered a blog.

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2 Responses to Try These Waves Next Time You Surf

  1. SteveP says:

    Yes, I would appreciate a little more ability to edit the sidebars, add a blogroll, etc. too.

  2. Lauri says:

    Oooo, *jumps up and down in delight* the FSM game!! More fun at the computer! :PAnd more fun sites to check out! Thanks!

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