Worse Than Bad Plastic Surgery

Change can be good sometimes. People who make their livelihood digging clams appreciate a regular change of tide just as construction workers like my dad look forward to the rainy spring changing into a nice, dry summer. Babies are grateful for a regular changing and rest assured that everyone benefits from the fact that I change regularly.

Some changes can go either way – good or bad – depending on your relative perspective; things like traffic signals and body language from the opposite sex, for instance.

And then some changes are just plain bad. Wrong. Unforgivable.

For example, Starbucks removing Valencia flavoring from their menu was a bad change.

We can all agree that Coca-Cola’s brief change to New Coke back in '85 was nothing short of wrong.

And what Archie comics has done to Betty and Veronica is completely unforgivable!

Seriously. They should be ashamed.

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16 Responses to Worse Than Bad Plastic Surgery

  1. Dancing Bear says:

    New and Improved are seldom either.

  2. M says:

    That's seriously wrong. Why would they make Betty and Veronica look more "realistic" when they leave Jughead (is that his name, the guy with the "realistic" crown on his head?) with a nose he stole from Pinocchio? And that goober Archie with the orange hair and the black Groucho Marx eyebrows? And, really, if they were going to make them look more realistic, couldn't they have found an artist that would least have made them look similar to their old looks? It might be new, but it sure isn't improved. Why I care I don't know, since I didn't read Archie comics. The whole Betty and Veronica fighting over lame old Archie was too much for me…but I could also look at it as the comic's creator's way of gently breaking the news of the world's women-to-men ratio to young girls.

  3. Essy says:

    I get a kick out of your tags.

  4. bouche says:

    That change, is a bad thing. I'm sure someone out there would make an argument that previous to their complete makeovers, they were dated; consequently, in ditching a look that made them who they were, they lost that identity and the base that brought them that fame and recognition. Now they're not those girls next door Archie can bring out to have a hamburger and share a shake with. They look more apt to cop habits from the peers the artists have borrowed their features from: one of the Spears sisters and Lindsay Lohan. Now instead of satiating a fan base that either liked to recollect the past or escape to a simpler period will most likely abandon them. Unless they aim for those who seek characters they can relate to (and will they?).

  5. Bookmole says:

    If it is New, how can it be Improved? Gets me every time.And, diff but related, why do the best products get taken off the market first…

  6. Cat says:

    Look! They've turned Betty and Veronica in to the same kind of teenage whores you see on Myspace!!

  7. Rachel says:

    Maybe I can give you some consolation that it's a one shot deal. They're going to have I think either one book/or one set of a series that looks like that while still producing the old style. It's aimed at young girls, and I think the stories are supposed to be slightly updated in that manner. If it doesn't sell well they say they will never do it again, if it does sell well, they will occasionally use the style for short series, but NOT replace the original style. I was worried too. Archie and The Simpsons comics were my staples as a child.

  8. Kirk says:

    "Maybe I can give you some consolation that it's a one shot deal."Oh, that's very good to know, Rachel. Thanks! I've never really been a huge Archies fan (though I never missed Josie and the Pussycats on TV), but as an artist, I hate to see such well-established styles brushed aside, especially for such hackneyed techniques as the new Betty and Veronica exemplify.

  9. Lauri says:

    Pfffffft. Betty and Veronica look ridiculous!And, New Coke….p'toooooey!

  10. Lorelei says:

    You can see how relevant this is – especially Veronica and her addiction to plastic surgery. I mean look at her Michael Jackson-y nose!
    I'm waiting for the next cover where Betty's boobs suddenly inflate into Pamela Anderson size.

  11. Austin1234 says:

    No, shit….they went and changed Betty! Damn, is there nothing sacred! All my nocturnal dreams are dashed. I'm not the man I used to be.

  12. verbminx says:

    I agree about Betty & Veronica. WTF?!?
    It's not even that it's different and "modernized" (dumb, because the obsessed people who read those comics – every comics shop has a few people who have Archie-only subscription files – are partly into the now-retro style) – it's that the "modernized" art isn't even good comics art. There are at least a dozen ways to do that, and something in the style of Daniel Clowes or Chynna Clugston would have been better. The art they've chosen looks really amateurish – like it's from a bad minicomic.
    However, New Coke. They did a zillion blind taste tests before they introduced it: it ALWAYS won over Coke Classic. It wasn't even the first time the formula had been changed. They were doing the New Coke change because they were constantly losing taste tests to Pepsi. Their mistake was in informing the public that the formula was being changed. I didn't like New Coke at the time, because it didn't taste like Coke to me, but I'd really like to have the opportunity to taste it again today and see if I would like it (since I don't remember exactly how it tasted). Not as "the thing that replaces Coke" but as a beverage in its own right. (Although – I seldom drink sodas, they're so unhealthy.)

  13. Timshel says:

    thanks for the nod about the barbie strap on.

    as for betty and veronica it's a bad homage to the changing ways of america and what people expect in post modern expression…people trying to fit in with the ever changing norm, although norms aren't always so great.

    It goes along with the lesbian comic book characters coming out of dc and marvel in the last year…and the coming out wasn't meant as a pun, but I find it disenchanting that to embrace new forms of sexuality comics are exploiting sexuality to make a point, granted comics were based on this but not in such an odd pc way…it'll be fascinating to see if any of the "gay supporting superheros/villians" emerge into real developed characters or just fade in to oblivion.

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