It’s Not Just a Cool Name

My favorite online comic strip – the one that leaves all other comic strips in the choking dust of mediocrity – is a masterful piece of blackened humor known as Achewood.

See, not only is Achewood oddly intelligent, but it skillfully walks the fine line between levity and vulgarity. It dances across a high-wire of humor, occasionally teetering here and there, but never quite falling to its doom*.

But then, I guess I’ve never really had what people considered a “normal” sense of humor.

*Which is a fat lot more than I can say for that once-amazing-but-now-completely-shitty comic Bob the Angry Flower.

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I draw pictures for a living.
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One Response to It’s Not Just a Cool Name

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Kirk! I've got this site bookmarked now. It's great!

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