Laissez Unfair

Fret not thyself because of evildoers,
Neither be thou envious against the workers of inequity,
For they shall soon be cut down,
Cut down like grass,
And they shall wither like corn.
   –Peter Tosh, Igzibeher (Let Jah Be Praised)

My tens of loyal readers know that I don’t often wax political. I’ve found after years of political debate that one is either preaching to the choir or talking to a wall. People protect their political ideals as vehemently as they do their beliefs on religion, abortion, and who should have won American Idol – and I’m simply too tired to continue slamming my opinions up against those of people I already see as misguided.

And when I read a story like this while I’m paying upwards of three dollars for a gallon of gasoline, it helps to consider Psalm 37 (paraphrased by Peter Tosh in the above quote from his powerful song Igziabeher), though sometimes even these words of comfort do little good to hold my tongue.

HOUSTON, Feb. 1 — Oil prices have fallen, but Exxon Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell… reported record annual profits Thursday.

By making $180 million a day between them, the two largest publicly traded oil companies displayed their ability to ramp up production worldwide over the year, even in unstable places like Chad and Nigeria…

Exxon reported annual profit of $39.5 billion, or $6.62 a share, for 2006 — its second consecutive annual record. Once again, the profit was the largest reported by any American company in history…

Apparently sensitive to perceptions, Shell did not announce that its annual profit was a company record… Shell’s income in 2006 was $25.44 billion, up from $25.3 billion in 2005.


What… the… HELL!? When it happened last year and Exxon Chairman Lee Raymond gave himself a fat $400,000,000 retirement package (one of the largest in history) to boot, it made me feel like every time I put the pump nozzle in my tank, I ought to actually be cramming it up my ass. Sideways.

But now, after suffering this BS for multiple years, I have a list of other people who deserve to be violated in the afore-mentioned fashion. Because the American people, contrary to the ignorant opinions of those pulling the strings, have to work damn hard just to make ends meet nowadays and cannot afford to pay astronomical gas prices while bipedal swine like Lee Raymond are sitting on the equivalent of the entire Gross Domestic Product of Samoa. There is no way anyone with even a modicum of ethics can justify this level of greed.

Unfortunately, it seems there is little we as individuals can do to stop it. Sure, we can push for cleaner fuel, go out and buy a hybrid (if we can afford a new car at all), vote for the politicians we think will be least effected by oil lobbyists, and ride our bikes to all destinations inside a ten mile radius. But let’s face it, in the end, all we can really do is truly believe that it is indeed better to be a moral person, live our lives as free of want as possible and take solace in Psalm 37, than to spend every moment considering the next method by which we can acquire more material possessions. For when it all comes to a close and I’m laying on my deathbed surrounded by my loved ones, it isn’t going to matter how much money I have compared to a pig-man like Lee Raymond and all the time I wasted whining about the inequity in the world isn’t going to suddenly be granted me. In the end, all that’s going to matter is how I lived my life and what I held dear during that time. Those things will I take with me when I die; the rest will remain behind…

…to wither like corn.

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11 Responses to Laissez Unfair

  1. Marie says:

    Kirk that is so true!
    So many people get caught up in the wrong things. Material possessions and "keepin up with Jones", are for some, what life is all about. But when our last days are upon us, our bank account, the car we drove, the house we lived, etc are all things that will no longer matter. What WILL matter, is how important we were in the life of our children, and the people we love.

  2. JamesTr says:

    It's still wrong that those oil f***ers are making so damn much off of us!

  3. bouche says:

    It's sick how the hurricanes that came and left provided them with the excuse to increase the price of oil as high as they had. Then, not too long after, when logic would dictate that perhaps they shouldn't profit much if indeed these hurricanes made such an impact, they release news of just the opposite — without even batting a guilty eye. Then, what seems to be the popular political posturing of the day, anyone eying a seat in office might make claims we're hearing that they will make them pay. Maybe they will, but who in turn will foot that difference? We might, perhaps under the guise of some unforeseen complication that will be accepted through simple explanation without investigation. It's a pretty strange position we're in and while there are some alternatives, they always come at a cost. I recently got my drivers license and I've hit the road only a few times, previous to that, I used the public transportation system here, which gets the job done but at the collateral damage of limited runs on certain routes tack at least an additional hour to many commutes. The buses here run on alternate fuels, which for some reason, (stalling for the sake of profit) is still under investigation by these oil companies… Which is still is an elusive silver bullet that politicians and oil businessmen refuse to confirm the existence of. Some places in the states (I hear in Iowa there are a few places), and in the world already have stations that dispense biofuel… Which coerces me to question the powers that quest for alternatives in our best interest, wondering if a conspiracy exists (I guess it does considering whose who favor lobbyists). Before I logged on, I saw a short news clip concerning the global warming conference. When I read the article you found and when I think of the whole picture of what's going on, I'm about as angry as I am depressed. I wish there was a way we all (as in everyone, everywhere) could be more aggressive about turning the direction of things in out favor. If there is such a movement, let me know, I'll sign up.

  4. Red Pen says:

    You're right about what matters, but stuff like this still makes me mad as hell.

  5. Lauri says:

    Well said, Kirk. And, yes, it does make me furious. But, it's so true that we will not get back all the time spent whining about the inequities of the world. Excellent advice.So, let's make our rants and whining count, and then get back to enjoying what we do have around us!

  6. Kirk says:

    Wonderful comments, all.Make no mistake that 1) I am mad as hell about this and 2) I will spend some more time whining about it before I'm over it. I just like to acknowledge that both are a waste of time when all is said and done.Lauri, excellent point about whining; it should count for something. *thumbs up*

  7. devonrex says:

    progress is slow, but don't undermine your own individual actions. (you know, the whole butterfly wing thing)

  8. Everytime I go to the gas station, I remember back in 1998 when I could fill up my Ford Expedition on $20.Why? Gas was a whopping 99 cents to the gallon.The only thing 99 cents gets you nowadays is a cheeseburger. boo.

  9. JamesTr says:

    if the US wasn't full of ford expeditions, and hummers, and dodge pickups, maybe there would be a little more gas left and the price would still be a reasonable $1.00 a gallon.

  10. bouche says:

    Let's not forget boats, snow mobiles, 4 wheeler thingers, dirt bikes, jet skis and RVs. Maybe some of them take different grades, but it's from oil as well.

  11. which is exactly what I mumble when I go fill up my newer (and a lot smaller) car.but hey, how else was I going to drive around 8 kids? Certaintly not in the Honda Civic I own now!I do definitely think that the influx of the SUV had an effect on gas prices, but I don't think that if the US wasn't filled with expeditions, hummers and pickups that it would ease the pain at the pump any more.

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