They Love Me, They Really Love Me

Okay, so it wasn’t exactly a Sally Field moment, but I did feel pretty special last night at the company awards banquet when they called me out as the advertising department’s “Achiever” for 2006. It’s always nice to be recognized by your superiors as someone who made a difference, but it’s doubly special for me due to my incredibly low self-assurance.

Yup, when it comes to confidence in my abilities, I gots me a narrow urethra.

See, every time I start a new project, I have this fear that it will be the one that I botch completely and which reveals to everyone that I am just some hack artist who just happened to get lucky for a while. Hasn’t happened yet. In fact, I’ve been quite happy with my work lately. And evidently, so have my art director and those above him. Bonus.

So, for the time being anyway, the artistic juices keep flowing – afore-mentioned metaphorical diminished passageways be damned.

Some highlights from the evening you might find enjoyable are:

1. I was the only man there without a tie. Fact is I don’t even own a tie. I kid you not.

But here’s something wonderful that came out of that: my friend and coworker Joel had his tie in his pocket for when the event were to actually get underway, but when he saw how anxious I was over the fact I was the only guy lacking one, he decided to leave his right where it was out of solidarity for me. That made two guys without ties. Now that’s selfless compassion, folks.

Joel was the Achiever for Merchandising, by the way. Because he rocks.

2. I realized last night I’m not a big fan of cuisine.

Pickled cabbage salad? Give me a basic coleslaw any day of the week. Blanched asparagus? Gah! Steam up some broccoli and I’m golden. Garnish? Hmm. How about leaving the twigs off my plate and maybe there will be room for more than six bites. Just a thought.

3. Shaking hands with every single VP in the company makes me sweat profusely. They all probably thought I had the flu or something.

4. 78% of women who attended had heels of 3" or higher.* Awesome.

5. Seeing a nine-foot-tall projection of one’s own face is disturbing, especially when you’re someone as non-photogenic as I am. Good thing they gave out the awards after dinner.

*This statistic, while pulled completely out of Kirk's ass, is actually very close to reality.

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13 Responses to They Love Me, They Really Love Me

  1. shelterme says:

    I am so happy for you! Horray! Good Job! WHOoo Hooo!

  2. congrats! the no tie thing: consider yourself above ties. You've no time for ties, you are creating masterpieces.

  3. Austin1234 says:

    Congrats man! Great post and I'm with you on the cusine and the tie thing….Joel rocks…three inch heels and no pics? Your killing me over here.

  4. Marque says:

    Yay for Ruffles!!!!

  5. Kirk says:

    "You've no time for ties, you are creating masterpieces."Now, if I could just apply that logic to the rest of the dress code. I sure love to go back to wearing jeans every day.

  6. Kirk says:

    "…three inch heels and no pics?"I forgot to take my camera and yeah, it was a huge mistake.

  7. Kirk says:

    "Yay for Ruffles!!!!"Yeah, well, I was ruffled but obviously for different reasons than normal. 😉

  8. Essy says:

    Congratulations! Ties are overrated.

  9. Jenn says:


  10. Holly says:

    Congratulations!! Of course you rock!
    But wait – no pictures? Did you manage to slip away early and go somewhere fun for the after-party? Inquiring minds (okay, nosy fellow bloggers) want to know.
    Our "cuisine" was good – funny similarities, though: we also had the gourmet pickled cabbage and asparagus (biggest stalks of asparagus I've ever seen, and I think I prefer twigs to trees). Filet and shrimp (hey, wow – six bites here, too!) and some kind of really heavy, dark chocolate desert thing with a couple of macadamia nuts thrown in to keep us guessing.
    It's weird – I mean, me being a girl and all – but I'd just as soon have the whole steak, myself.
    My heels were 3.75" (at least according to the ad for the shoes – it's not like I get out the tape measure and measure these things). So when you look at the photos, remember – it's not that my husband's short. He's 6' tall. I'm only 5'11". But Thursday night? I was almost 6'3"!!
    That's nothing. Our daughter's 6'3"…barefoot.

  11. M says:

    Congratulations, Kirk. It surprises me to learn that you are not very self-assured. I see you as modest, but confident. I hope this award helps you take on more confidence, so that you don't sweat all over the VPs. 🙂

  12. verbminx says:

    A) Congrats!
    B) I hope I am not the only person who giggles a little when I hear that someone got a certificate naming them as an "Achiever" – not in denigration of that fact, but because of the "Little Achievers" in The Big Lebowski, and the fact that fans of that movie have taken to calling themselves Achievers, as a result. You can even buy "Achiever" t-shirts and bumper stickers now.

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