this is dg read my post

hi this is dg

i surfing teh internets and i found a purfect link 4 all u who likes kittehs

pleez hit puter mouse here

hope u likee

luv dg

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About kirkstarr

I draw pictures for a living.
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18 Responses to this is dg read my post

  1. Jay says:

    Awsum dg i love kitens 2 thnx so mch for this u r the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cat says:

    I seriously loved all of the pictures but where in the hell did these people learn how to spell? Seriously I have a first grader who can spell better than the guy who has this site!!

  3. dg – won't you get in trouble for messin' with dadda's co-pooter? we don't let our kitteh touch the co-pooter at our house. you are one crafty kitteh.If you want to look and see what stoopid humans do to cats who sit still for too long – check THIS out, dg kittah! Don't be skeerd, your papa Kirk is too nice to do that to you!

  4. bouche says:

    holy cat… that's a lot of pics dg. thr in my puter, hoggin' my bandwidth.thanks:)

  5. OMG KITTEHS!!!!1tanks dg, owe u 1- keiko

  6. arbed says:

    fab-you-loss dg – tanks!

  7. JamesTr says:

    OMG, that's a lot of cats. Are you in there?

  8. Karyn says:

    oh dg….that made me laugh.

  9. M says:

    der krk
    moms at werk so im blogin. thanx fer kat minu. they luk tasdy, yummee.
    Luv,moms gud dog

  10. Erin says:

    mum leftz dah room so wez surfin da webbs. we're BAAD kittehs. we im mums friendez while shez gonne.makinz the mischiefz,tallulah & friday

  11. Kirk says:

    The Deej says thanky for the comments, everyone.I knew he surfed the 'net while I was gone (there are lots of cat-related bookmarks always showing up), but he usually just beats up the mouse. I had no idea he could type. Must be the thumbs.

  12. lizzy says:

    thanks dg, i can't get my cats away from the computer now. *grump*

  13. Lurkertype says:

    hi deej i'm TK an i use my mommy's blog!

  14. spooktastic says:

    aww, i loves ya deeg. *scritches* for the kitteh.

  15. Kirk I just hope DG hasn't figured out to order kitty treats online with your credit cards. =^-~=This Christmas just past I was pleasantly surprised to find a present from my cat Neko until my MasterCard bill came in. lol.

  16. little miao says:

    thanks for the link, DG. that's quite a collection of kitty photos!!

  17. Kirk says: Lol did you see that one?Yup yup! ^_^ DG says that's even too much wet for him. Cathulhu indeed.

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