Mr. Blue Sky Visits Seattle

So I’m running errands this morning and feeling really good – everything’s going swimmingly, the sun is shining, the clouds are few and far between, and the people strolling down the street all seem to be smiling, some are even laughing to one another. A lady walking her dog seems genuinely pleased to be doing so. Same with the dog. It’s not even noon at this point and I’m feeling just fantastic. Life is good.

I glance up through the sunroof and vocally acknowledge that most of it can be probably attributed to the beautiful day.

And then the following song suddenly comes up on my iPod*. How do you not have a good day after an omen like that? Seriously.

Mr. Blue Sky
Electric Light Orchestra

(Spoken) Good morning! Today’s forecast calls for blue skies!

Sun is shining in the sky,
There ain't a cloud in sight,
It's stopped raining,
Everybody's in the play,
And don't you know it's a beautiful new day!

Running down the avenue,
See how the sun shines,
Brightly in the city,
On the streets where once was pity,
Mr. Blue Sky is living here today!

Mr. Blue Sky,
Please tell us why,
You had to hide,
Away for so long.
Where did we go wrong?

Hey you with the pretty face!
Welcome to the human race!
A celebration!
Mr. Blue Sky's up there waiting,
And today is the day we've waited for.

Hey there, Mr. Blue!
We're so pleased to be with you!
Look around; see what you do!
Everybody smiles at you!

Mr. Blue you did it right,
But soon comes Mr. Night,
Creeping over,
Now his hand is on your shoulder.
Never mind, I'll remember you this way!

It’s my hope that every one of you has as great a day as I am having.

*No, I don’t wear earbuds while I’m driving. I have a transmitter that allows my iPod to play through my stereo. So… nyah.

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8 Responses to Mr. Blue Sky Visits Seattle

  1. jodipodi says:

    Excuse my swearing….
    but I fucking LOVE this song!!! :))))

  2. Kirk says:

    Fuck yeah, me too! 😉

  3. Marque says:

    wow – can i take a break and come on over to your life for a moment. no, really..maybe just 5 or 10. 😉

  4. Lauri says:

    Hooray for you and your perfect day! So many people forget to notice when they are having a good one! 😀

  5. jodipodi says:

    p.s. Please tell me how to make audio files pretty. I did try once and failed. I suck. 😦

  6. Dancing Bear says:

    I love that song but I love that day even more. It has sucked hugely here for quite a few days. Cold, bleak. I have always loved ELO. I saw them many times when I was a little one. I want to hear it and have a nice day. I need one.

  7. Choccie says:

    Good song! It was in an episode of Dr Who that we watched last night – the 'absorber' man. The whole album is good imo.

  8. Red Pen says:

    A beautiful day can make all the difference. Perfect timing on the song.

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