This Is Going To Be Good

I judge books by their covers.

Sometimes this widely criticized method fails me, but not often. The book I’m currently reading is entitled Life of Pi and is an example of a book Karin and I purchased as a direct result of its beautiful cover art (shown here; newer printings have a less lovely cover).

I only just started it today and am currently in the midst of the third chapter. I just came across a sentence which spoke to me and what it said was, “You are going to absolutely love this book, Kirk.” It used a set of different words to say this, of course. Here is the sentence:

I have nothing to say of my working life, only that a tie is a noose, and inverted though it is, it will hang a man nonetheless if he’s not careful.

I could have written that sentence myself (were I as eloquent as the author). I have always likened a necktie to a noose and I have gone to great lengths to avoid wearing one. I even admitted recently that I don’t even own a tie.

So, based on my appreciation for good artwork and an inversely proportionate loathing of neckties, I am quite certain Life of Pi is going to be one hell of a novel. And sure, the multiple literary awards it has won don’t hurt.

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18 Responses to This Is Going To Be Good

  1. Red Pen says:

    Kirk, it's an excellent book. I like the cover art (gorgeous!) on your copy very much – mine is quite different.

  2. Marque says:

    my friend read this – as did her boyfriend – and told me I have to read. let me know what you think…I am in need of a good book.

  3. lauowolf says:

    There are some books that are so good you try to slow down reading them, to be in them longer.Sounds like this is one.

  4. i wasn't too impressed with this book. though i think by the time i actually did read it, everyone had already been talking about how it was the best book in the universe.hope you get more out of it than i did, though. i'll read it again in a few years when i've completely forgotten it. maybe i'll enjoy it more then.

  5. SassyChick says:

    Sounds like a great book. The cover art is brilliant.
    Oh and good call on the necktie 😉
    Research reported in the British Journal of Ophthalmology showed that a tight necktie raises blood pressure in the eye, which is a leading risk factor in the illness that can lead to damage to the optic nerve and loss of vision

  6. M says:

    Don't sell yourself short. You very often are as eloquent as that author.

  7. Choccie says:

    I enjoyed the film, but haven't read the book – yet.

  8. Kirk says:

    "…any chance of a review?"
    You bet. Since you've read the only review I've ever written and found it good enough to request another, then I'd be happy to give it a shot. It will be interesting to learn the differences in reviewing a 400-page novel as opposed to a two-hour film. Thanks!

  9. Fattypants says:

    I hope that you enjoy the book, really. I loathed this book more than any other I ever remember reading. Loathing. Hate. Hate is what I felt for this book. To not finish a book gives me a dirty, nasty feeling inside–but the only reason I finished this one was that I was reading it for a book club.

  10. Brown Suga' says:

    The cover art is lovely indeed. I haven't gotten down to reading it though.

  11. RedScylla says:

    I felt a mild disappointment when I read Arundhati Roy's God of Small Things. It was hyped so much, but like you, I just didn't get around to reading it until after everybody and his dog told me how fabulous it was. I found it just pretty good.

  12. That is one of my favorite books EVAR. You are gonna LOVE it, Kirk. Seriously! I can't imagine you not loving this book.

  13. Lauri says:

    Oh it IS such an excellent book, Kirk! Enjoy, enjoy!!!And, I have it in it's old cover. This one IS truly gorgeous!

  14. Lauri says:

    Ok, now that I have read all the other comments, I realize that one reason I liked Life of Pi so much was that it was a total surprise for me and I hadn't heard of it, or heard anyone else hype it. Therefore I really enjoyed it.So, forget what I just said and….well…find out for yourself! 😉

  15. little miao says:

    This looks excellent, I'll add it to my list of books to read this summer.

  16. Rev Stan says:

    Read the Life of Pi while I was on holiday in Thailand and Cambodia last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great ending.

  17. MissDLish says:

    I'm in the middle of reading this and I'm thoroughly enjoying it!

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