Arctic What Now? Did You Say “Monkeys”?

There’s this fairly unknown British band coming to the Showbox here in Seattle on May 3; they call themselves Arctic Monkeys. Karin and I are going to see them.

Thing is, Karin only bought two tickets, which is a tiny detail that has Panda no small amount of pissed off. We don’t really feel bad, though, because 1) every now and then Karin and I have to go do something without the kids and 2) only four days later Karin is taking Amanda and her best friend to see Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is and Cobra Starship in the Tacoma Dome.

But Panda insists it is unfair that I get to see Arctic Monkeys because I am not as frighteningly obsessed with them as she and Karin are. I do confess I have only four of their songs on my iPod. Sheesh.

So anyway… this morning as we were cranking tunes and getting ready for work, the Arctic Monkeys song Fake Tales of San Francisco came on (no need to click through; simply press the play button to hear). There is a line in the song that goes: “Get off the bandwagon and put down the handbook.” The lead singer possesses a rather thick Cockney Yorkshire accent and is sometimes difficult (for me) to understand, so when that section of the song came up, I started belting out, “Pick up bananas and put down the apples!”

I knew the proper lyrics; I was just, you know, being a dork. Karin gave me this pressured look that after eight years I could read like a book. It said: “Maybe acting like you don’t know the lyrics is a bad idea when Amanda is within earshot.”

Her look made a good point.

I can’t finish this without pointing out another lyric from this same song that I think just kicks so much ass. The band playing in the pub sucks, alright, but this one girl is in love with a member of the band, okay? So:

But his bird* says it's amazing, though, so all that's left,
Is the proof that love's not only blind but deaf!

Yup, it should be a pretty decent show.

But Panda will have to settle for a t-shirt.**

*In British slang, a “bird” is a female. It is synonymous with “girl”.
**Usual restrictions apply…

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12 Responses to Arctic What Now? Did You Say “Monkeys”?

  1. Tom says:

    Fairly unknown? They're fairly famous around here 🙂 . Quality band,and from what I've heard, they are awesome live. Enjoy the show!

  2. wow!have fun, the Artic Monkeys put on a fantastic show! Amanda is right to be jealous 😉

  3. Wicked Awesome Band! Yay for You! Have FUN! Also agreeing with Tom, huge rise to fame… very quick… very famous. Next on the list should be OK GO.

  4. Miz Blo says:

    I've never heard of them thank you, I'll have to find the CD now.
    Your right it does sound like that. lol

  5. rhino75 says:

    The Arctics are HUGE in the U.K. and pretty big in the rest of Europe (even in France!!) One thing though, they DEFINITELY DON'T have cockney accents. They're from Sheffield in the north of England. Cockney is London. They are excellent live and you're in for a treat. Enjoy!!

  6. Rev Stan says:

    The Arctic Monkeys are massive here in Britain and have been winning lots of awards. I think they are a little bit over-hyped personally and find the album a little bit samey after a while. By the way they are from Sheffield not London. So have Yorkshire accents not Cockney ;0). If you want to compare the accent listen to Blur's Park Life single which is definitely a cockney accent.

  7. Kirk says:

    "Fairly unknown? They're fairly famous around here :-)"I think they're fantastic and was quite surprised to see where they
    were playing (the Showbox is a pretty small venue). Then, whenever I
    mentioned the show in mixed company, I got a lot of dumb stares. Blew
    me away.That said, the show did sell out. 🙂

  8. Kirk says:

    "By the way they are from Sheffield not London. So have Yorkshire accents not Cockney…"Hey thanks, Rev. I had a reply to rhino75 asking what the name of the accent was, but then I saw yours. Cheers. I'll be changing the post straight away!

  9. Lurkertype says:

    I never listen to the radio or anything, but even I know who Arctic Monkeys are. I think they've been on SNL and Letterman, so you can't get more mainstream than that.

  10. jodipodi says:

    Yup Arctic Monkeys are pretty famous here… broke some fastest selling album record thingybob with their debut. I went off them actually but am loving their new song… Best song on debut album has to be Riot Van I reckon!

  11. cable ack says:

    Their first album was amazing, it's like poetry with a tune. But don't be offended if they are somewhat aloof on stage- they are quite young and all this fuss has hit them right in the foreheads!

  12. Rev Stan says:

    Am also glad you are back because I can pass on this link to an article that appeared in the weekend papers about the Arctic Monkey's which I thought you might be interested to read as you are going to see them soon. They are doing a lot of press at the moment because their second album has just come out.They also played a session on XFM last night in which they talked through the new album track by track but I'm not sure if you can listen to it on line or not.Naughty Kirk don't go away again especially when I have found stuff you might be interested in!

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