Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

The QotD the other day was:

“Out of all the Vox posts you've written, which is your favorite? Why?”

Since I just returned from the dead and might not have anything fresh to post for a few days, I thought now would be a good time to answer this one*. I’ve been fortunate to have quite a few new people add me in the past couple months and figured they might like some help wading through the fluff and picking out the valuable, bloggy nuggets from my earlier entries.

I’ll start by linking to the post that started it all: And God Slapped His Forehead. By “started it all”, I don’t mean it was my first post; I mean it was the first post to be Favorited by someone, thereby exposing my writing to a mass audience. The response was amazing and my beloved neighborhood began to grow.

The next post is a nifty little nostalgic number entitled Back When Posicles Had Two Sticks and was the first of my pieces to make it into the [TiG] box. This, of course, resulted in even wider exposure. I recall being pretty overwhelmed by the seemingly constant influx of comments and PMs. It was awesome and inspired two more nostalgia-based essays, one of which also ended up in the [TiG] Box.

Then there was Brown Belt, Black Shoes – my list of fashion don’ts for men. A few people took offense (and this is actually when the hate began coming my way), but for the most part it was a VOX favorite. It definitely stands as one of my most humorous posts.
This other time my work ended up in the [TiG] Box was, surprisingly, when I puked out a 600-word rant about American anti-intellectualism. I couldn’t believe an arrogant screed like that could get so popular, but there you go. Evidently, people like arrogant screeds.

Let's see, what else… I ramble on about how one can be Christian and still enjoy stories about demons and vampires in Curiosity Is Not a Sin and Ignorance Is Not a Virtue and I put the smack-down on guys who have the wrong idea about what is manly in Macho Cheese.

Finally, I think you might also enjoy my tribute to Edward Gorey, my explanation of The Kung Fu Paradox and my personal experience putting to practice the skills of observation I learned from Mr. Sherlock Holmes.

That should keep you guys busy for a few hours anyway…

*although I intend to list a few faves, not just one and they are going to be other peoples’ faves, not mine. Sue me.

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6 Responses to Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

  1. Cat says:

    Well..I've read them all..and Brown Belt Black Shoes gets my vote…See? It didn't take two hours did it?

  2. faerie~wings says:

    I'll give them all a vote because I'm difficult that way 🙂

  3. Amanda says:

    The nostalgic posts are definitely my favs…but they're all incredible!

  4. Lauri says:

    Ok, I love your blog, Kirk, but "valuable bloggy nuggets" is just too graphic for me! 😉

  5. Kzinti says:

    Welcome back, glad to see you around again. Was worried there for a bit and it had everyone talking. Having said that, I think that bloggy nuggets are something you see on a fat guy, wearing tight shorts, in summer time, sitting on a park bench, eating ice cream. For what it's worth… (insert cheesy grin here)

  6. oh thank god you are back. honestly i was searching everywhere on the net. i had even recommended some friends log on and have a read but it was too late, you had already left. was just about to go to bed but now i have to do a quick catch up.

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