Just because we need a reminder every six months or so*…

I don't care, no, I wouldn't dare to fix the twist in you...
I don't mind, I don't care, as long as you're here.

Yup. That's what it's all about. Love is the answer.

*This is a re-blog.

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I draw pictures for a living.
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10 Responses to FREE HUGS Redux

  1. little miao says:

    free hugs are always much needed and in short supply!*hugs* – and *kitty hugs* from the Miao Bros for good measure.

  2. gollykim says:

    Such a cool video.Free Hugs. We all need one. I have the t-shirt, i get hugs from strangers and friends whenever I wear it.

  3. Susan says:

    Very cool video. Think I'll get a t-shirt.

  4. Marque says:

    I SO love this. Every time I watch it I feel so good. So warm. Thanks for the reminder. And here is a big cyber hug comin atcha. xxoo

  5. And don't forget about the next stage of the plan – Free Hugs PLUS MORE!

  6. gollykim says:

    took a picture for you, just came out from my closet…lots of wrinkles.It's old but still one of my fave shirt. It feels good to give. 🙂

  7. I STILL love this video. I posted it a long time ago as I'm sure a bazillion others did too. It's been a rough day–you have the utmost perfect timing.

  8. devonrex says:

    this is a classic, I LOVE this video

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