VOX: Not Even on the Map

Hmm, well, maybe the reason I can still access VOX from my work computer is that it’s still so small as to be NOT EVEN ON THE MAP!

The killer online comic xkcd has published this awesome Dungeons & Dragons style map of Online Communities with the geographic area representing the size of each communities membership. You’ll note that VOX is nowhere to be seen.*

But check out MySpace. It’s big. It’s, like, China-big. And that truly sucks because MySpace is ugly and product-clogged and a pain in the ass to navigate. It’s the Wal*Mart of Online Communities. I love that the artist included a teensy-weensy little province down there in the south of in MySpace called "Attractive MySpace Pages". Awesome.

I think the Bay of Trolls is a nice touch, as is the “Anthropomorphic Dragons” reference.

The cleverest thing, though, and the feature that really pulls the map together and makes it a top shelf project is the compass: the way it is used to divide the map into a grid so that it is readily apparent what the primary culture of each community is. Brilliant!

*Or maybe I’m blind. Please inform me if I am blind. I need to know these things.

Via Boing Boing

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5 Responses to VOX: Not Even on the Map

  1. Kevin Wolf says:

    You are not blind.

  2. Amanda says:

    You're definitely not blind. I think VOX is still pretty teeny. I was, however, surprised to see OK, Cupid and classmates.com/reunion.com. I didn't think anyone actually used those.

  3. Lurkertype says:

    I thought it was brilliant, save for the omission of VOX too. We should be a little peninsula near LJ.

  4. I love how xanga and LJ are on the "Sea of Angst".

  5. little miao says:

    heehee! the web is so fuzzy to me, but a map helps put it in perspective.

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