Melania the Chimp, Huh? We Shall See…

You've seen it already, I'm sure. Everyone's doing it. I couldn't resist.

I set mine up so that you, my friends, can help ensure my Dæmon is accurate. For the next 12 days, you can input your perceptions of me and affect the outcome of my final Dæmon. But after the twelfth day, it is fixed and I'm stuck with whatever is in place then.

So… what say you? Am I to have Melania, the Chimp Dæmon? Am I Modest, Inquisitive, Assertive, Spontaneous, and Solitary? We shall see…

UPDATE 1: So now it says my dæmon is a Lynx. I definitely like that better than easily angered ape known for attacking peoples' genitals and chewing off their faces! I know about the claws and all, but Lynxs don't do that sort of thing, do they? Do they?

UPDATE 2: After a brief stint with a Chimp again, I am now in possession of a jackrabbit. I've noticed that whatever animal I have, the name – Melania – remains the same.

UPDATE 3: Oooooo! A wolf! I like wolves!

Starting to look like I'm gonna get a Lynx. Only six more days to go…

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4 Responses to Melania the Chimp, Huh? We Shall See…

  1. Karin says:

    You have the same qualities but now you are a lynx. Pretty!

  2. Rev Stan says:

    How cool is this?

  3. Red Pen says:

    Wow, I feel powerful. I have effected another transformation. 🙂

  4. RedScylla says:

    Sorry, Kirk, but I'm still guessing that lynx are genital-attacking and face-devouring animals under the right circumstances.

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