The Book of Deej, Ch. 9: Nine Lives and Living Them All

As you already know, DG went through one of his nine allotted lives in the first four weeks of his life. This little detail has turned him into quite the character. He truly seems to live his life to the fullest every single day. He turned a year old just over a month ago and still zips about the house like he's still a kitten (often with a sock in his mouth) and regularly does things that make us a bit concerned for his safety…

Daring Gymnast

DG loves to sit atop the banister and look down upon people coming in the front door, but he also loves to just plop down and take a snooze up there, which is something that makes Karin and me very nervous. It’s about a ten-foot drop to the landing with a handrail about two-thirds of the way down. It would be a nasty fall, even for a cat, but I don’t think the Deej gets that because he’ll run the length of the banister as if gravity simply doesn’t apply to him. Thankfully, I’ve never seen him slip or show signs of falling. I like to think the extra toes are doing their job.

Dedicated Gamester

DG loves to play and he assumes everyone else loves to play too. Trouble is, everyone does not love to play and very few love to play DG’s way. This is probably because DG’s playing involves a lot of smacking and slapping. Egdar understands this and gives back accordingly. Marley, on the other hand, frequently fails to appreciate the nuances of the Deej’s games and ends up mouthing the Deej’s entire head, covering it in dog spit. I always worry Marley's just going to eat him one day, whereas the Deej acts like that's not even a possibility. He just wipes his head a few times and goes looking for a sock.

Dauntless Gadabout

DG is constantly on the go (when he’s not sleeping, of course, but even then you can tell he’s dreaming about being on the go), and this can be problematic all by itself. Because he is constantly moving, there is very little that escapes his attention. If a door is opened, for example, he’s likely to pass by it before it is closed and if he passes by it, he will definitely enter. This is how he ended up in the tiny predicament he blogged about last week.

Oh, and for the record, he made that out to be far worse than the reality. He claimed he and Edgar were dying of boredom for the three hours he was in the pantry and couldn’t get to their kitty food in the bins, but he fails to mention how the two of them opened up a box of Ritz and a box of taco shells played with those! Yup. See how he just leaves out certain facts to gain your sympathy? See how he plays you? I have to live with that clever little demon.

To be honest, it's impossible to say for certain if DG’s tough beginnings had anything to do with his decided zest for life and I guess I ought not worry so much about him. After all, he’s gonna live his nine lives his way…

…I’m just along for the ride.

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4 Responses to The Book of Deej, Ch. 9: Nine Lives and Living Them All

  1. AmyH says:

    You mean Deej was manipulating me into feeling sorry for him? What with that sweet face and all. Sneaky little bugger, indeed!

  2. Lurkertype says:

    I suspected that Deej wasn't as bored as he pretended to be, because wherever DG is, there is the party (complete with Ritz)!He and TK would have a lot of fun playing together. Tortie hates the pouncing and such. TK also believes that gravity doesn't apply to him unless he wants it to. He climbs up until there's no more up, and when he jumps straight up in the air, he gives no thought to his possible landing position.TK's not quite as active as the Deej (by a small amount) but then he had an easy childhood.

  3. Patricia says:

    How entertaining to watch in interaction between the animals!! Unfortunately, I think my pups, mainly Cito, would swallow a cat whole. 😦 No cats for us.

  4. teh deej says:

    "Unfortunately, I think my pups, mainly Cito, would swallow a cat whole."hi this is dgdady sayd us kittehs hav to be putted downstairs away from teh dogs when no peeples is home cuz teh dogs wuld prolly eat usbut they always nice when peeples are home

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