Who Are You and What Have You Done with My Mocha?

Some of you may remember back in October when I lamented the imminent removal of the Mocha Valencia from Starbucks’ menu. I honestly couldn’t figure out why they would phase out the orange syrup considering the immense popularity of orange-flavored chocolate.

Well, a few weeks ago, my local Starbucks barista informed me of a new orange syrup being added to the menu. The new drink? The Orange Mocha. How clever.

I was thrilled to hear I would once again enjoy orangey goodness in my mochas, but also a tad leery. So many questions:

Why get rid of your orange syrup only to bring another one in six months later?

Why has the name changed from “Valencia” to “Orange”?

What will this new syrup taste like?

Will the Orange Mocha cost more than the previous Mocha Valencia?

Why can’t they come out with a 32 ounce “Enorme” cup size?

Admittedly, I tend to over-think things.

Getting to the point, I purchased a new Starbucks Orange Mocha the other day and, quickly realizing it was waaaaaay more orangey than the old Mocha Valencia, decided to do a bit of research and share the findings with you, my coffee-loving VOX pals. The goal of this research would be, of course, to determine what steps were necessary to bring the new Orange Mocha closer to what the Mocha Valencia used to be.

It was not a complicated investigation and required no more legwork than walking to the cupboard for a large mug.

You see, I had also purchased a mocha for Karin, but sans the orange. When I explained to her that I had taken a chance on the new Orange Mocha and had been somewhat disappointed by what I felt was an over-abundance of citrus, she agreed to mixing our drinks half by half, thereby significantly cutting the orange flavor. Imagining the cups and mug were graduated beakers, I made like a mad scientist, pouring brown liquids back and forth. Then I gave a ritualistic taste…

…the flavor was almost exactly like the old Mocha Valencia. Perhaps cut a little too much, but very close. Close enough for me to be able to say:

If you loved the old Starbucks Mocha Valencia, simply order the new Orange Mocha with half the allotted amount of orange syrup (and no orange drizzle). That should do the trick.

But you will pay more than you did before, which is why this will not become my standard coffee drink. Stuff’s obscenely priced as it is.

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18 Responses to Who Are You and What Have You Done with My Mocha?

  1. Emmi says:

    How I love your rebellion of making it at home. A friend of mine used to order the raspberry Italian ice drink with half milk. Delicious!

  2. Jay says:

    I like iced coffee. Regular. Unsweetened.These 10-bucks-a-cup jobs are just outrageous. They can have 'em.

  3. Budd says:

    I am glad I don't drink coffee.

  4. Ruth says:

    My theory on the "Orange" vs. "Valencia" thing? Valencia wasn't obvious enough for the ignorant masses. Mind you, that said, you'd think they would have charged more for the Valencia version, just because it sounds so much more exotic and mysterious.

  5. I-Luv-Eeyore says:

    Sometimes I'm sad that I must severely limit my caffeine intake and can't enjoy a 'good ol' cup o' joe' Then I'm reminded of the prices at Starbucks…suddenly I'm quite happy with my single Pepsi a day, and my caffeine-free Pepsis the rest of the day. If I desire a chocolatey orangey delight….I find those chocolate oranges that are abundant at Christmas time.

  6. I like the way they used the Clockwork Orange typeface. "There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie,
    and Dim, and we sat in the Korova Milkbar trying to make up our
    rassoodocks what to do with the evening. The Korova milkbar sold
    milk-plus, milk plus vellocet or synthemesc or drencrom, which is what
    we were drinking. This would sharpen you up and make you ready for a
    bit of the old ultra-violence."

  7. lizzy says:

    we don't have starbucks over here but if (my) truth be told i'm happy they don't mess with orange in my mochas. they are soo delicious just the way there are. 🙂

  8. Austin1234 says:

    …and this is why I read this blog…off to Starbucks:)

  9. Kirk says:

    "I like the way they used the Clockwork Orange typeface." And I like the way you recognized the Clockwork Orange typeface. You're my kind of people, sbm. (Oh, and I made the graphic because I didn't like theirs, so it was I who chose the font.)

  10. I shoulda known that the 'buck's wouldn't do anything that witty.

  11. bouche says:

    You know what else? The orange creme frappuchino… Not orangey enough! So when you send away that half a blast of flavor… Have them put it in someones frappe!

  12. I was just going to say..I had a problem with the amount of Valencia they used to put in the Passion Tea Lemonade, and the barista just told me to ask for one pump instead of two. Did the trick! until I switched to Melon syrup.

  13. BadPatty says:

    And now coffee knows how the poor McRib sandwich feels.

  14. Auds says:

    Damn corporations and their marketing schemes! It was perfect as it was.

  15. The Artist D says:

    I was in love with the Cinnamon Dolce Latte. It was my almost daily winter time treat. And now I must wait a season once more to purloin its goodness. I think. haha

  16. IG says:

    mr. starr, I ordered one of these to your exact specifications yesterday and it was lovely. thank you!

  17. GinBaby says:

    Damn. I thought that was too cool to be an actual Starbucks graphic.

  18. Red Pen says:

    I tried one of these and agree the orange is overdone. I'm going to try your suggestion.

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