Yeah, But Can It Reform Itself After You Blow It To Tiny Bits?

The new burger at Wendy’s is a far-from-kosher monstrosity dubbed the “Baconator”.

Evidently, this is a cheeseburger with the sole directive to relentlessly hunt down your heart and kill it.

And I get the feeling that after you eat one, you desperately wish you could send someone back in time to stop you.

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28 Responses to Yeah, But Can It Reform Itself After You Blow It To Tiny Bits?

  1. That reminds me of the breakfast sandwich Burger King has. I can't remember what it was called. All I can remember it had two sausage patties and four strips of bacon sandwiched in between two omelet thingies topped with cheese on a french roll. Talk about a heart attack.

  2. AmyH says:

    I feel sick just looking at it.

  3. CrowSeer says:

    Crikey! Still, it must make your dogs feel less embarrassed about eating hazardous materials…

  4. RedScylla says:

    OMG, I remember seeing the commercials on that breakfast sandwich, turned out it had something like 1400 calories. For breakfast. This is equally horrific.

  5. Brianne says:

    Sometimes I think it might be better to just let people soak in vats of grease.

  6. joshua says:

    com'on, what's another ten pounds?

  7. Sol says:

    I find it extRemely yummy….
    but then, I love BACON….

  8. Kirk says:

    Yeah, I'm sure it tastes fabulous. It's just that a name like "Baconator" doesn't really encourage me to eat one, you know? I have this mental image of a cheeseburger pointing a sawed-off shotgun at my heart and uttering, "Hasta la vista, baby!"

  9. little miao says:

    omg. it's hilarious but horrifying. 😮

  10. CrowSeer says:

    They should have promotional t-shirts which read: "I've been baconated!" That would confuse the crap out of people…

  11. lauowolf says:

    Looks frightening.

  12. joshua says:

    "i suggested by email they use 'Makin' Bacon', but i never heard back."\:joshua:

  13. i am so glad i was eating a salad when i saw this picture. just looking at this thing clogs up my arteries!

  14. Emmi says:

    Can Arnold sue a burger for copyright violation?

  15. bouche says:

    These fast food places have been doing good things for me over the span of my life. First, when I was little, I was obsessed with Burger King — for the crown. One day, I ate one of their lil whoppers or whatever they were called and spent the evening after curled over the toilet ridding myself of it's existence. A few years later, I tried them again — same effect. I had never had Wendy's until a few years ago. The first basic burger was good. I followed it up a few days later with a bacon cheese melt before work. If it wasn't for being stuck behind a customer service counter and mind over matter… I would have given that up as well. I think my body has something against these establishments (or their beef) and it's a grudge I'm happy to live with. Now all I need is for this to happen after a trip to McDonalds and Johnny Rockets.

  16. jaypo says:

    This kind of stuff gives bacon a bad name. Bleagghh!

  17. lizzy says:

    lol it sounds like a weapon. i got the "hasta la vista baby" association too when i saw the pic and the name.

  18. Budd says:

    Sarah Conner look out. So is this thing even natural or did they have to formulate it in the lab to make it that unhealthy. "Come on Jim, you can put more fat into it."

  19. The Artist D says:

    I eat these things all the time! rofl But the name, yes, is embarrassing. I don't say it. I NEVER SAY IT. "I'll have the #4…" and they always have to say, "You mean the Baconator?" and I give a very guilty mumbled "mmhmm." I think this is actually a replacement of the bacon burger they used to have about five years ago. Which was called something far less amusing, I don't recall. I just used to eat two of them with a Frosty and a large fry from Arby's. When I was fat, clearly. LoL

  20. Kzinti says:

    Thanks man, now I'm all hungry and everything… Have you had your grease today?

  21. Lurkertype says:

    mmmm… bacon….The name isn't too good, though.Maybe if you left the beef patties out, you'd live a little longer.

  22. Kzinti says:

    OK, I actually had to stop and try one today just to say I did. It was basically just a classic double without all those messy vegetable things like lettuce, onion and tomato but with bacon. No big deal…

  23. Kirk says:

    "It was basically just a classic double… but with bacon. No big deal…"
    Wow, as much as I hate the name "Baconator", I have to say it sort of disappoints me that it doesn't at least try to live up to the stupid name. Jack-in-the-Box had a burger with bacon strips and bacon bits! Something called the "Baconator" ought to at least be more bacony than that, right? *sigh*
    Well, I guess it did live up to its name in one way: just like the Terminator, the Baconator failed in its mission.

  24. Kzinti says:

    Sorry to break the bad news. Old burger, but with bacon. Kind of a marketing letdown. They coul've put bacon on their baked potatoes and called them the Bacon-Tater, close to the Baconator…

  25. Flutter Box says:

    ROFL i SAW that on the wendy's menu thing last night! i went to get a frosty to go with my chicken quesadillas from the mexican restaurant across the street! i was wondering how anyone could eat such a thing!

  26. Kzinti says:

    Ok, why this didn't pop up earlier I do not know…

  27. Kirk says:

    "THIS"Ha! Thanks for the link, Kzinti! Very clever idea and wonderful Photoshop work.

  28. Kzinti says:

    MMMM, bacon….

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