My Woman Rocks

Karin just up and bought this t-shirt for me today out of the blue (because she loves me and she's cool like that). She had to order it from the UK because the band is still pretty new here in the states (despite having a song in an iPod ad).

I’m giddy as a schoolgirl over this.

What!? You’ve not heard of The Fratellis? Oh, you must go listen!


Chelsea Dagger

Vince the Loveable Stoner

Whistle for the Choir

Great stuff. I love this band.

Thanks for the t-shirt, babe! You spoil me!

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13 Responses to My Woman Rocks

  1. The Fratellis are awesome. I really like that shirt!

  2. Jenn says:

    *wink* we kind of already knew about this on her vox. ;)your woman kicks major ass.

  3. bouche says:

    I have that CD…

  4. Kirk says:

    Hey, I gush, what can I say? ^_~

  5. crystal says:

    Your woman rocks,Kirk,and I've got a Rocket on my blog today,nice shirt by the way.

  6. Are they coming to Seattle? Bumbershoot maybe????

  7. Rev Stan says:

    XFM has just played Chelsea Dagger. The best pressies are always the ones you least expect…

  8. JamesTr says:

    I'm looking forward to seeing them at Lollapalooza.

  9. Does Karin realize what a chick-magnet you're gonna be in this???

  10. Cortadito says:

    GREAT SHIRT! I got into them from a Pants Party post. Then I was really pissed off to find that they were opening for The Police but not at my show. I still love Flathead even after the iPod ad. I usually grow to hate iPod ad songs after a while (even though I can't live w/o my iPod).

  11. Brown Suga' says:

    Awwww, cho chweet! 🙂

  12. Patricia says:

    You're a very lucky guy….Karin's awesome! Heck, being fellow Shepherd lovers…you both are! 😀

  13. Kirk says:

    "Are they coming to Seattle? Bumbershoot maybe????"I can't find any info on them coming to Seattle any time soon. They evidently were supposed to be here back in May, but canceled. Not that it matters to me, really, since I had no idea who they were back then.You can bet if they do come, though, I'll be there front and center! 🙂

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