Should You See The Simpsons Movie?

Woo-hoo! I just saw The Simpsons Movie!

Critics are mixed with the majority leaning towards approval. The biggest gripe I hear about it is: “It’s just a long episode.” This is, of course, like saying a large pepperoni pizza is just a medium with a wider diameter. No shit. It’s the same treasure, just more of it. I don’t get what's so hard for the critics to understand about that. Personally, I had no delusions going in. I knew what to expect, I got what I expected, and I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Nevertheless, if you honestly can’t figure out if you want to see The Simpsons Movie or not, then take this very simple quiz:

1. Do you consider yourself a fan of The Simpsons?

2. Is it acceptable to you that the movie is pretty much an 87-minute episode made for the big screen?

3. Do you have at least some semblance of a sense of humor?

4. Because it is rated PG-13, are you expecting to maybe see a few things that would be inappropriate in a television episode?

5. Are you okay with the fact that the major US city (besides Springfield) depicted in the film is my hometown and not yours?*

6. Do you like to sit through the entire movie, including the end credits, just to see if there’s a cool surprise afterward?

7. Can you sit still and shut the hell up for an hour and a half?

If you answered “yes” to…

…six or more of the above questions, then you will enjoy the movie. Go see it.

…four or five, then you could just as easily go into any of the other movies at the Cineplex. Except Bratz! Sweet Jeebus, don’t reward the makers of that cinematic turd!

…three questions, then you might as well wait for the DVD.

…fewer than three of the quiz questions, then I have a distinct feeling you haven’t even read this far so it doesn’t matter anyway.

A few of you in the back are still wondering what I might say was wrong with the movie. What about my viewing of The Simpsons Movie was least enjoyable? Well, the set of movie previews beforehand really sucked this time.**

*Unless, like me, you make your home in Seattle. <nelson_voice>HA-ha!</nelson_voice>
**Except for The Bourne Ultimatum. That trailer rocks

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11 Responses to Should You See The Simpsons Movie?

  1. Emmi says:

    Hysterical quiz. 7. is a challenge to many, but the bright colors might keep those people interested. I bet it's a diverse crowd. One thing I can't figure out for the life of me is why I loved Life In Hell so so much but I just can't get into the Simpsons. (I mean I find the Simpsons funny, but not in a cult classic way like some do). Life In Hell was so funny I actually find myself giggling about it at random times during the day. Then again maybe that's just a brain injury showing itself. 🙂
    Awesome quiz. And Jim's dying to see the most recent Bourne film.

  2. Choccie says:

    I enjoyed it!!!!!!!

  3. AmyH says:

    I was really surprised at the mix of ages at the midnight showing on opening night. It was a blast for everyone. Watching the Simpsons in a crowd of like-humored people was a kick and added more enjoyment than watching it home alone.
    What I noticed is we all muffled our big laughs because you knew another one was coming and you didn't want to miss anything. For that reason, the movie is on my list for repeat viewings. I don't like owning DVDs, but I think this one will be mine when it comes available.

  4. Cortadito says:

    I really enjoyed the movie. At first I was a bit upset at it just being a long episode, mainly because I was hoping for a bit more of #4. There were only a few things that went past what they could do on TV. But then again, I should have realized they wouldn't go too far over the line in a PG-13 film. I saw it on opening night and I think I'm going to go see it again this week. The more I think about it, the more I laugh.

  5. Kzinti says:

    I am really hoping that my wife picks this one to go watch, but she hates the Simpsons. Well, hate is a strong word. Maybe misunderstands is a better one.

  6. K. says:

    My roommate and I went to see the midnight showing of it when it first came out and we loooooooooved it despite the fact that we were surrounded by Nerd-con 2007.

    We did not love, however, the fact that some jackass brought his 2 year old kid to said midnight showing and allowed the kid to cry for 15 minutes before someone started shouting "GET THE KID OUT OF HERE YOU ASSHOLE."

    Honestly, if you have to be TOLD to take your screaming child out of a movie theatre, you really shouldn't be allowed to have one.

  7. I took my teen to see it. Our fave part happened to be nekkid Bart. PG-13 my arse! People who didn't like it are taking life way too dang seriously, in my book.

  8. Cortadito says:

    Yes.. nekkid Bart was the BEST. I laughed so hard.

  9. lizzy says:

    saw it and loved it to pieces!

  10. nettiebettie says:

    I have not seen the movie yet, meaning the intention is there, it is just when. I like your quiz, I would answer yes to all except maybe #7..I am one of those who turn to their movie buddy and make out-loud comments…Don't you just hate us? And I laugh too loudly….I'll let you all know when I do get a chance to go so you can avoid the theater that night!

  11. Kirk says:

    "I am one of those who turn to their movie buddy and make out-loud comments…Don't you just hate us?"Oh, I don't much mind the occasional comment as long as I don't miss a line in the movie. It's when the person right behind me talks non-stop the entire time and/or little kids endlessly kick the hell out of my seat that I start to get cranky.But at this particular showing — 11:50am on a Sunday — there were only about a dozen people in the entire theater. It was quite nice.

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