The Love That Occurs on Your Bathroom Counter

There’s a free local newspaper here in Seattle called The Stranger. It’s the paradigmatic counter-culture periodical known best for birthing the now-infamous gay advice column Savage Love. It’s your one-stop rag for liberal editorials, concert dates, and transsexual escort listings.

As nice as those things are, however, I rarely read The Stranger and I only mention it here because of the incredibly cool and clever cover art done for this week’s issue by Christoph Niemann. This is simply top-notch vector work and the type of fresh imaginative flair that makes me so proud to be a right-brainer.

Just look at that: a cheap-ass Oral-B and a slutty little blob of cinnamon-flavored Crest are lost in an aphrodisiac oblivion! It’s inventive. It’s edgy but unoffending. It’s bizarre, but not so strange that it has to be explained to people.

I’d wear this on a t-shirt.

If you find this illustration as nifty as I do, be sure to check out the others in the series.

Challenge: Try using the words "toothpaste" and "fornication" in the same sentence today without referring in any way to this post or its subject matter. See what you come up with. Go on! It'll be a hoot!

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11 Responses to The Love That Occurs on Your Bathroom Counter

  1. AmyH says:

    I will never look at my toothbrush and toothpaste the same way again. Perverts. And now I have to think about putting that in my mouth! Eeeeuuww. I'm not even close to being that kinky.
    (This really is great artwork. I'd wear it on a t-shirt, too.)

  2. Amanda says:

    He's got some other really great art on his site. Pretty cool!

  3. Brown Suga' says:

    Wow! That is imaginative! Great stuff.

  4. IG says:

    Ah, I love the Stranger, and read Dan Savage every week. The cover art is nifty too.

  5. Crush says:

    I wish you had posted this last weekend when I was looking for a transsexual escort…. I didn't know where to look!

  6. Kzinti says:

    Um, this triggered another neuron apocalypse that registered as, "There's a party in your mouth and everybody's coming (cumming)". LOL
    Yuppers, that certainly triggered that thought…

  7. Cat says:

    How about this? "We got down and dirty with our fornication, and then I went home, only to realize there was something resembling dried toothpaste on my brand new dress…YUMMY!!"Or something like that…LOLThat is some COOL art though!! And I would wear it on a shirt too!!

  8. Kzinti says:

    So that's what those spots on Monica Lewinsky's dress were. Ooooohhhh nasty girl.

  9. Crush says:

    Reaching into the nightstand for the KY jelly, I mistakenly applied toothpaste to her flower bud, and thus put an abrupt end to our night of fornication.

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