Crowe Knows Shadows

I don’t have any snarky insights today, sorry.

But I did just receive an e-mail with this lovely video of “unusualist” Raymond Crowe. He’s an Aussie with some very entertaining talents which include, but are not limited to, shadow puppets! Watch and have your heart warmed.

Yeah, I lurve the bunneh, but that baby-hand thing just blows me away.

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14 Responses to Crowe Knows Shadows

  1. b ë я ĸ says:

    I rcv'd the same email Friday afternoon. Admittedly, I went home and tried my hand (pun intended) at some shadow puppets of my own. : )

  2. DKN says:

    wow that really super kewl! The swan is cool, too.

  3. Mama Tami says:

    WOW! Amazing stuff! My son's kindergarten class did sign language to this song on the last day of school last year, so I just showed it to him and he thought it was really cool. My guess is we'll be trying our hand at shadow puppets tonight before bedtime! Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  4. devonrex says:

    Without a touch of cynacism (sic? I'm an idiot), I have to say, that was sweet!

  5. lizzy says:

    whoa! that was amazing!!

  6. gcw says:

    Yeah, I got this the other day, too. I'm with you — the baby-hand bit left my jaw on my keyboard. Isn't the imagination a wonderful thing?

  7. Kirk says:

    "Isn't the imagination a wonderful thing?"Oh, yes! It's my most prized possession! Without it, I couldn't make my living. :)The baby hand gets me every time I watch it.

  8. Carlisa says:

    Haha! I didn't see this post yesterday, Kirk—first day of school- (bizzy, bizzy) I posted this this morning but will take mine down. You're to quick! lol

  9. Kirk says:

    "I posted this this morning but will take mine down."Aw, why? It should be shared! People who don't read my blog might see it on yours. We're not in competition after all. 🙂 Leave it up!

  10. Carlisa says:

    Haha! I know, but we have most the same peeps in our 'hood. I have this saved to my computer, I really enjoyed it, too!

  11. Jay says:

    I need to learn how to make that bunneh.

  12. Street Vein says:

    We tried this last year at the old folks home using penis puppets, but the shadow formations were limited. The elderly ladies seemed to enjoy it though, but I'll spare you that video.

  13. Lauri says:

    This is very very cool.*CHOKES* Penis puppets!!! *sputter sputter* LMAO!!!!Hey, I'll be an elderly lady before ya know it, and I know I would enjoy it! 😉

  14. teh deej says:

    it wuld be bettr if he culd do a kittehluv dg

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