“Lost” Is Certainly One Word For Them

Peeps, I’m not sure the world was ever really ready for this, but at the same time I’m hella proud to now have it in my DVD collection:

If you love Ren and Stimpy and you have no problem seeing the reasonable progression from filthy layabouts to consummate perverts, then you are going to LOVE this.

Stuff you may not have known about Ren and Stimpy:

1. Stimpy is, evidently, some sort of hermaphroditic mutant.
2. Ren is severely prone to priapic erections.
3. Neither animal seems to have even the remotest concern for keeping to their own species sexually.
4. Ren is insane.
5. Boobies!

Knowing my great love for Ren and Stimpy, Karin happily bought this DVD for me. I wonder how happy she’ll be once she actually sees the episodes. Weird Al introduces the DVD and states unequivocally that his wife HATES them. He repeats this fact multiple times.

Thanks for the cartoons, babe! You're the best!

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6 Responses to “Lost” Is Certainly One Word For Them

  1. Brown Suga' says:

    OMG Ren and Stimpy brings back memories! I used to watch this as a seven-year-old-

    [pauses on seeing shocked look on Kirk's face]

    -I mean the *clean* version!

    (Clean as in Ren's non-stop farting. Don't remember much more than that!)

  2. Austin1234 says:

    "filthy layabouts to consummate perverts," … pretty much sums up my maturation process.

  3. Jay says:

    YOOOOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!I SO need to get this. It was the one thing that would get me out of bed on Sunday mornings when I was a teenager. John K is a genius.

  4. GinBaby says:

    I always thought Stimpy was gay–when he bends over, his ass makes a nice heart shape. Then there was the episode where he was living in the closet. I miss the old Ren and Stimpy days. "Oh, my lovely ice cream bar–how I love to lick your creamy center!" Yeah, it was always so not pornographic–I can't imagine how it came to this.

  5. CrowSeer says:

    It's interesting to note (though not at all surprising) that most of the male underground comix creators, when given a total free reign over the content of their work, went booby-barmy! I think Kricfalusi is probably continuing that tradition.
    I did miss his voice work, when he was fired from the cartoon. Ren was a fave of mine… and it was an insane little show. Haven't seen it since it aired back in my college days though.
    Now, let's all sing a song about being happy, shall we?

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