C is for Contest and Concert and Cancer and Camera

Have you entered the Cthulhu is my Copilot 1st Annual Anniversary Contest yet? There are currently 40 people out there who can answer that question affirmatively. A 1-in-40 chance of winning first prize ain’t too shabby, folks. Believe it or not, that’s about the same odds as a guy my age getting prostate cancer. And the way I eat, you stand a damn good chance of winning a t-shirt and some stickers!

Arctic Monkeys

Hey, don’t nit-pick my chain of logic. I’m just trying to get more people to enter the stupid contest.

Oh, and if you’ve entered and not yet received a number, let me know. I think I’ve gotten back to everyone, but then again I am an imperfect being. One might even say perfectly imperfect.

Karin, Amanda and I are going into Seattle tonight to see the Arctic Monkeys. It’ll be the second time seeing them for Karin and me. Panda’s beside herself with excitement and we’ve still got five hours before we leave. Add to that the fact that FedEx just delivered her brand new Olympus E-500 digital SLR and you end up with a level of youthful exuberance only enjoyed vicariously at my age. It’s quite a sight. I just love it when she’s so happy she squeaks.

Panda won't be taking the new camera to the show, but I'll have my trusty cell phone and will sincerely try to get better photos than last time. And, since The Paramount is a cleaner, more sophisticated venue than the crumbling boozer known as The Showbox, I hope to avoid confrontations with piss-drunk moshers. Always a plus.

OK, well, time to go crank up the newest Arctic Monkeys album, take care of some domestic duties, and get myself properly psyched for a couple hours of bone-shaking Sheffield punk rock.

Is it wrong that I'm actually thinking about cranking up some Muse instead?

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4 Responses to C is for Contest and Concert and Cancer and Camera

  1. Kevin Wolf says:

    Stop encouraging people to enter! It drives my chances of winning down!

  2. Carlisa says:

    I have my # saved! You kids have fun, and bring back pics!!!

  3. Kirk says:

    Kevin Wolf: Sorry, man. This is the last time I'll bring it up until the big day. Promise.Carlisa: We had a BLAST! Pix aren't much better than before, though. I'll post something soon.Kristin: Some truly believe in the power of positive thought. Positive thought in all caps can only be more powerful, right? 😉

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