Best. Mashup. EVAR.

I don’t normally gush about stuff. I’m more of a bitcher, as most of you know. But every now and then something comes along that is so freaking clever I am unable to contain my childish excitement.

Such is the case with this illustration by Canadian artist Toren Atkinson:

This juxtaposition of Lovecraft and Sendak is truly beyond clever; it’s insanely ingenious. I wish I’d have thought of it (though I doubt I could have drawn it as well).

And the best news is he has t-shirts for sale! Or, he did a year ago, anyway. I’ve sent him an e-mail to see if there are any left. Just imagine: Great Cthulhu rises up out of the water in all his dripping and grisly glory and there you are on the shore, front and center, waiting to be eaten in your Where the Great Old Ones Are t-shirt and plush Cthulhu slippers. Ah, good times.

UPDATE: Toren got back to me very quickly and it turns out that the shirts are, in fact, still available.

Please do disseminate as you see fit… And you can post [my email address] as "" as a direct link – I already get so much spam that a little more isn't going to make a difference!

As of this writing, colour options are:

SMALL: white
MEDIUM: white, off-white, blue, green, pink, beige.
LARGE: white, blue, tan
XL: white, green, off-white

I can special order pretty much any colour (and size) you like but it will take
a couple of weeks.

Shirts are $15, with shipping to the US being $7 for one shirt to the US. Multiple items will have to be calculated for shipping, should take a day or so. PayPal to and make sure you include the size and colour preference!

Also I have more Cthulhu type shirts on my ebay store:

Via Boing Boing

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8 Responses to Best. Mashup. EVAR.

  1. SweetMisery says:

    Thanks this is really terrific

  2. Jay says:

    Ol' Coothie would definitely abhor this much less than everything else.

  3. stubbie23 says:

    Please let me know if he contacts you with shirts for sale. My sister would love this (as would I)! Not to detract from your post, but I just ordered this. My anticipation is getting the best of me.

  4. Kirk says:

    He got back to me really quickly. Very cool guy. If'n you want a shirt, drop him a line at thickets at uniserve dot com.And don't ever worry about detracting from my posts, especially if it's something Cthulhu-related. Can't ever have enough insanity-inducing cuttlefish-headed deities.

  5. Jenn says:

    sweet shit.I dig it.

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