Get Yer Red-Hot Erections Here!

Who’d have ever dreamed that in the 21st century, hard-ons would be such an abundant commodity as to be advertised in direct-mail pieces?

OK, technically, it’s a drug that’s being sold, but since no one buys Viagra for the blue tint it adds to one’s vision, it’s not a stretch to call these people Erection Purveyors.

Boner Brokers.

Missile Merchants.

Stiffy Sellers.

I could go on, but I think you got the… point.

The sad thing is, with all these colorful titles to choose from, the one that would end up going on a résumé would be something bland like “Online Pharmaceutical Reseller”. Bleh. Me, I’d at least add Wood Exporter in parenthesis afterward.

In other news, Karin comes home tonight. I think I’m holding up pretty well, the preceding topic notwithstanding. Thanks for bearing with me, peeps. I should be back to posting something decent to read sometime very soon.

Until then, feel free to browse the wonderful world of Viagrarelated merchandise. Staggering, isn't it?

But I ask you, what couch wouldn't be classed-up by a set of Viagra throw pillows?

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4 Responses to Get Yer Red-Hot Erections Here!

  1. SweetMisery says:

    Can't get it up call me, fax me or email me.. That would be my ad for selling stiff dicks.

  2. bouche says:

    "libido enabler" ???"no that's not a roll of quarters in my pocket" fashion consultant?Yours are better.Way back when, I took a video production class. My friends and I were the mischief makers of the class and we had the assignment of creating a 30-sec advertisement around a product we had to make up… We found ourselves in stitches when we decided to make a commercial for our made-up product: wood-be-gone. We followed through on it and made a hilarious little spot. I only wish I got to see our professors face when watching it, it was a final project.Anyways — the ads you get are much, much tamer than the ones I get 😦

  3. Kirk says:

    "…wood-be-gone."There's a lotion like that on the market under the name "Icy-Hot". ;P"I only wish I got to see our professors face when watching it, it was a final project."You passed, yes?
    "Anyways — the ads you get are much, much tamer than the ones I get :("Ha! You know what? That's probably because I totally made them up to be humorous but not ridiculously offensive. See, you never know when to trust a snarky Photoshop user.

  4. bouche says:

    Oh, I see… Nicely played. I did pass that class. I got an A I believe. While I was mischievous, I did what needed to be done.Where as Icy Hot is … cumbersome, our product came in a spray, the size of a binaca (though I think we used a lysol can and relabeled it).

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