Goodies from Britland

I know, I know, more stuff I got in the mail. But wouldja just lookit this lovely package of goodies my pal Dee in Dorset sent me?

Now, to you, it’s just a t-shirt, a book, a drawing, a magazine, a pair of fuzzy dice, and a letter. But to ME, each and every one of these items is a profoundly thoughtful and dearly treasured gift. Here’s why:

The t-shirt bears Dee’s awesome Che-style illustration of Ugly Betty. He had it made especially for me after I commented way back in May that I wanted a shirt with that design. It was a comment meant to just encourage him to design some shirts because I really think they’d sell, but he deftly turned it into The Perfect Gift. It’s a fine quality tee, too. I can’t wait for casual Friday to get here.

The book is, specifically, the Sunnydale High Yearbook. Those of you who know of my deep and unbending love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer don’t need the thoughtfulness of this gift laid out for you. For the rest of you, let me explain: I have this deep and unbending love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There, now you all can appreciate how much this book means to me. The only way to truly get it, though, is to love Buffy as I do and then crack open the Yearbook itself and gaze upon its complete and overwhelming coolness.

The drawing is an original color sketch on canvas of a panda bear graduating from high school which Dee drew just for Amanda, who finished high school last year. I have a print of one of Dee’s other pieces which I got some time ago, but the piece he sent to Amanda is, as I mentioned, an original. On canvas. Entirely unique.

Panda was both touched and thrilled – and you all know how much I love seeing her happy! So even the item that wasn’t for me, in a way, actually was.

The magazine contains a collectible White Stripes vinyl that I’m sure Dee knew I’d appreciate on many levels and, would you look at who else is mentioned on the cover? MUSE! He didn’t neglect my immense love of good music. Good man.

The fuzzy dice just so happen to depict Nintendo characters. Dee knew I used to work at Nintendo and he also knew Karin and I just bought a new car. I had to confess to him that the dice would have to adorn our second vehicle since Spidey hangs in the new car, but the gesture carries the same punch.

The letter is handwritten and so clearly the voice of my friend. A friend whose actual voice I’ve never even heard. What does a Dorset accent sound like anyway? Is it closer to the way they speak in London or in Sheffield? I don’t know. But I do hope to find out one day, when I thank Dee in person for these wonderful things and for being such an amazing friend.

Every item in the box was something carefully chosen.

That’s why every item is so dearly cherished.

Thanks, Dee. You truly rock.

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8 Responses to Goodies from Britland

  1. SweetMisery says:

    This must be a very dear peep and understands your likes. How thoughtful. So many good people in the world and all we hear is bad. This is moving.

  2. Kirk you are hilarious! From all my time reading your blog I never knew you loved the Buffster! I finally went to a convention earlier this year and met the actors who played Spike, Giles and Cordy. Also met loads of crazy Buffy and Angel fans from all over the world. It was certainly an interesting experience!
    As a music lover I have a tip for you. I buy lots of cd's (not an ipod girl – I want it blasting out of big speakers!) and have discovered that Japanese imported cd's tend to contain a lot more songs and sometimes the packaging is also quite funky. Oh and the price is comparative to what I could buy as the Oz release with less songs on it so win-win! The best place I have found is Haven't been dissappointed with what I've purchased to date.

  3. *grins and bounces a little* Yep! I have a panda! In a graduation cap and gown! Even more amazing? It's the same shade of blue as our school colors! Awesomeness! THANKS DEE!

  4. Sunnydale High Yearbook(gasp!!!)The letter is handwritten and so clearly the voice of my friend.That is such an personal and rare thing. A real "document." You are just one big good karma factory, Kirk!

  5. CrowSeer says:

    > It's the same shade of blue as our school colors! Awesomeness!
    Yay!!! You won't believe how long I spent debating between red and blue… being a Brit, I never had a highschool graduation, so I was going by the films and TV shows I'd seen. Very glad to know that I jumped the right way!

  6. Kristin says:

    That's possibly the coolest care package I've ever seen!!

  7. Thse are really thoughtful gifts and I love the t-shirt.

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