I’ve Probably Deleted More Than You’ve Read

Let me ask you something. Do you ever read someone’s blog and then spend an inordinate number of minutes typing a comment only to end up intentionally deleting your words or just moving on without hitting the Post button?

I do. I do it all the time. Chances are, if you’re in my VOX ‘hood, I’ve done it to you at some point. Maybe multiple times. In a single day hour.

For some reason, I can be maddeningly opinionated and verbose on my own VOX, but when I’m at someone else’s, I often find it impossible to say anything at all. I’ll type out a line or two – sometimes twenty – and then mutter, “Aw, screw it,” and click on to a new post.

And just like that, there it went: one more comment that will never find out if it was meant to contribute to a meaningful conversation or brighten someone’s day or teach someone something or make someone laugh.

Where does it go? Hard to say. It becomes forgotten and is truly lost, I guess.

And that sucks. It’s sad and it makes no sense. I mean, I like getting comments, no matter how pithy or silly or fraught with typos, so it stands to reason other people do too. In fact, I don't think it's going out onto a limb to guess that number is actually pretty high.

So, starting today, I’m going to fight the urge to trash the comment I’ve written and actually start hitting the Post button more frequently. All I ask from you is that if you read a comment I’ve left that strikes you as coming out of left field, please remember this post and grin and think, “I bet he really had a hard time hitting Post on this one.”

Oh, and if I do fail to leave a comment, it’d be cool if you could give me the benefit of the doubt. Have you seen the size of my neighborhood? Criminy.

Special Thanks to Kevin “One Leg at a Time” Wolf for inspiring me to write this post.

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27 Responses to I’ve Probably Deleted More Than You’ve Read

  1. Kevin Wolf says:

    HAHA! Awesome!
    Sadly, I do the same thing; I'm such a hypocrite.

  2. Marie says:

    Oh Kirk…I hear ya! I do that too ALL the time!

  3. SweetMisery says:

    It pleases me to give my 2 cents worth.

  4. Yes, I have done that (many, many times). 🙂
    Here's to hitting the post button and making connections! Have fun!

  5. I've done it too. I try not to for the same reasons… everyone like validation and evidence that someone is reading what is being thrown out there. So here is your daily comment from me. wink. ha.

  6. an afterthought to my last comment… And then there was the time where I hit post and wished I hadn't (you probably know the one). But it all turned out okay.
    So, in summary, posting comments can be tricky. But I still say, go for it! A chance for conversation is always worth it.

  7. I do it too. I am always afraid that I will be misunderstood and then someone will get offended. So I type something out, then think it's probably moot by now and possibly get misunderstood, so I delete. Or I just feel I have nothing of value based on other comments, and that I can't really add anything.

  8. devonrex says:

    I have the same problem except with actual posts on my own blog. Re comments, everyone's grammer is real good and the spelling is rite. I do take more care than I need to. Enough! Less thinky, more posty. (and less subsequent deletey)

  9. Emmi says:

    "Duh….that's nice" does not seem adequate for my good Vox friends who have put so much time and effort into their posts. Yet sometimes that's all I can think to say. But you are totally right, Kirk. Hit that post button, and I guarantee I'm always happy to see you on my blog no matter what you write.

  10. CrowSeer says:

    Oh yesh… my old friend the "cancel" button! Not that there is a button in this case, but still… it is a little frustrating that you can't edit comments once you've made them, but then that's how it works irl too!
    Already I'm sensing the redundancy of this comment… ah well…

  11. I-Luv-Eeyore says:

    I do the same thing. Especially if what I have to say pretty much echos what someone else has already said.
    (unless it is a "how cute" comment on a kid/pet pic.)

  12. SteveP says:

    I've tried to keep my neighborhood at a manageable size, but I guess that's not the point with social networks. I'm amazed every time I log on to see how many new neighbors my neighbors are adding. How do you keep up?I guess this just reflects my RL personality. But I've been thinking about going on an aggressive 'new neighbors' campaign, probably by checking out my neighbors' neighborhoods.

  13. Lurkertype says:

    Since most of my posts are just the cat(s) looking cute, Eeyore's type comments are fine. And I don't expect wit on those sort either.The accidental delete is the WORST! It's never as good when you retype it.

  14. Lurkertype says:

    Oh, and have you been reading User Friendly this week? Dread Lord C. (who's a recurring character) has been featured of late.Today's (Sat.) strip is teh funny.

  15. Red Mosquito says:

    I've typed up 5 replies to this post and keep deleting them. I've never done that in the past 😉 Must have been something you said.

  16. GinBaby says:

    Oh I do it all the time. Even to you. Most of the time I think, "Well, nothing I have to say really adds to this, since Kirk has already done such an awesome job of it."
    Or, you know, I find that my comment is just shameless flattery. Whatever.

  17. little miao says:

    I do it all the time, too!Not with the "how cute" comments, though – I certainly leave a lot of those. It's the more time-consuming comments, the ones I think about more, that I usually end up deleting. It is pretty pointless, now that you mention it.

  18. Brown Suga' says:

    As with Little Miao, I leave a lot of "how cute/nice/awesome" comments and also quick messages like "thinking of you etc" if someone's feeling blue. But when it comes to intense discussions, I usually end up typing a looooong comment and then quit it, thinking it wouldn't amount to much.

  19. I do the same thing for 2 reasons. 1. I feel an obligation to the neighbors that I add. I feel that if you are added to my neighborhood, I am obligated to keep an eye on what you post, and comment if I feel like I am inspired. I cannot do that when I don't have the time, nor the inspiration. I'm sorry, but over 25 or 50 neighbors.. I am not inspired to comment OR read. 2. A while ago, I converted everyone to "neighborhood", as opposed to 'friends' or 'family'. It (again) took too much energy to remember who was in what neighborhood. So you are either in my 'hood or not. Very simple. 3. Based on number 2, I really don't want a bazillion people see my numerous rants about my dealings with being a single parent. I've got issues, and I'm not afraid to share them. I am however, afraid to push them onto my neighborhood. But if you are comfortable with my rants, then let me know. So there ya go: there are MY reasons for keeping my 'hood small. It's not failure on my part, or others' parts, it's just that I like to keep an eye on people and there comings and goings and be able to be aware of it all. If I go beyond that, I feel guilty for not contributing.So there ya go. Steve: I feel the same way you do, and I've explained my reasons. I'm hoping I am not a complete freak in my reasoning, but ya never know. 😦

  20. Wow, this is interesting. I've never felt this way. I read what people have posted and I comment when I do. I figure if they have a problem with what I've said, they'll let me know. I only can comment and read blogs once a week and I'll spend several hours doing it on that day.

  21. CrowSeer says:

    At first I didn't really understand the neighbourhood system, and tried to keep mine as small as possible… as a consequence I've ended up as more of an addee than an adder (are those real words?), but I'm trying to be more gregarious now.

  22. add me. I write comments I never post too.

  23. ♥ Kelly says:

    When I don't post my comments I feel like a stalker … commenting is sometimes something I do for me!

  24. Flutter Box says:

    good for you! we've all done it!

  25. Carlisa says:

    I think we ALL do that! It's so easy to come across wrong in text. I hate that! I do it a LOT! See just did it! Ha!

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