I’m Losing My Hair, What’s Your Excuse?

Working in the IT industry, I have the opportunity to meet representatives from a lot of top-brand vendors. Sometimes, the vendors kick down some nifty gifts and hold thrilling events. HP was in the hay-ouse a few weeks ago and gave me this nifty beanie.*

Getting ready for work the other morning, I saw the beanie in my sock drawer and decided to finally try it on. I put it on my head, walked into the other room where Karin was, and asked her how I looked.

“Old,” she said after a short chuckle.

“Aw, really? Do I look like I’m 40 trying to be 20?”

“Well, I only see kids Amanda’s age wearing those.”

“But I thought it would be perfect for keeping my head warm this winter. Even matches my jacket.”


“Look, I need a hat on account of my head is cold because I'm going bald!"

“You have a point. Why are knit beanies worn only by young people who still have all their hair? What’s the deal there, anyway?”

Indeed. What is the deal there?

I'm wearing my beanine anyway. Who cares if I look like I should be scoutin' skanky ho's at MySpace. My head is staying warm this winter!

*This isn’t really what I know as a beanie. To people of my generation, this is a beanie. Technically, yes, this cap I’m wearing fits the dictionary definition even without the propeller, but in my mind it’s really just a knit stocking cap. Whatever you want to call the thing, I thought it was a very thoughtful gift on HP’s part considering it’s getting cold around these parts with a quickness.

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15 Responses to I’m Losing My Hair, What’s Your Excuse?

  1. don't canucks call them touques? You know… like in the song… 12 days of christmas, aka the beer in a tree song? I hear ya tho.

  2. Kirk says:

    "don't canucks call them touques?"Yup. And I was going to mention it, but was stymied as to how it was spelled. Your suggestion helped, though, and I was able to find that it is "tuque" or "toque".

  3. arbed says:

    being a canuck, I feel qualified to add that when I think of toque, it's thicker, has a turned up edge, doesn't fit so tightly to the head (ie it's longer), and probably has a ball or tassel of some kind on top – I see that when I do a search, they refer to almost everything as a toque, so maybe I'm just harkening back to my childhood

  4. Kirk says:

    Perhaps we should ask these two? 🙂

  5. arbed says:

    haha, they almost match my thoughts – bob and doug re never wrong about anything canadianwhat's even funnier about you posting that is that I currently have the radio on because from 4 to 6 on sundays, they have a retro show, and as I was leaving my comment earlier, they played a bob and doug snippet – lol

  6. K. says:

    I say go for the beanie. Screw those yungin's. It suits you.

  7. Flutter Box says:

    actually, i think it's HOW you wear your beanie. my dad is 65. he wears one. more of a wintery-thicker-knitted one…but i like how it looks on him. yours looks pretty nifty too.

  8. Red Mosquito says:

    "and a beer…. in a tree"Bob and Doug are awesome. I got me a beanie thing, too. Got it my Mt Dew points. I say you were it and wear it proud.

  9. Erin says:

    first of all, you don't look 40. at all. maybe 35. maybe.second of all, warm is warm. I say screw 'em!

  10. Brown Suga' says:

    I have a baby pink beanie (ewww!) which I bought to keep warm when I went to some hill station a couple of years ago. I had no idea about the "punk" associations then.
    Frankly I like it when older folks wear hoodies and beanies and wear it well, it makes them look classy. And your's is a nice blue too.

  11. bouche says:

    Wear what you want, what feels good. You're wearing a beanie and being Kirk… You're not wearing a beanie, riding a razor, and making statements on how MTV is the greatest source of entertainment on the planet.I had an orange mocha today. I was thinking of having a mint mocha but the barista pitched orange in a way that made me think I needed it. I think he said "OOORRRrrangee…!" It was so damned good.

  12. nettiebettie says:

    Kirk, wear your toque proudly! Around here, it is a staple of our wardrobes. So keep the noggin warm!

  13. Carlisa says:

    I see lots of *older* guys wearing them (40 isn't old, b/t/w) It looks fine. If you don't feel cumferbuhls, put a cowboy hat on top. LMAO.

  14. Drude says:

    I found a hat for you over on ICHC.. or for the Deej maybe.

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