This is terrific. Nothing short of incredible. I mean, if I decided to sculpt a giant octopus fellating a Rastafarian, I hope I’d do it up this well.

Norwegian sculptor Rune Olsen titled this piece For Everything I Long To Do and made it from graphite, masking tape, blue mannequin eyes, newspaper, steel, wire and acrylic medium.

The artist’s website has more, but I warn you: some of his work is even more shocking.

Via BoingBoing

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30 Responses to Octohummer

  1. Rastafari dude seems to have some nascent girl-boobies…

  2. Jay says:

    Wow. Incredible stuff. Guy's got some serious interest in manimal-love though.Not quite sure about dis one heeyah. Uh….

  3. SweetMisery says:

    Simply Amazing. Will check his post later. thanks.

  4. jaypo says:

    Some of the earlier animal ones are almost cute. Except for his uber fascination with peepee, poopoo, and sex.

  5. Matthew 25 says:

    Incredible stuff…thanks for posting.

  6. Aurielis says:

    A burner too! Great links, thanks =þ

  7. bouche says:

    That is fantastic. Kind of scary and fantastic. The great kind of fantastic that appalls people. Stupid appalled people. (just kidding). 😉 You know, the thing about this is … if you think about it in a strictly anatomical way, the most horrifying thing any man would want right there? An octopus/squid beak. *ouch*

  8. Jay says:

    What was the name of that James Bond film again?Yeah.

  9. CrowSeer says:

    So, 'Afternoon Delight' you won't post for fear of scarring us… but this makes it past the gatekeeper? Tee hee!
    It's nice that one of the tentacles is tweaking his nip… proving that even octopuses can be considerate lovers. Good to know.

  10. Brown Suga' says:

    Hey, there's a Japanese painting very similar to this, except its a woman instead of a man. Can't find it now …

  11. Kirk says:

    We have equally puerile minds, Jay. The title of this post is totally a modification of that very movie title.

  12. Kirk says:

    "It's nice that one of the tentacles is tweaking his nip… proving that even octopuses can be considerate lovers." Best comment I've gotten in a long time. Good thing I didn't have a mouthful of coffee when I read it! Bravo, Dee.

  13. Kirk says:

    😉 Yeah, I bet there are dozens of Japanese paintings like this, but I bet the one you're referring to is this one by Hajime Sorayama (Warning: Link is NSFW).

  14. Austin1234 says:

    Holy crap! Can you imagine giving that to someone as a Christmas gift. That would silence the crowd at the gift opening ceremony.

  15. studio524 says:

    Oh. Yeah. Austin.
    But the detail and texture is amazing.

  16. Austin1234 says:

    I'm developing a thing for octopussess now…

  17. studio524 says:

    Oh – No. That might be bad.
    Note to self: Get Austin an octopussy for Christmas

  18. Austin1234 says:

    In related news, there seems to now be a major shortage of hand lotion in the northern california area

  19. Kirk says:

    "…there seems to now be a major shortage of hand lotion…"…as well as novelty inflatable octopuses.

  20. studio524 says:

    Ynuck.Ynuck. Ynuck.I knew that would start trouble.
    Note to self: No Octo-Pie for Austin.Ever. None for Kirk either.

  21. Red Mosquito says:

    had to hold my jaws closed when I read that one, otherwise the monitor would have been covered with taco bell chalupa… oh, then I could have answered the QotD, doh!
    Where does one buy an octopussy? At the pet store or the adult novelty store?

  22. Austin1234 says:

    Holy Calamari, Batman! I've been slimed by octo-jizz!

  23. studio524 says:

    keep on, Bro, and you're gonna do yourself out of brownies.
    be ye' well warned.

  24. Austin1234 says:

    What, the creator of Frosty the Jizzman is getting all uppity now:) Hey how come you took Frosty the Jizzman down?

  25. studio524 says:

    I didn't. He's all over.
    and no I'm not getting uppityi was funning youyou know

  26. Austin1234 says:

    I want my Frosty the Jizzman back….

  27. Brown Suga' says:

    LOL, you lost the bet! It's not Sorayama, its this one below (found it on Teh Goog.)
    (Warning! if you think the Sorayama one is NSFW, definitely do not click this link at work!!!)

    A slightly cropped/ coloured (and therefore more graphic version)

    And here's some more Cthulhu-related stuff (again, NSFW.)

  28. Kirk says:

    Fab links, Suga'. Thanks!

  29. studio524 says:

    Oh. He's back…
    Fact is he never left. He just got moved to the second page.

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