Like You Care

Lovely weekend. Got a lot done. Except VOXing; didn’t do a lick of that. Just too many other neglected morsels on my plate. Had to finish my meat before I could have any pudding, as it were.

Did 3.5 loads of laundry which is only exciting in that no one had to see me without pants. Well, no one outside my immediate family, anyway.

Went to Costco for the monthly Stocking of the Sideboard. I’m happy to report that for once we avoided buying more frozen food than our Lilliputian freezer could hold. I attribute this mainly to a shift in our local Costco’s inventory towards frozen items my family finds criminally abhorrent (pizzas made on mini bagels are just plain wrong!) as well as a decline in the quality of other products we used to buy regularly (chicken teriyaki bowls should always contain actual chicken!).

We got there right as they opened, though, which meant we were able to get the job done without my having to throttle a single person for creating a bottleneck as they stuffed their jiggling maw with free Li’l Smokie samples.

Uploaded a couple new t-shirt designs – one Cthulhu-related and another having to do with zombies. You can see the latter at right. It’s the direct product of a typical conversation in the CimC household…

Having just received 28 Weeks Later from Netflix, we were on the topic of flesh-eating undead when a debate ensued over the first appearance of sprinting zombies. Panda argued it was the Dawn of the Dead remake after Zach stated the first running zombies he could recall were in 28 Days Later*. I mentioned that while the ability to outrun their victims was indeed a terrifying new ability, one of the most compelling aspects of zombies has always been their undying persistence and indomitable strength in numbers. “They may be slow,” I said, “but they’re unrelenting.”

Next thing I know, I’m down at my desk drawing zombies and conceptualizing a t-shirt reading: Slow & Steady Eats Your Face.

For the record, I didn’t finish 28 Weeks Later. I just couldn’t get into it. It’s a sequel that was written, directed and acted by a completely different team of people than the original – and you can tell. It feels like a sequel. It tries too hard and for all its efforts fails to make me care about the protagonists. To be fair, the notion of certain people being zombie-virus “carriers” is actually pretty nifty; too bad they didn’t do anything particularly nifty with it.

I’ll give it another chance later on down the line. There have been some really fantastic films I didn’t appreciate until the second viewing. American Beauty and I Huckabees are two that spring to mind and neither of them have the advantage of featuring zombies.

Funny… I couldn’t write two paragraphs about my entire summer when I was in elementary school, but nowadays I can bang out 500 words regarding a single mundane weekend without even really trying. I have unquestionably acquired the skill of saying a whole lot of absolutely nothing. Good for me.

*Whether or not either of these movies actually contains the very first appearance of running zombies, I should mention that 28 Days Later came out sixteen months before the Dawn of the Dead remake.

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30 Responses to Like You Care

  1. SweetMisery says:

    Don't recall seeing running zombies, but they are so strong. wtf. Eat your brain and your face. lol……Nice tee

  2. I have unquestionably acquired the skill of saying a whole lot of absolutely nothing.My kid hates to write. Couldn't spell to save his life. He's got one o' those nifty learning disabilities. But I think if I describe that this is the goal of all that writing he has to do, he might just be motivated. 🙂 Ironic yes, but a distinct probability.

  3. Kzinti says:

    I want to be a zombie when I grow up just so I can be a smelly burden on my kids… LOL

  4. lauowolf says:

    Sorry to hear that about 28 Weeks; 28 Days was a great movie.Ah the writing.Yet another example of how I could just wipe the floor with the other kids if I could go back to elementary school now.Maybe.

  5. Jay says:

    Writing wasn't fun at all when we were in school Kirk. It was done on gross blue-lined paper with red margins – or worse, on grosser yellow paper – which mocked you in its stark blankness, daring you to make bigger letters if only to fill it up all the more quickly (which the girls managed to get away with every time), and with nothing but the silence of a classroom and your cramping, sweaty little hand and the faraway promise of lunchtime to keep your overactive mind company, how could writing be fun? Typically there was no reward for it, besides a "passing" grade, you only had the one person to try to get it accepted through, who could hardly be called a peer, and that maybe comes several days later. NOW we're able to instantly post our thoughts and get instant gratification from as many people as we can manage, of our own choosing, without worrying about the outcome or what mom and dad will think. Brilliant.I don't know if that means kids appreciate it any more now than then, but they should.

  6. Kevin Wolf says:

    I didn't dig 28 Weeks Later, either…in fact, I didn't even finish it.

  7. CrowSeer says:

    I could rant about running zombies for days. It's just plain wrong! The short version of the rant runs thusly: Zombies symbolically (and literally, I guess) represent the onset of age and our inevitable demise… they are the Human Condition made concrete. One day you see a grey hair… then another… then there's hundreds of them! That's the whole point. At first you see a few zombies, and you think you can outrun them, but then you're overwhelmed. Not because they're faster or smarter, but because they're relentless and can't be reasoned with.
    Er… sorry, that was a bit of a downer wasn't it? Genius t-shirt though! Yay!!

  8. snoringKatZ says:

    I think there may have been several sprinters in Night of the Comet. Surely you've seen it! It's awesome!!!Great shirt 🙂

  9. Kirk says:

    SweetMisery: I'll share a secret. The t-shirt idea started out as "eats your brain" but changed to "eats your face" because it rhymes with "wins the race". Now you know. :)g-bee: Speaking of irony, I believe it's my love of English that allows me the ability to say so little with so many words. Har.Kzinti: My kids made it clear they would shoot my head off in half a heartbeat if I go all undead on them, so the best I can hope for is it happens in the house where they have to do some mopping up.lauowolf: That's what is so sad. This movie could have done a lot better had it not been touted as a sequel to 28 Days. Had it made the effort to create its own brand of zombies and stand alone as its own original story, I think it would have enjoyed greater success.Jay: It just boggles my mind how utterly impossible it was to come up with anything to say back then."I don't know if that means kids appreciate it any more now than then, but they should."Indeed.Noun/Verb: It's uncommon for me not to be into a zombie flick. I think it had a lot to do with trying to hold a candle to 28 Days (see my comment to lauowolf above).CrowSeer: I've heard some suggest that "viral" zombies are not zombies at all and should not be referred to as such. I assume you feel this very way about any zombie that can move faster than Mr. Burns? :-PsnoringKatZ: I think I saw that movie when it was in theaters. o_O I don't remember it very well, though.

  10. Jay says:

    I've heard some suggest that "viral" zombies are not zombies at all and should not be referred to as such.Yeah. Although gross and all, they are not technically "undead", are they? But I guess it's a fuzzy distinction, considering that undead are fictional things anyway. Silly to argue about it…..just enjoy the idea. 😛

  11. Kirk says:

    Of course, then you'd have to determine which methods of becoming undead are acceptable. You'd have your people claiming only necromancy or voodoo could create true zombies while other people would accept nuclear radiation (Night of the Living Dead) or specially devised chemicals (Re-Animator) as viable catalysts.I say: If it looks like a zombie and bites peoples' faces off like a zombie, then it's a zombie as far as you're concerned. Probably best to stop nitpicking it and run.

  12. Jay says:

    Zombies have little care for semantic debate.

  13. bouche says:

    I saw 28WL, each and every moment of it, when it came to theaters. I sat agape through the first 20 minutes or so and when the outbreak started reasserting itself again. When it was over I didn't love it, I didn't hate it. It was in my face and it chewed it right off.I can't wait to see Diary of the Dead.

  14. Erin says:

    actually, I care. and i've come to cherish getting a glimpse into your life!

  15. Red Pen says:

    Do the mutants in The Omega Man count? I don't remember how much sprinting they did, but they were flesh-eating psychopaths.

  16. Lauri says:

    Absolutely great shirt!Great discussion of zombies, too. Um….I need to see more movies. I haven't seen any of these. *ducks*

  17. RedScylla says:

    For my money the infected were much more frightening than traditional zombies. (Sorry, zombies just never did it for me.) As for 28 Weeks Later. *sigh* They wasted Robert Carlyle on that, too. Not only was it glaringly sequel-ly, it had precious child cargo. Barf. Oh, and it failed, because it forgot the important lesson of good scary movies–the audience grows more afraid as it becomes emotionally attached to the characters. When you kill off (or infect) your characters, the audience stops being scared. Or this one does anyway.

  18. snoringKatZ says:

    I don't think they were flesh-eating – I think they were just out to "cleanse" the earth of anyone not like them because they were nuts. I just watched that a few months ago, too… darn. Can't remember…

  19. Lurkertype says:

    They're remaking that with Will Smith. At least in the new one, whatever-they-are were REALLY fast. I saw an ad.I agree, when they're after you, semantics don't matter, but I am old-skool and I think zombies technically have to be someone who's dead/considered dead (and possibly even buried) and then comes back through some means. Drugs, chemicals, radiation, whatever.And I prefer them shambling.

  20. Kevin Wolf says:

    The creatures in Richard Matheson's original novella I Am Legend (a must-read) are vampires, which is why they only come out at night. I certainly hope the new Smith movie hasn't changed them to sun-phobic zombies.

  21. Lurkertype says:

    They still only come out at night. The 30 sec. ad didn't go into detail about what they were, except nocturnal and nasty. They're using the "I Am Legend" title, and Will and his biceps are the last human in New York.

  22. Kevin Wolf says:

    Oh, I've seen the trailer, and I'm even tentatively anticipating the movie. I just hope they're still vampires.

  23. Lurkertype says:

    They looked more vampire-y than zombie to me.

  24. CrowSeer says:

    Too right, I'd be a pedantic ass and classify them as "infected", rather than kosher zombies… they shouldn't run, and they most certainly shouldn't dance… no matter how tasty the bassline.
    That said, White Zombie are awesome and More Human Than Human is one of the greatest songs ever, ever, ever!

  25. RedScylla says:

    Wait, are you calling me a pedantic ass? Touché.

  26. CrowSeer says:

    Ack! No, no, no, no!! Sorry, I was just replying to Kirk's comment in a jokey, self-deprecating way… I didn't mean to cause any collateral damage! I certainly didn't mean to insult you. Sorry.

  27. RedScylla says:

    LOL. No, no insult at all. I was feeling sort of flattered. I do have aspirations of pedantry and assery.

  28. snoringKatZ says:

    Wait, are you calling me a pedantic ass? That's what I heard… ::stirring pot and waiting for some good ol' fashioned Tokyo-stompin' smackdown to commence::

  29. CrowSeer says:

    See, this is how it starts… tensions and misunderstandings amongst the survivors, and then suddenly there's zombies all over the house! We have to pull together people!! We don't know how long it will be until a telekinetic model with a blurry face turns up to save us!!!
    Still, the coast looks clear for now… think I'll go refuel the truck… dum-de-dum-de-dum…

  30. greywolf says:

    Way to work in the Pink Floyd reference. Love it!

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