Hometown Terrorism and Feline Influenza

As my cat-loving peeps already know, my boy DG has been sick with a nasty cold for a few days. Since it wasn’t going away as quickly as I’d like, I finally decided this morning to take him to see his veterinarian. The office opens at 9:00am for walk-ins and since I was working from home today and needed to be ultra-productive, I made sure to be there right as they opened so as to get in and out as quickly as humanly possible.

But as fate would have it, DG would not be seeing his vet today.

You see, there is a Planned Parenthood in the same strip-mall as the animal clinic where DG’s vet works and it would seem that some loser nutjob* decided jingle-bell time was a swell time to place what would appear to be a bomb at PP’s doorstep. As a result, the entire place had been evacuated, with the notable exception of DG’s vet, Dr. Miller, who the police officer informed me absolutely refused to leave! Nevertheless, the officer would not let me past the yellow tape to take DG in to see the vet and told me it would likely be at least an hour before that would even be possible.

Meanwhile, behind him, a couple guys were maneuvering some sort of robot out of a huge van. By all appearances, the robot looked as if it was designed to roll up to people and stab them in the groin.

After snapping a few pix with my cell phone, I used it to call the animal clinic. Dr. Miller answered and told me he had just operated on a couple kittens, which was why he wouldn't leave the office, but that he also had no staff and thus couldn’t really afford to see me even if the cops were to let me by. I told him I understood and asked if I could just pick his brain for a moment. He happily agreed. I described DG’s condition and was assured he was all right but that it wouldn’t hurt, since he’d been ill for several days, to have him in for some fluid infusion and to check for bacterial infection.

By the time I hung up, the police had ol’ groin-stabber up and running, so I decided to hang out and see if maybe this would be a relatively quick affair. There was a guy walking around in what looked like a spacesuit – only in a very fashionable forest green – and everyone official-looking was stirring about as if things were just about to get good.

Alas, the next hour was more-or-less uneventful. I watched Green Spacesuit Man go up and take a reading of the box with what I must assume was a Geiger counter or some similar instrument. After that, it was nothing but cops standing around drinking coffee and adjusting their belts constantly.

I’d been sitting in the car with the engine running and the heat on (it was freezing outside) so that DG would be comfortable, but it was obvious to me that the poor little guy would rather make the lengthy, gut-churning trek back home than remain there any longer. The crotch-killer hadn’t moved an inch since its initial test-run and I thought I saw someone deliver new steamy cups from Starbucks, so I decided to just cut my losses and go home.


As of this posting, no news has been reported as to whether or not the bomb was a hoax.

Within twenty minutes of returning home, DG was seen trotting around with his tail up and when I held him, he proved that it is possible for a cat to purr and sneeze at the same time. Then he started kneading my neck. It was all so sweet, but none of it did a thing to dissuade me from taking him right back to the vet tomorrow. He’s not going to be happy to hear that, but it’s really for his own good.

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31 Responses to Hometown Terrorism and Feline Influenza

  1. arbed says:

    Things may be different there, but here are two things I learned from working in an office building that was evacuated not once but twice due to bomb threats: – you're not supposed to use a cellphone in the vicinity because if the bomb is indeed real, it can cause it to detonate (think of all of the things you've heard about homemade bombs, roadside bombs, etc, and you'll probably remember mention of cell phones being attached – I think it's a matter of hitting the right frequency with your own cell phone) – the press doesn't report on bomb threats in order to keep copy cats down to a minimum – apparently police keep close tabs on info about bomb threats, ie their response tactics, etc. Bomb hoaxes apparently happen a LOT more than we hear about in the news.I hope you get back to the vet tomorrow. He's obviously a sweet and somewhat brave man.

  2. Kirk says:

    "…you're not supposed to use a cellphone in the vicinity because if the bomb is indeed real, it can cause it to detonate…"Huh. I didn't know that. Learn something new everyday. 🙂 I didn't even think it would be a problem, especially since one of the cops was even using a cell phone. Glad I didn't make anything go boom! "He's obviously a sweet and somewhat brave man."Yeah, Dr. Miller's a great vet. There are closer veterinary offices, but I make the slightly longer trip for good reason.

  3. arbed says:

    well that's what they told us, anyway – the first time it happened, naturally cell phones were the first thing people flocked to, to call someone and talk about the bomb scare – do cops have special cell phones? hmmm, not likely – oh well, I don't know…

  4. Kirk says:

    "well that's what they told us, anyway… hmmm, not likely – oh well, I don't know…"Oh, I don't doubt you at all. I know you're not supposed to use a cell phone at a gas station and I see that happen all the time. Who knows…

  5. arbed says:

    ha, we're even then – I didn't know that about gas stations – I don't have a car, but still…I was thinking about it and did a really quick search – I think it's that a cell phone could be attached to the bomb so that if you call that phone, it sparks or whatever and causes detonation – so the cop wouldn't (we hope) be the one calling to detonate a bombI didn't think you doubted, but here I am saying something I can't back up – lol – so I couldn't blame anyone for doubting if they called me on it

  6. Laurie says:

    I used to be married to a bomb disposal expert. They might have been using a portable X-ray machine on it. But they have all kinds of gadgets. When my ex travels to a supplier to check out a new kind of robot, he gets to run it through all its paces, or as he says "play with it to see if he can break it" before he puts in an order for the NZ army.
    Hope DG checks out all right tomorrow.

  7. SweetMisery says:

    Wow what an adventure. I think I would have scurried away in fear of the bomb actually going off. Very brave. Glad kitty is somewhat better.

  8. Lurkertype says:

    I'm only sorry poor Deej has to make the trip twice!The fluids will be good for him.

  9. Red Mosquito says:

    Wow, quite the experience just for a trip to the vet. Hope they caught the ass who did the bomb scare. And locked him up in stirrups for weeks. Hope Deej is better soon and that your second trip to the vet is uneventful.

  10. There are closer veterinary offices, but I make the slightly longer trip for good reason.I too go out of my way to see a particular vet whose office is in an awful location to get to… but he's so the man.

  11. Laurie says:

    Same here. There are three or four vets closer to my place, but I go further for a vet who really knows her stuff.

  12. CrowSeer says:

    Yep, a vet who'd risk bomb-related scariness to save kittens is probably worth the extra effort to go and see. Shame you didn't get to actually see him this time though. Where's John McClane when we need him?

  13. Carlisa says:

    That is SCARY! I think I would've been gone -fast! Isn't it strange how we're getting accustomed to these sort of things, though.
    I didn't know Deej was sick. I hope he's feeling better. I see he was glad to get you home safely…

  14. Emmi says:

    Oh joy, more nutjobs. Just what we need. Love the jingle bell time reference, though. Just in time for the holidays LOL.
    You probably know this remedy already, but while you're waiting to see the vet, bring Deej in the bathroom when you shower. The hot steam will clear out his sinuses and does wonders, by the way, for a cat's coat.
    I have a similar story, when I worked at the MSPCA shelter / vet clinic I had adopto ted Ives and had the go ahead from J to bring him home. Well I pulled into the shelter / vet clinic parking lot and was greeted by fire trucks. I ran towards the building and was stopped by firefighters who said there was a real fire inside, not allowing anyone in. I freaked out because Ives was still in there. One of the worst moments ever. Well luckily the (heroes) were able to stop the fire and no animals were hurt.
    Anyway, inside the building several vets were in the middle of surgery and were given the go-ahead to keep working on their patients, in the midst of a real fire. More heroes. Vets and firefighters, we're lucky to have them.
    Best wishes to Deej and all! 😉

  15. I had a passing thought after I posted. When I was without a car a few years back I used a Home Vet. I'd call, leave a message, he'd call back with 2 available appointment times and you picked between the 2. He was very reasonably priced as well, he was NOT an Emergency vet though, but you could always call and ask if he could come if it was during regular hours (I.e.: Not in the middle of the night), but he really only did appointments, but it was so great to just pick the cat up and place him on the kitchen counter and let the vet do his thing. It was so much better for the cats to not have to travel to the scary vet's office.

  16. Dancing Bear says:

    Jeebus Christmas Kirk. Hope Deej is okay and I have never been close to a potential bombing. Can you imagine if you snapped a pic with your cell phone and the building imploded. Good Vet for staying with the kittens. That would be enough for me to go to him for the rest of my life. For all he knew it could have been a bomb but he stayed anyway.
    Strip Mall abortions? You can get a Latte and your nails done after? Cool! Even rent a video. That is so strange to me but what do I know about it anyway. I haven't had much experience in that area. Such freaks to blow something up for Jesus. I think it's time to thin the herd.
    We had a suicide down the street from us at the grocery store and were told it was a murder. It never made the news and I called the Police Station and they told me it wasn't a murder but a suicide. They don't put them on the news because of copycats.
    Hope Deej is doing okay and that you can get him to a vet and looked at.

  17. Kirk says:

    "Strip Mall abortions?"Well, see, this is where the nutjob's ignorance shines through: Planned Parenthood in this state doesn't perform abortions. They do referrals. They do hand out free condoms, though. Horrors!

  18. Red Mosquito says:

    can you imagine if the bomb went off and blew up all the condoms, or worse, scattered them throughout the city. how ironic would be that be?

  19. Dancing Bear says:

    My ignorance is outshining the nutjobs,lol. Kevin told me that we do have a strip mall abortion clinic near us and I had no idea. I don't think PP does abortions now that you mention it. I am so happy my God doesn't require bomb making 101. I have enough trouble not hurting myself accidentally each day as it is.

  20. Patricia says:

    Whoa!! I missed the action….whew! I tell ya….I don't know what makes people go nuts…especially around the holidays. And without those darned Planned Parenthoods…there'd be more people like him running around. Scary.
    But I'm glad to hear that kitty is doing better. 🙂

  21. Lurkertype says:

    But what about DG's health? Inquiring minds need to know!

  22. Matthew 25 says:

    Yes, I would like to know if your cat is better now too.
    BTW, the cell phone at a gas station bit is a widely believed hoax. See http://www.snopes.com/autos/hazards/gasvapor.asp,
    As for a cell phone possibly setting off a bomb, I couldn't find anything. However, I thought a phone was used as a detonation device by actually calling the number for the phone. I'm totally guessing based on some Hollywood movie, I'm sure.
    As for anyone who would call in a bomb scare, not only should they be prosecuted, they should have to pay the businesses for lost income and be fined to pay for law enforcement costs plus punitive fines.

  23. Kirk says:

    "But what about DG's health? Inquiring minds need to know!"Oh yeah, sorry. 🙂 The Deej is doing very well. He doesn't have any infection or temperature and his sniffles are abating. I guess I need to start giving him kitteh vitamins, though. Do you give TK and HRT vitamins?DG jumped up to his spot on my computer tonight for the first time in nearly two weeks. That was a sure sign to me he's feeling better.

  24. Kirk says:

    "…the cell phone at a gas station bit is a widely believed hoax."You know, now that you mention it, I think I saw the Mythbusters debunk this one, too. It all comes back to me eventually.

  25. Lurkertype says:

    I do not give HRT or (heaven forbid) TK kitty vitamins; however, I have given said vitamins to a previous kitteh. They get used to 'em. Deej is used to you giving him medical care so he'll probably be okay with that. Did the vet recommend the vitamins, and do they has a flavr?Presume Edgar and Diblet are well, too?

  26. Kirk says:

    The vitamins were just recommended. DG's good about medical care, true, but I don't think I'd want to try to give him oral liquid medicine that didn't has some sort of flavr. I think the kind I'm getting are chicken flavored.Edgar got the cold, too, but not as bad. He plays still, whereas DG did nothing but sleep for days. Diblet seems healthy as a horse. He's growing hella fast, too.

  27. Lauri says:

    Hi, Kirk!I was reading this with slack jawed awe. Holy crappity shit!!!What excitement! My hubby is a vet, and he would happily be working away with the kitties while the wacko nutjobs planted bombs outside the abortion clinic next door….but, I am glad it hasn't come to that!!!And, I am glad Deej is feeling much better!!! SO glad! I hate it when anyone's sick. Furry or otherwise! As for vitamins, my hubby would say if he is getting a completely balanced catfood he probably wouldn't need additional vitamins. (Just something I have heard! 😉 )

  28. Lurkertype says:

    When our previous kitteh got colds (which was at least once a year), he got liquid vitamins that could be squirted directly into the cat mouf, or onto the gooshyfood. He loved them, he'd eat the food that was covered in vitamins first. They had excellent flavr. We'd go through a bottle per cold.Glad Edgar only had it mildly and teh Diblet not at all. It's going to be so hard to tell Diblet from Deej in photos soon! (except for the nose)

  29. AmyH says:

    Wow. Major drama! It's amazing how many nutjobs hate the thought of PP providing no/low cost women's health programs. A lot of women use PP for all their ob/gyn needs, not just birth control. There were some protesters in front of the one near the university earlier in the year. I stopped, walked in and wrote them a check just because. Piss 'em off and get a tax write-off at the same time! I was hoping for a confrontation but that didn't happen. Bummer.
    I'm glad to heer DG is doing better and everyone made it out unscathed.

  30. Drude says:

    Hi Kirk, I was just checking back to see if there were updates on how the Deej was doing. I use a tuna flavored vitamin paste to get Urracá to eat his other meds – he lurrrves it…

  31. teh deej says:

    hi this is dgthankee so much for checkee in on me drude that is very nice of youi am 100% betr and havs no mor snifls or nuthini am back to my old self lolluv you!!!dg

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