Whatcha Got in the Box?

Clearly, the design department responsible for product packaging at Puma is given quite a bit of room for having fun. To wit, they’ve provided this wonderful list of potential uses for the discarded shoebox:

1. As a dolls [sic] house, for a small doll.
2. As a container for useless stuff you really should have chucked out by now.
3. As a place for private photos you can’t store on your hard disc.

o_O *twitch*

I sincerely hate to think I'm wearing the favorite sneaker of serial killers and amateur child pornographers everywhere.

And I have to wonder what other uses they came up with that were rejected

1. As an inexpensive funerary urn.
2. As a new home for the patchy little mouse you found living in a pile of your roommate’s laundry.
3. As a starting point for a diorama depicting your favorite scene from Caligula.
4. As a holder for your ever-growing collection of undergarments once owned by porn stars.
5. As an inconspicuous casing for a bomb.
6. As a food dish for the dog of a local homeless person.

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10 Responses to Whatcha Got in the Box?

  1. arbed says:

    lol sorry but I find this hilariousbut yeah, it is a little odd

  2. Lauri says:

    Heeee!Laughed all the way through! Happy New Year to you and yours, Kirk! (and to your family, too)…..*slaps self* Ok, that was gutter.

  3. Austin1234 says:

    LOL…and nice kicks

  4. Lurkertype says:

    They didn't even mention holding your stash?Lurve the profile pic of you and teh kitn! Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  5. tom says:

    Ten years or so ago, a small squirrel got into my apartment. Kitty sent his soul to squirrel Jesus, and I ended up commending his earthly remains to rest in a shoe box.That was a Converse box, though. I'm sure Puma is different.

  6. bouche says:

    Ah the shoe box. At least it hasn't gone the way of electronics now-a-days … Mummified to withstand the end of time and three nukes with plastic. Gosh I hate all that plastic!

  7. gt says:

    I like rejection #4…

  8. Brown Suga' says:

    Hehe. I like clever packaging.

  9. Carlisa says:

    Haha! I use shoe boxes for unpaid bills. I have 6 shoeboxes full now!

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