Even Her Consolation Prizes Rock!

Back in December, my dear neighbor electric firefly held a contest that required entrants to compose an inappropriate holiday letter. My entry is here.

There were some great letters written and three very worthy winners were chosen. I was not one of them, but electric firefly liked my entry so much she said she was going to send me a consolation prize.

And just look at what showed up in my mailbox last Thursday!!! Sixteen, count ‘em, SIXTEEN RUBBER FINGER BEASTIES FROM ARCHIE McPHEE!!! SQUEEEEEE!!!

I loved these things when I was a kid, and since I have yet to grow up, I still love them to this day.

But there's a funny story to be told here. You see, I'd forgotten about ef's promise and I had no idea what the prize was going to be anyway, so when the package arrived, I hadn't a clue what it was for. I thought Archie McPhee had just up and sent me something just to be cool like that. I did win their contest in 2006, after all, and they are known to do spontaneously silly things.

Opening the packing slip, however, I saw a name and address I didn't recognize and a message: "Congratulations on winning the contest!" I suddenly felt bad for the woman listed on the packing slip, because she had clearly won one of Archie McPhee's contests and was going to have it delayed due to some snafu misdelivery. Oh no!

I contacted Archie McPhee and explained the situation. They told me that the woman listed on the packing slip had ordered the finger puppets from them and had designated me as the recipient. They were blown away that I had no idea who my generous benefactor was…

…then it hit me: the woman listed on the packing slip was electric firefly! But since I didn't know her real name, I hadn't realized it and had gone on to make a complete arse of myself. Man, I sat on those cool-ass toys for a whole day without opening them because I thought they belonged to someone else. You people have no idea how awesome it was to find out they were mine after all!

Thanks, electric firefly! I love my consolation prize! Now I have an army of monsters to attack my Homies.

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9 Responses to Even Her Consolation Prizes Rock!

  1. Patricia says:

    LOVE those!! I acutally have the one that's dead in the center….red dude with his arms raised above his head. 🙂

  2. Erin says:

    oh hot diggity dog!that is so freakin' cool.i'm glad i'm not the only one who LOVES Archie McPhee.

  3. Jay says:

    Wait….Electric Firefly isn't her real name??? Well bust my bubble….and here I was all jealous and stuff.With consolation prizes that cool who needs first place?

  4. omg you have Homies figurines! I thought those were just a SoCal thing!

  5. Kirk says:

    Oh, yeah. We have Homies here. Karin and I fell in love with them because of the dogs. We got our first Homies out of vending machines just trying to get that awesome rottweiler. 🙂

  6. The K Spot says:

    THAT is freakin' cool. I have aways had a lot of respect for the firefly, but her stock just doubled in my book.
    I'm even a little jealous now. :~

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