QotD: Happy Earth Day

"What do you do EVERY day to take care of the earth's environment?"

Well, one significant thing I do is listen to scientists with regard to scientific matters. It would be so much easier to stick my fingers in my ears and squeeze my eyes tightly shut and shout “LA LA LA LA LA!” than to actually have a critical look at the plight of the planet. It would take a lot less intellectual effort to embrace a bunch of unsubstantiated and misleading rhetoric than to educate myself on the undeniable facts about Global Warming. There’s absolutely no doubt I’d be a happier person if I shut myself off from images like these:

Screw Your Right-Wing RhetoricHelp MeWhere's the IceThe Place Ain't What It Used to BeI Once Walked There

By listening to those who know what they’re talking about and by actively educating ourselves on the health of the planet, we can accomplish so much more than just remembering to recycle our pop cans. If we accept our responsibility and make the decision to step outside the warm comfort of self-deception, we might just be able to keep the Earth livable for a few more millennia. And who knows? In that time, we may even find a way to convince people that loving one another is also a sound idea.

One step at a time, I guess.

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12 Responses to QotD: Happy Earth Day

  1. Budd says:

    Ponder the Maunder
    I really don't see any proof one way or the other, but what could it hurt to take care of the planet. . . right. We are all going to die in 2012 anyway.

  2. K. says:

    Poor polar bears 😦 They're my favorite animals.

  3. Kirk says:

    The first link seems to be down right now. Will check it out later."I really don't see any proof one way or the other…" You don't see rapidly disappearing Arctic ice and freshwater glaciers as reasonable evidence? What about the dramatic bleaching on coral reefs that has been directly related to steady increases in water temperature? And we're all too aware of the increase in bizarre weather events over the past decade. I could go on."…but what could it hurt to take care of the planet…"THAT is the part that really chaps my hide, Budd. Why are so many conservative types so against taking care of our home? I don't get it. It seems like there are a lot of people out there who are against global climate change simply for sake of being contrary. And I'm not talking about corporate fat-cats who stand to make a lot of money raping the planet; these are middle-class blokes who appear to be simply toeing the Republican party line even though saving the planet would be more to their (well, their children's) benefit."We are all going to die in 2012 anyway."Ha ha ha! I'm tempted to invoke Poe's Law, but I get the feeling that guy is actually serious.

  4. Lauri says:

    Well, whoda thunk?I only have 4 years until retirement! 😀

  5. Budd says:

    You don't see rapidly disappearing Arctic ice and freshwater glaciers as reasonable evidence? What about the dramatic bleaching on coral reefs that has been directly related to steady increases in water temperature? And we're all too aware of the increase in bizarre weather events over the past decade. I could go on.
    I see this happening, but I don't know that it isn't a natural phenomena. I also don't know if it would be better for our planet or worse. Sure some species would die, but there could be good that comes of it. Climate change needs to be studied and we need to take care of things, but I am not currently sure on the details. Al Gore wants us to believe that the entire population of Florida is going to drown or that there is going to be a Katrina like traffic jam getting out, but I think Florida will be overtaken gradually and that Disney land will build a levy around their complex and become an island of sorts.

  6. Budd says:

    oh, and anyways it will take a global catastrophe to launch us into space to find a suitable environment to live. I want my flying car. 🙂

  7. Jenn says:

    One step at a time, I guess.
    It makes me so sad that that is all we can say.
    One step at a time.
    I wish more people would be willing to change their lifestyles. All it takes is baby steps but people are so closed minded and jaded that they are scared to make any sort of change at all.
    This sucks.
    (I *heart* polar bears)

  8. As painful as it is to look at pictures like these they need to be in everyone's face. This is one of those subjects that gets me so riled up I feel like I could cry. Especially when people don't see it as a real problem/threat. I could just scream at the the madness of it all. Thank you for responding to today's QotD excatly as you did.

  9. lauowolf says:

    Thanks for reminding usI keep up with the science as best I can, but mostly I do try to hide from these pictures, since they break my heart.But they make me angry too, and probably that's a more effective place to be,

  10. Brown Suga' says:

    That's the way to go about it.

  11. Kirk,
    I've hesitated for over a week to respond to this post. With vitriolic captions like "Fuck You and Your Denial" and "Screw Your Right-Wing Rhetoric", it would seem that you don't care what I've got to say anyway. But here I go…
    You wrote, "Why are so many conservative types so against taking care of our home?" On the contrary, most conservatives are in favor of taking care of the planet. In fact, that's part of the logic behind our support of private land ownership. (Most liberals would like to reduce private land ownership, making it public, but we're all familiar with the phrase, "the tragedy of the commons.") The error here is in thinking that everyone's views are polarized. Like most conservatives, I want to find the proper balance between our need for energy and the pollution that the generation of this energy necessarily causes.
    Keep in mind that I was in the generation that grew up regularly seeing Keep America Beautiful's "crying Indian" commercials. I hate seeing pollution. I hate seeing people toss their garbage on the ground. I hate seeing people throw their cigarette butts out the window. I hate sitting at a traffic light and seeing trash piled against curbs or in the median. I hate seeing plastic soda bottles floating down rivers. I hate seeing automobiles and planes spewing exhaust. I hate seeing smokestacks belching fumes. And I really hate it when liberals claim that we conservatives don't care about pollution. (Perhaps if the liberals weren't so against nuclear power, we could get past some of our dependence upon coal and oil.)
    What you perceive as opposition to environmental concerns is actually opposition to the financial impacts of those concerns or their threat to personal liberties. We can't afford to be extremists and put policies in place that will destroy our economy and our way of life. (And please don't tell me that if we don't do something about the environment now we won't have a "way of life" because I simply don't believe there's evidence to support that.) Even worse, we can't go enforcing those policies on third-world nations that don't have economies that can support alternative forms of power generation. In short, if we're going to come up with solutions to our environmental problems, we're going to have to find ways to do it that are economically palatable.
    Finally, I have to say that the polar bear photos you showed don't actually demonstrate anything. They're just photographs of polar bears doing what they do. And even if they did demonstrate anything, it would be anecdotal evidence at best. (I've read a number of articles that point out that the overall polar bear population is actually increasing — it's simply decreasing in some areas due to hunting, not global warming.) I just have one question to ask you: How would you feel about images like this if the glacial retreats we've been seeing for nearly three decades were a purely natural phenomenon?
    Anyway, fuck me and my right-wing rhetoric…

  12. Kirk says:

    Thanks, as always, for the excellent comment. You never fail to bring hard conversation to my blog and I appreciate that.Firstly, let me apologize for the emotional nature of my tags/photo titles. It is true that much of the time I harbor seething hatred for what I perceive as the Robotic Right. I'm sick of people thinking that if they repeat things enough they will become true. I'm tired of people who deny science. I'm fed up with anti-intellectual and bombastic gainsaying. All of these are attributes exhibited by my Neo-Con friends/acquaintances and I'm through humoring them. So, that's where the "Fuck your rhetoric" attitude comes from.Now, what you do is very different, Donovan. You don't just parrot the same old crap I hear from nearly every other right-winger. You step above the same boring talking points and discuss the crux of the issue, which I appreciate, even if I don't often agree. There are other conservatives like you with whom I greatly enjoy talking. Scio is one. Budd is another (see his comments above). These guys can talk politics without taking leave of their rational minds. But honestly, fuck the typical right-wing rhetoric. I mean that.For the record, I have very little problem with nuclear power, though I'd love to see us take advantage of the sun's radiation instead. I mean, come on, that's a no-brainer, isn't it?Financial impacts. Well, yes, it always comes back to money and how that money should be spent. Since I border on being a socialist, I don't think you and I are going to come to any agreements on the exact nature and inherent values of money. I suspect you and I see money very differently.The bear photos were used as an emotional tool. Not to seem dishonest, I truly believe the polar bears are suffering from the effects of Global Warming, but I'm honest enough to admit that the photos were also used to set a tone.Finally, I'll mention that I am one snarky fellow and probably get under the skin of my opponents with more skill than most. But I hope you believe me when I say I don't consider your opinions the "right-wing rhetoric" to which I was giving the finger.

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