Who Says There’s Nothing Good On TV?

Like so many people, I absolutely love the Discovery Channel. Even their ads are brilliant. The current one, in particular, really touches me. Trouble is, we seldom get to see the full-length version. Amanda found it at YouTube yesterday and sent me the link. Thought I'd share. Do watch it. It really is quite something and a great way to spend 60 seconds.

Here, go ahead and sing along!

I love the mountains.
I love the clear blue skies.
I love big bridges.
I love when great whites fly.
I love the whole world.
And all its sights and sounds.

Boom de yada! (x4)

I love the oceans.
I love real dirty things.
I love to go fast.
I love Egyptian kings.
I love the whole world.
And all its craziness.

Boom de yada! (x4)

I love tornadoes.
I love arachnids.
I love hot magma.
I love the giant squids.
I love the whole world.
It's such a brilliant place.

Boom de yada!

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13 Responses to Who Says There’s Nothing Good On TV?

  1. Roboco says:

    that's gorgeous! i lovelovelove that vid – thanks for sharing.i love a good reminder that the world – and it's people – are amazing and unique. we should celebrate it more often.

  2. Great vid. Now that song will be stuck in my head all day…. ; )

  3. Lauri says:

    Brilliant is right!!! 😀

  4. Toe-Knee says:

    Discovery's got a very interesting flair to it. The show is successful enough that it could be doing hugely done-up fanfare laden songs that get stuck in the head of a teenager for days, but instead they opt for a simple, to the point song that has a bit of a tribal feel with a simple message. It's very touching and intriguing and focuses on the content rather than the spectacle.

  5. jaypo says:

    What a great pick me up! I'll be singing Boom de yada all the rest of the day! Thank you, Kirk.

  6. snoringKatZ says:

    It's a grand one! Sure wish we had Discovery Channel. I must go pout now… 🙂

  7. kalita says:

    Thankyou Kirk, for putting this in context for me 🙂 We don't watch tv at home so I won't pay extra to have the awesome channels like discovery.
    Must admit though, when I had my daughter, the combination of gas, and pethedine, and the discovery channel in the labour ward was more than a tad surreal.

  8. Joni says:

    I thought the artsy European ads for DC were great, but this one takes the cake!

  9. Red Pen says:

    Excellent. Discovery Channel is one of the few reasons to watch TV.

  10. Jay says:

    Discovery is one of my Top 3 Channels to Watch. If I had no one else to answer to, I would watch nothing but Discovery, NatGeo and History Channel all night. Because I am a raving nerd like that, and I like to come away from my TV experience having put a new nugget of useless information into my head.I agree, I liked this spot a lot. I especially find Bear Gryll''s line amusing. It's a bit of genius work.

  11. Kirk says:

    Yeah, you probably have to be a fan of Man vs. Wild to realize what he means by loving arachnids, huh? It's not all that obvious from the ad that he loves arachnids most when he's stranded in the desert and feeling a tad peckish.

  12. Jay says:

    Nothing like describing your eight-legged lunch as "tasting like a mouthful of warm pus and goo".

  13. wait, what? I love this part:"BOOM TE YATA." – Stephen Hawkingbahahahaha. awesome.

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