Painting Boston Pink

OK, well, I’m guessing the First Annual Boston Squee Party is in full swing by now. I mean, it’s past noon in Beantown, so all the shops and entertainment venues are surely open. Plus, they can all consume alcohol without being seen as unbridled lushes.

The Deej hasn’t been VOXing much, so he had no idea a bunch of his peeps were headed to Boston for the weekend. I just told him about it a little bit ago and he was immediately incensed with me. See, he’s been learning a lot about the history of polydactyl cats in the United States and since it’s widely accepted that they originally entered this country via Boston’s seaports, he’s sort of built the place up as The Thumbcat Promised Land.* I don't have the heart (or the courage, for that matter) to show him that the designs I came up with for the commemorative items are fully devoid of cats.

Anyway, I hope BSP08 is a giant success and I anxiously await the messy details.

Oh, and for those who have been wanting larger examples of the artwork for various purposes:

BSP08 Pink WallpaperBSP08 Red WallpaperBSP08 Orange WallpaperBSP08 Yellow WallpaperBSP08 Green WallpaperBSP08 Blue WallpaperBSP08 Purple Wallpaper

*Not to imply DG is a religious kitteh. He has a hard time with the idea of Ceiling Cat because surely any legitimate feline deity would be polydactyl.

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5 Responses to Painting Boston Pink

  1. SweetMisery says:

    yep learn something new everyday. Cats with thumbs. who knew? Yes I would love to be a fly on the wall in Boston. Should be on hell of a good time.

  2. I am so insanely jealous of peoples who have reason to purchase this amazing t-bag themed merchandise. (…glaring & pointing….) YOU people!

  3. JJ says:

    YAY!!! for the pink one 😀

  4. Brown Suga' says:

    I like the pinkiness! And OMG how did I miss that tea-box? And with that limerick?! AWESOME!

  5. Jenn F. says:

    you be nice to my hometown, now 😉

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