How’d I Get So Good At Procrastination? I’ll Tell You Later.

Holy cow! Can you believe I’ve kept my yap shut for well over a week? An amazing thing, really, considering the Democratic National Convention happened and all. I had just sort of assumed my moratorium on political debate would not be able to withstand the pummeling, what with people still trying to defend the progressively farcical comedy known as the McCain campaign and FOX News finally going completely batshit insane. But thanks to reasons both big and small, the need to counter every opposing argument or expose every idiotic/racist/hypocritical comment was pretty much nonexistent.

As a result, I was freed up to finally discover the solution to a health problem that was sure to kill my best friend several years early and also save the world from the blackest evil. Only one of those statements refers to something I actually did in a video game; the other is completely real. I’m working feverishly at banging the details into something worth posting, so try not to lose your mind with curious anticipation, okay?

In the meantime, check this out:


The Rockman E-Can Drink is a new energy drink that is supposed to have come out in Japan this month. That little blue bastard and I go back a long way and I absolutely must have a can or two of this. There are precious few things in the world I’d be willing to pay ten times retail to acquire. This is one of them. Hopefully, the Uwajimaya in Seattle will carry them for significantly less than that.

Also this:

No matter where you sit on the science vs. religion debate, that’s a super creative mash-up. It’s also unnervingly hypnotizing.

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2 Responses to How’d I Get So Good At Procrastination? I’ll Tell You Later.

  1. R.G. Ryan says:

    Wait…you didn't post??? Huh…how did I miss that? Perhaps it's because you are growing progressively less significant in my life. Perhaps it's because the DNC has been so riveting and emotionally draining that I lacked the wherewithal to summon even the barest shred of interest in anything else. Perhaps it's because I spent the week doing absolutely nothing, accomplishing absolutely nothing and feeling okay about it. "I'll take door number three!" We have a winner!!!!!

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