A Question Mark in the Sand

I know, I know, I know!

Look, I realize most of you probably aren’t happy to see my political soapbox sitting here, but really, if given a choice, would you rather I wrote about yeast infections, my recent Nintendo exploits, or politics?

Yeah, that’s what I thought you’d say.

So. Sarah Palin. I suppose it’s possible the Republican Party has decided their threadbare sheep’s clothing has finally lost its usefulness and that aggressively extolling the virtues of drilling and killing would be a more successful campaign strategy, but that’s probably far too easy an explanation. I seriously doubt an unknown like Palin has enough going for her to be worth throwing away decades of painstakingly cultivated sophistry.

No, I think McCain’s job offer to the Alaska Governor was motivated primarily by an insultingly misguided opinion of female American voters. There are other factors, I’m sure, and I suspect they all stem from a single, more fundamental reality: the failing mental faculties of a venerable former prisoner of war.

Eight years ago, when Dubya was quickly slithering his way to the Republican nomination, I wanted very badly to believe that McCain would make a good president. I had no intention of voting against Gore, but I felt that if he lost the election, things would be alright as long as McCain had gotten the nod over Bush. I realize now just how wrong I was. Despite all the immense failings of the Bush agenda – America’s record deficit, the systematic deconstruction of our civil rights, the disenfranchisement of our once loyal allies, American jobs migrating overseas, and on and on – I’m convinced McCain could and certainly would do a hell of a lot worse.  Not just because he’s another might-is-right Republican, but because he’s another might-is-right Republican who is losing his frelling marbles!

To illustrate, let me just posit a few questions.

During campaign stops, McCain isn’t shy about utilizing the political benefits of his Hanoi Hilton experiences (the two most significant and enduring points being that he was taken prisoner and that he was severely beaten), but how is the fact he failed his mission and was resultantly captured by the enemy and savagely tortured a good reason to vote for the man for president?

Blatantly changing the details of one’s masturbatory war stories for the obvious purpose of pandering to whatever group is being addressed at the moment smacks of deliberate dishonesty, but since McCain now claims his embellishment in Pennsylvania was an honest mistake and that he actually forgot the details of an unforgettable experience (one he has previously recounted a gazillion times), then isn’t a loss of mental faculties the only other logical assumption?

The Military Commissions Act (MCA) gives the president the sole power to decide what methods of interrogation violate the Geneva Conventions. We all, including John McCain, are aware of this administration's views on torture. So, considering McCain’s accounts of the brutal interrogations he endured and how he later spent years using that experience to elevate himself as the Great American Opponent of Torture, is it unfair to wonder what’s wrong with his gray matter when he roundly endorsed the MCA?

Seems to me that, for all intents and purposes, it’s pretty much the same as Reagan’s re-election in '84, when it was HW who was really being elected. Good thing for us all there’s not a chance in hell things will turn out the same way this time around.

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14 Responses to A Question Mark in the Sand

  1. Kzinti says:

    Dude, could you just post pictures of the fella's hairballs and we could, I don't know, judge them on size or consistency or something else? I mean, politics always leaves a bad taste in my mouth. LOL.
    That, and McCain is old enough that dirt was still runny when he was a kid. He still owes Jesus a couple bucks for lunches from when they were in school together. He remembers when BFE was a happening place. He goes out drinking with his buddy The Cryptkeeper. M.Night Shamalama-dingdong is writing his new horror flick about his wrinkly ballsac…

  2. bouche says:

    What a an extra value meal of a presidential combo, you know?One wants to ban books that offend her, but that will be okay sense her boss will state that he can remember that they were ever written.I'm watching Guiliani speak now. I can see why they chose him I mean, if he has no problem mocking a sick man, then anyone else should be easy, right?

  3. Budd says:

    I hate both parties and both candidates. Why are we not strong enough as a country to elect a Ron Paul? Oh yeah, he would upset the status quo.

  4. Lurkertype says:

    dear Kirk, moar on yeast infections, they are less annoying, kthxbai.

  5. brownamazon says:

    Just watched the speech… the greatest achievement she could come up with was putting the gubernatorial jet for sale on ebay? Srsly?

  6. bouche says:

    I read so much about her before this that contradicted most of what she said or sounded like half truthes. It''s strange that it's been in that order. Usually it's the other way around.

  7. SandyU says:

    I thought it was just that he had a thing for cute young women in positions of power… [my parents have a signed 8×10 glossy of John & Cindy on their fridge – ack!]

  8. Is it wrong that the I got giddy that you used the word Frelling?(sorry, everyone in my circles are discussing politics, not too many reference Farscape in the process)I really just want to know which anti-deity did Rove sell his soul to to have pulled off all he has, and have the influence he does, as this just smacks of his ingenuity. As for Palin, meh…her hair alone gives me nightmares.

  9. G says:

    I agree.
    Besides…if McCain and Palin win, maybe someone will finally nuke the white house! You should always look on the bright side man 🙂

  10. Budd says:

    John Crichton for president? Wynona would be great at solving foreign policy disputes.

  11. Scio, Scio says:

    Nintendo exploits are quite acceptable.
    But what is with all the catty comments about Palin's hair? They even made Drudge Report this morning.
    I like long hair, personally. Why do successful women have to keep their hair above the shoulders? And further, what is with this hard and fast rule about women over 40 cutting their hair off? My wife told me about this, and I'm horrified. If you've got it, flaunt it, I say.

  12. Kirk says:

    You know, I’ve never been thrilled with the oily stains these political posts invariably leave on the otherwise exquisite CimC quilt, so let me just say how cool it is that my VOX peeps who seriously dislike political screeds feel comfortable enough to either 1) quickly inform me of the fact or 2) diminish the discussion to a series of silly one-liners. I can appreciate that every bit as much as the more serious replies.Kzinti: John McCain is older than FM radio. He is older than the ballpoint pen and fiberglass. He was around before the discovery of penicillin.Oh wait… you were joking. Sadly, I’m totally serious.Bouche: Look for the book-banning thing to be shouted down as insignificant. Censorship really ought to be one of the most obvious red flags of all but it’s hard to explain the horrendous implications of it to people who don’t bother reading anything to begin with. Unless it starts affecting their freedom to watch Regis and Kelly or order a cage match on Pay-Per-View, they won’t think twice about it. I don’t know what to say about the literate republicans who approve of Palin's stance in this area. I guess they just assume they’d fully agree with her on what literature she deems acceptable. Seems like a lot of trust to put in someone just because she’s in your political party, but there it is.Budd: I think it’s clear Obama will upset the status quo, as well. It’s going to be grand. You'll see.LT: Needs more yeast. Got it. :)brownamazon: I couldn’t bring myself to watch it. I was in too good a mood last night. Decided I’d just read about it when I felt like I needed a good, sardonic laugh. Karin mentioned to me this morning that Palin tried – or, rather, Dubya’s speech-writer tried – to pick a fight with Obama, snidely puffing up her experience as Mayor of a flyspeck town. Cute, but I suspect that was the very least of her falsehoods. Did the word "earmarks" and "bridge" ever come up in the same sentence, I wonder?SandyU: Mine have a framed portrait of our current president in their den. I hate seeing it whenever I visit them, but isn’t it nice how things like that don’t (in most cases) change how much we love and admire and appreciate them? :)Ginger_sister: I suppose if I was being true to my own generation, I’d use “frack” from the original Battlestar Galactica instead of “frell”. But the fact is the latter is just a better sounding word.With regard to Rove, I think he’s been so successful because he has never had a soul, to sell or otherwise.G: That’s two votes for detailed posts about yeast infections. Check. The bright side of that is it means I have another post almost completely written.Scio: I have no serious opinion about her hair other than I don’t think it’s any more qualified than the rest of her to run the country if McCain kicks it.But you and I are at least in complete agreement about women’s hair, as inane as that may be. I’ve always preferred longer hair and have never understood the unwritten law that it’s ungraceful, plebeian even, for middle-aged women to have luxurious coifs. In reality, it probably has something to do with a shift in priority from fashion to form, but making it a matter of refinement gives it an authority that alleviates the need to justify or defend it.Palin’s up-do is really no surprise to me. It’s the standard go-to hairstyle for powerful woman with active lifestyles, from dominatrixes to “hockey moms”.

  13. I gotta say, thanks for the hair comments on older women, Kirk and Scio. I don't think Sara's a good VP choice, but I do think she has nice hair. Having said that, I'm 52 and maybe it is time I cut off some of mine.

  14. bouche says:

    I miss Farscape! I hope Sigh-fi makes good on a web series

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