I Failed My Pith Test

So what have I learned today? That I suck at being pithy, that’s what.

I never meant for my last post to give the impression that my contemplation of ending Cthulhu is my Copilot was in any way the fault of my VOX peeps. I appreciate it each and every time you guys leave a few words behind, sure, but that wasn’t where my last post came from. That post was the eventual result of mixing one part writer’s block with four parts abysmal website functionality.

The thing about losing my post today was that it wasn’t the first time; it was just the most devastating time. Ordinarily, I write in MS Word and copy over to the VOX compose field once I’m happy with the post. The last several times I have had to completely redo an entry weren’t intolerable because I was only a couple keyboard shortcuts away from having all my text right back in the field where I wanted it.

When I started my post today, it was only going to be three lines and an image. I just wanted to mention how excited I was about the upcoming Where the Wild Things Are movie. But then I came across a news article wherein Maurice Sendak gave his opinion of the movie and the next thing I knew, I was speeding toward 1,000 words. Good words, too, strung together all pretty and evenly spaced.

Then I got the brilliant idea to embed the old Where the Wild Things Are video made by Scholastic years and years ago. Not liking its size, I went to click the resize icon, but missed it and ended up instead clicking on the video itself. The result was my text being obliterated and replaced by the entire VOX page where the video was stored! I have provided graphic documentation below because I know how goddamned stupid that sounds.

That right there is what we in Seattle refer to as “fucked up”.

Now, as I said, I’d been through this before. When I posted all those pictures of Obama, I couldn’t decide what order I wanted them to be in and kept going back to rearrange them. I don’t have to tell anyone here that task alone was like getting a root canal. The first time I lost the whole post because I clicked on one of the pictures, I just laughed it off because, hey, ctrl-c + ctrl-v = no problem. The third and fourth times, it got a bit aggravating, I’ll admit.

So today when I clicked the video, there came the standard lagtime before anything happened, the duration of which I spent shouting at my monitor NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!

My cries did nothing but attract the attention of nearby coworkers who already think I’m a neurotic psychopath. I frantically clicked “recover” and re-affirmed that yes, I would indeed like to recover the last half hour of my life. It recovered squat. I slumped back in my chair and blankly stared at the screen for a couple minutes, then finally sent an e-mail to VOX, already knowing I wasn’t going to like the reply.

Their response was a simply list of links to pages like “Managing Videos”. Alrighty, then. Message received. Recipient feels appropriately corn-holed.

Anyway, the point is that it was the proverbial final straw and I instantly determined that it just wasn’t worth the hassle anymore. I wasn’t even moved by Karin’s insistence that CimC was an asset worth retaining regardless of how frequently I posted. She was right, of course, and I’m so thankful I have her to keep me grounded, even if I’m uncooperative half the time.

I’ll say it again: I never meant to blame you guys. You don’t have to feel obligated to inform me every time to swing by. If I need a reminder that VOX is totally worth all the little aggravations, I can always go back and re-read the comments from the last post.

The most important thing is that we never, never ever ever, write our posts in the compose field.

And that I don’t try being pithy.

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20 Responses to I Failed My Pith Test

  1. arbed says:

    On the vox front – I've bitched recently, too. I've had that exact same problem you post above in the picture many times lately and there is no way to get it back. Posts have suddenly disappeared or they post themselves half-done. Pages don't open or they take forever to load. Vox has been a huge pain in the ass lately and I have no idea why, nor does vox seem to be talking about it or let us know if something is going on. Oh, I could go on about vox all night with how it's been lately, but I won't. Obviously you're experiencing all the same things.Okay, I'm done complaining for now. I know that my urge to post, whether serious or silly, will overrule vox's shittiness of late. I hope you feel the same.

  2. jaypo says:

    This happened to me three times on Sunday with the same post–all I did was try to resize a photograph. Click on different size and there was my entire Vox homepage in the compose window. Three times. Then, after i got it to work, it wouldn't Save. Click. Click. Click. WTF, voxUfokker!??So it save three versions of the post. Triple post. And it wouldn't delete them. All I could do was make two of them Visible only to me so I didn't look like a complete click-freak maniac on my page.

  3. IG says:

    Oh wow. I have been having the same problem with images — clicking them to edit in Compose and having the Vox screen replace them for no apparent reason. That's been happening to me for months. It's not recent. I've lost gawd knows how many posts this way…none as clever and insightful as yours, Kirk, of course. But still, ouch.I never learn, though. I continue to write posts in Compose. I guess I just like the action.

  4. Kirk says:

    "I hope you feel the same." Well, I'm still devoid of interesting things to say, not to mention funny ways to say them, so my posts might be like eating peanut butter sandwiches and then finding out there's no milk, but that's not really all that bad, right?The shotgun has been unloaded and put away. There'll be no euthanizing my blog any time soon, though it might feel like it for a while until this creative constipation subsides.

  5. arbed says:

    And sometimes you can't even post pics. The only way I've found around these issues so far is to post as is (make it hidden if you don't want it public while you fix it up) then go back and edit. For some reason you can edit but not do it when you first compose. Ha, I wrote "compost" at first – how appropriate.

  6. Kirk says:

    You know, on the one hand, I feel good that I'm not alone. On the other hand, I also feel like a whining crybaby. But it's sort of as I said in a PM to shush, that when you're already wondering if you should bother anymore, the hassle of VOX's crappy programming is like the tiny push that sends you over the huge cliff. After the shock wore off, I just felt… done.

  7. Kirk says:

    "I guess I just like the action."You eat donuts with sprinkles right over your keyboard, for crying out loud! Yeah, I'd say you pretty much live on the edge like you're 007. 😛

  8. Kirk says:

    I've had to go so far as resave my image and upload it again. Other times, VOX just says "cannot accept this file" but never explains why.I realize it's a free service and so I try to be patient, but I can't help but think that Six Apart could easily afford to throw just a little more money at VOX to fix the more insanity inducing problems.

  9. IG says:

    Yeah! And Philippine powdered milk candy! You could feed a family of five for a week on the food I've got trapped in my keyboard.

  10. snoringKatZ says:

    I'm so sorry, Kirk. That is a pain I have felt and it blows chunks. Big steaming rotting chunks. I'm imagining your post and it's fantastic!

  11. bouche says:

    OH MY FUCKING GOD I HATE THAT MOTHERFUCKING GLITCH! There were times where I had gotten to that *sweet spot* and then fucking BAM that SONOFABITCHING BUG shit all over my moment. Dude, I so feel your pain! It's happened to me … about 10 times too many.Just imagining it happening makes me clinch my teeth and snarl (as you can imagine).

  12. CrowSeer says:

    Yeah, even though I tend to write my posts upstairs on my Mac (and therefore have at least two other copies of the text) I have been driven almost to tears when trying to load images… it's a very "temperamental" system, to say the least.
    Glad you're not throwing the blog out with the bathwater though… as it were…

  13. G says:

    Vox has its problems…but overall it's idiot-friendly, which means *I* like it 🙂
    And the other blog sites are even suckier in my opinion.
    I think you just have to face up to the fact kirk, that you suffer from irregular and possibly even premature clickination. This is easily fixed by the prophilatic method you described of composing your post in word first….
    Besides…we need Cthulu acolytes in our ranks. Think of it as a test from the old ones which invariably lowers sanity….

  14. grrrace says:

    GAH! that's happened to me SO many times. i HATE that… i really need to learn to type it out somewhere else first…i hate that useless recover function…

  15. shush now says:

    I have lost SO MANY posts to resizing pictures. It's infuriating.I feel your frustration.

  16. Crafty Minx says:

    This happens to me too, and I actually wrote to Vox to complain about it; I got an email from Lauren advising me not to use Firefox 3, since Vox doesn't support it yet. (What?) I'd like to know if this is happening to people who use IE as well, since that's what I was advised to try.

  17. bouche says:

    I'd reply and and advise her not to use uncross tested code. It happens with Google Chrome also. FF 3 was in beta how long *coughforevercough* It's a popular browser and good practice to code for multiple popular browsers…. What, did they think FF3 wouldn't have taken off as it had? COME ON!Cross browser coding drove me batshit crazy in college. It's probably why I haven't created a web page/site in a long while.I'm betting this bug would also occur in Opera. you know … cuz things happen in threes. 🙂

  18. Kirk says:

    Lauren sent me the same reply this morning. It doesn't really bug me that VOX isn't up to speed re: Firefox 3. Be nice if they were and it sucked to lose the post, but I'd still rather go out of my way to avoid accidentally clicking on an image/video than to so much as open IE. Hell, IE on my system can't even see the internet… and it's going to stay that way.

  19. Kirk says:

    "Cross browser coding drove me batshit crazy in college." Back when I was coding, we had to check the site on, like, eight different systems. Getting a page to work and look nice in IE on a PC at 800×600 and Netscape on a Mac at 1024×768 was enough to make one consider suicide.Oh, and then the tweak you make to get it working on the last system you're testing causes it to break on one of the other test stations!Never again, man. Never. Again.

  20. bouche says:

    I remember employing a number of css hacks to make a page look niiice in IE and Moz. For shits and giggles, I opened Opera and cried for hours. I repressed the existence of that browser, went on my merry life and logged onto a Sun Terminal and brought the page up with some solaris install of a different build of Mozilla and decided that I needed to obsess and compulse over something else.

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