Ah Think That Cityslicker Insulted Me… What’s “Vacuous” Mean?

You just can't talk to some people. It's maddening at times, but I'm loath to start responding to lame personal attacks by lobbing some of my own right back. I aspire for a higher level of interaction with my fellow humans, where rationality and critical thought completely blot out nescience and categorical conventions. Intelligent people should readily recognize it's far more productive to concentrate on the flaws in ideas, than on the personal flaws of those individuals whose beliefs contradict their own.

Rifling through that bottomless junk drawer we call the Internet, I discovered this:

…which inspired me to come up with this:


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10 Responses to Ah Think That Cityslicker Insulted Me… What’s “Vacuous” Mean?

  1. I'm having a bad momen tKirk. After seeing these photos, I'm imagining Hawking coming across Zidane.

  2. Kirk says:

    Ha! I was a gnat's hair away from adding a closing line at the bottom that read: I know at least Steve Betz will get it…

  3. Kirk says:

    The Nintendo freak in me immediately thought you were referring to the character in Final Fantasy IX, but I have a feeling that's not who you mean. 😛

  4. No, sorry, I'm not familiar with that, I'm ashamed to say. I meant Zidane, the French national team soccer player and his infamous head butt that he gave straight into the stomach of an Italian player with only a few minutes left in the match. He was ousted as penalty and the Italians went on to win. He butted his head against the Italian after the Italian dissed his mother.
    So, I'm just saying, Steve better watch his "Yo Mama," remarks.

  5. Kirk says:

    Thanks for the details, P. Normally, of course, I would have Googled it, but I was at work and mucho busy.Checking the photos out now. It looks like he got the guy square in the chest. That's terrible! A blow to the solar plexus like that can kill. He should do jail time for assault like that. Seriously.What a tool. Perfect example of what I was talking about when I said people never resort to violence due to an over-abundance of self-assurance. How fitting that one of his more obvious fears ended up coming to pass, possibly as a direct result of his cowardly actions.Now I'm rambling…Thumper's Rule: It Can Save Lives!

  6. I didn't know that. And I just asked my husband about it and he says it's called "heart shock." Wow. Well, I loved the Kung Fu post. And I agree with it totally. Matarazzi (the buttee) is known for playing dirty and deliberately taunting the opposing team. And Zidane was legendary for his temper. Ironically, that was Zidane's last match before he retired from soccer for good. Even worse, not many, not even I, who has traditionally rooted for the Italian team, (my dad was an Iatlian soccer player) wanted the Italians to win the Cup, because they were a disreputable group this time, who cheated in almost every match. There is so much more to this story, but I will spare you the details. Maybe someday I'll write a post about it.
    Well,that was an interesting seque…

  7. Kirk says:

    "Matarazzi (the buttee) is known for playing dirty and deliberately
    taunting the opposing team. And Zidane was legendary for his temper."Petulant children who fail to appreciate their fortunate lot in life. Sad. Very sad."Well,that was an interesting seque…"The soccer story is on point, I think, because it demonstrates how utterly useless insults and physical attacks really are. There was no truly positive outcome for either individual: Zidane's team lost and he ended his career in disgrace while Matarazzi's team win goes unappreciated by the majority of people who adore soccer.Similarly, similar attitudes and actions by the people I refer to in the text of the post have brought about a situation where a positive outcome is next to impossible. But I'm not dwelling on it. I've said my piece and moved on. I have nice, thoughtful people I can talk to, after all.

  8. I have nice, thoughtful people I can talk to, after all.
    Like me, I hope? ; )

  9. Kirk says:

    Yer still in mah 'hood ain't yeh? :-PSeriously though, I purged the crap out of my 'hood today. But I was actually surprised at the number of people who had dumped me. Imagine that! I just looked at it like they had done me a favor by saving me time of deleting them.Life's too short and I'm done suffering temperamental nitwits.

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