…And Jams His Thumb In Sauron’s Eye

I had to do it.

It started when I saw this Demotivator with British bad-ass Bear Grylls.  I thought the concept was brilliant, but felt the presentation needed work. I mean, come on, green hues that bright don't even exist in Mordor!

Looking around the 'net, I saw that various weekend Photoshoppers had given it their all to imrove things, with results varying from barely acceptable (lighting, people, lighting!) to bafflingly awful (where'd Bear go!?).

So I did it the way I thought it should be done.

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About kirkstarr

I draw pictures for a living.
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3 Responses to …And Jams His Thumb In Sauron’s Eye

  1. Scott says:

    Just as long as I don't have to watch him drink his own pee out of a snakeskin.

  2. DJ says:

    Nice work, Kirk.

  3. Would have been better topless, but I can't complain!

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