…and the Head of a Sledgehammer

They say we Capricorns possess (symbolically, in most cases) the body of a goat and the tail of a fish. I’ve been further informed by people who concern themselves with this sort of thing that the reason for such a perverse union is that we are equally adept at reaching great heights and achieving astonishing lows. So, either the Capricorn crowd can be readily divided into natural winners and born losers or we’re all a bunch of conflicted, vacillating workaholics. I find it propitious and comforting to align with the latter option*.

To that end, I’d like to make it clear that:

1. My delay in sending out stickers is Zazzle’s fault; not mine.
2. My delay in responding to your e-mails and PMs is my fault; not yours.
3. My delay in posting something new to read is the result of an unforgiving words-to-minutes ratio.
4. My delay in leaving comments at your VOX blogs is the result of an unforgiving spammer-to-authenticator ratio. (Seriously, VOX: Do something about the spamdexers already, will ya!?)

One can only go so high without wings and diving too deeply is hard on a goat’s sinuses, so I’ve sort of been going sideways lately. Thanks for hanging on! I'll find a new foothold very soon…

*Of course, how I feel about my inability to fellate myself or even fart on command suggests that perhaps "great heights" and "astonishing lows" are merely matters of perspective.

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11 Responses to …and the Head of a Sledgehammer

  1. shush now says:

    VOX annoys me. The ungodly amount of white screens and "OOPS!" pages has been seriously hampering my blogging.Now lets just see if this posts…

  2. Kirk says:

    "Now lets just see if this posts…" How many tries did it take?

  3. YGRS says:

    ha!! Did you do that on purpose, or was that just really ironic?!?damn — you're good!

  4. I actually haven't had many issues with Vox. There has been an occasional hiccup but nothing too serious. This blog interface is the easiest in my experience… but that is me…

  5. shush now says:

    ACK! Okay, so the comment itself took long enough, and now I'm having trouble posting a reply.This is SO unintentionally hilarious!

  6. Kirk says:

    "This blog interface is the easiest in my experience… but that is me…" Agreed. It beats the hell out of most alternatives. I wouldn't still be here otherwise. I just hate it that a good portion of the little bit of time I have to spend at VOX is taken up watching the browser think about what to do next.But mainly I just needed to offer a half-assed apology for my continued flakiness. 😛

  7. Toe-Knee says:

    Hi Kirk, remember me?! I've been gone so long I feel much more guilty than you. It's nice to have this unimited air card thing at work. Anyhow, good seeing you again, hope your capricorn mojo goes super high soon.

  8. AmyH says:

    I've learned something new about myself. Yay, Capricorns!

  9. Cat says:

    I've encountered quite a few errors and OOPS pages too lately….and I got one of those spam russian porn comments on my blog too…*sigh*

  10. arbed says:

    The vox burps seem to be a little less for me lately. What I've been noticing a lot of is fake voxes. At least I think and assume they're fake. I don't check them out. When you post a post (ha), it brings you to a page that shows the most recent posts from others. I can't remember the last time I got that page with more than just me or me and one other real person showing. The rest are all question mark heads. Just seeing the few lines that show on that page is enough to keep me from checking them out because they are obviously spam. But how do actual spam voxes get made? And what is the purpose? I suppose there might be bad links posted, but again, I don't check them out.

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