That Cat Won’t Blog

I spoke to DG again last night about his serious lack of blogging. He said (and I quote): "dady i dont hav time to be blogee rite now stop askee me abot it!!!"

I told him he had nothing but time, to which he replied he "rilly havs nothing worth blogee abot".

So then I asked him if he had found any new photos he might want to share and a look of stunned realization froze on his face. He squeaked and then flew into the bedroom (where my laptop resides) shouting, "ohyeah! ohyeah! ohyeah! ohyeah!"

I kept checking his blog the rest of the evening, certain he was going to post some super-cool "kitteh pixshurs". Nothing new was ever posted.

Then, this morning, I find the following in my e-mail:

To: kirkstarr@*********
From: teh_deej@*********
Subject: pixshurs to post

hi dady this is dg wuld you pleeze post this pixshurs on your vox blog for me?

love dg

*sigh* Oh, well. I'm sure he'll get back into it again by summertime. Here are the images he wanted me to show you guys. Have a great day, peeps!

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I draw pictures for a living.
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8 Responses to That Cat Won’t Blog

  1. AmyH says:

    Tell DG, it's okay, we love him anyway.
    Elvis was going a good job of keeping up on his Twitter account but now he says he forgot his password. He said that if he had opposable thumbs he'd be able to write it down. Those kitties always come up with excuses.

  2. arbed says:

    Hi DG – great pics!

  3. Drude says:

    Very nice pixshurs DG

  4. Lurkertype says:

    TK hasn't been blogging either. The two of them are probably up to something. Something diabolical, yet adorable.

  5. tom says:

    I'm glad DG is doing well. I understand he's busy, since he has Diblet's Deej Fu training to conduct and Marley to rule. If you get the chance, please ask him to stop texting Ana-Sofia Vargas in the middle of the night. He only says he's crepuscular–he's up all night communicating with his lady fans.

  6. Karin says:

    So that is who keeps changing my desktop wallpaper in the middle of the night! And I thought he was busy stalking my cat around the house. I will have to have a little chat with DG about this.

  7. Kirk says:

    Ah… you have solved many mysteries surrounding my laptop, Tom. I was starting to wonder why all these bookmarks to kitty porn sites were showing up in my browser. Good to know the trojan infecting my computer is DG and not something even more malicious!

  8. teh deej says:

    ha ha very funy dady nobody beleves youi sumtimes msg anasofia and tk but i not into teh proni spect raven is teh one cuz he is a purvertok byedg

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