ken863 attacks Kirk’s daughter; Panda is nonplussed

A few Some Many MOST of you know my sweet and brilliant daughter Amanda (whom I affectionately call Panda). You guys met her when I confessed to doing her nails for her. You were there when she went to her first Homecoming Ball and when I couldn't believe she turned 19.

You've even watched her defend me against some of the biggest haters on VOX (comment links to come).

The most recent piece of excrement to come sloshing my way was a sad and deluded pig-fucker who, also being a pitiful, shit-eating coward, hides behind the not-so-clever moniker of ken863 here at VOX (younger readers probably know him as teenluvr69 or something similar over at those other sites). Little ken said some stuff that was so utterly stupid — and you know how much we hate stupid around here at CimC — she couldn't help but get a little snarky. Heh, heh. That's my girl!

It was a harmless comment compared to what we were all slinging at him, but what did ken863 do? He immediately went to her VOX and left a comment on a photo she had proudly posted of her new tattoo. I'd like to share that comment with you now, just so you can see what stunning levels of impotent rage an ignorant hater can achieve:

"no it sucks, and lose some weight and get some sun and why is your hair so short and whats with the acne,you know they have pills for that now.and where was this picture taken from the looks of that wall behind you it's a public bath house.yada yada yada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

How… classy. See, this guy is so completely toothless and barren of anything resembling an intelligent argument that he resorts to schoolyard name-calling (as I've done here, but only after schooling him in politics and after he'd attacked Panda). He can't get to me, so he attacks my 20-year-old daughter by calling out her acne and insinuating she goes to bathhouses. How fragile does a guy have to be to attack a girl?

But once again, Panda makes me SO DAMN PROUD!!! Her reaction this evening upon seeing the comment for the first time? Mostly perplexity, I think. I mean, she sort of didn't know what to make of a grown man talking to her that way. Obviously, he meant to hurt her feelings — which might have worked on his wussy-ass children, if his narrow urethra ever actually spat out a soldier that could swim, that is — but that sad shit doesn't work on my Panda. Nope.

When I asked her if she was going to delete the comment, her reply was essentially, "Meh". I got basically the same response when I told her I was going to use it for post fodder since I've got nothing at the moment. She's so awesome.

And besides, how is any self-respecting female supposed to take beauty advice from a guy who thinks Ann Coulter is pretty? Does ken863 not see the Adam's apple? Does he find grotesque, alien forelimbs attractive? Or is he just hot for anorexic transexuals? We may never know, but he's hardly in a place to ridicule my gorgeous daughter.

Be sure to check out what kinds of things he says about women he actually likes in the screencap at right. No wonder he's a lonely chronic masturbator who is all for allowing school officials to randomly molest honor students. He's a fucking mess…

Here's the cherry on top, peeps: Have a look at this comment ken863 left at another VOX:

Note the short hair. Also note that, for all he knows, this could be her too. It's not, but it could be. There's not enough showing to tell. Hair changes length all the time. How does this guy remember to breathe?

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71 Responses to ken863 attacks Kirk’s daughter; Panda is nonplussed

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Panda rocks. You guys have done a fine job with her. And she's so cute. And only has X chromosomes.

  2. Kirk says:

    "You guys have done a fine job with her." We amaze even myself.

  3. AmyH says:

    ken has an entire group blocking him. I saw he showed up at Lauri's today. Same appallingly grammatically incorrect, lack-of-coherent-thought hateful ramblings over there.
    What he posted at Panda's can't possibly be taken seriously by anyone who isn't in a vegetative state. It's no wonder she was all 'meh' about it.

  4. Tatsu.ZZmage says:

    When i read Trolls msg to my sister i just laughed since i know he has no taste. and decided not to say anything like this since Kirk can say it the best. also Ann Coulter EWWWWWW my skin crawls every time i see shim.

  5. Kirk says:

    I actually dealt with VOX on this issue back in 2007 when this dickless idiot started attacking me because he'd gotten it in his swelled head that this post I wrote was directed at him. For what it's worth, I won (in a manner of speaking).The short version is that they don't want to limit people's freedom of expression. Once you tell one person they can't call someone else a shit-eating pig-fucker, then where do you draw the line?Yeah, it didn't make sense to me, either, so now I just flip it over and take advantage of the other side of the coin. πŸ™‚ That's 'cuz I read the Scholastic poster in my 3rd grade classroom! I'm makin' lemonade from those lemons, baby!

  6. Kirk says:

    And if you're attacking Lauri, there is no one you won't attack. Damn. I expect crap like this from teh trolls, but Lauri? Come on! Even "kindhearted" and "bubbly" and "encouraging" are traits he despises, huh? Wow. Imagine how much his life must suck to hate things like that.

  7. Kirk says:

    "my skin crawls every time i see shim." Ha ha ha! I never heard "shim" before! Shemale, yeah. He-She, sure. Ladyboy, of course. But "shim" is perfectly subtle and at the same time makes a wonderfully oblique reference to ken's abysmal spelling.By the way, I'm proud of you, too, Zach.

  8. Dancing Bear says:

    I'll try and not digress,lol. Our Kenneth has issues. Many. I can only take so much of him. I can out ugly him in a heartbeat. And I do. He is worth it. I will defile my own reputation just to make the bile rise in his throat.

    He is lousy in bed BTW.

  9. Brown Suga' says:

    Panda rocks. What a pathetic loser that Ken is.That tattoo is beautiful!

  10. grrrace says:

    i haven't been on vox for a while so i missed lots of this stuff… ken's a d-bag. good for panda. she is absolutely beautiful and i'm glad she didn't let his stupid comment get to her. :)you did a great job with her. πŸ™‚

  11. AmyH says:

    LOL @ DB. Your little throwaway line at the end, my friend, was the funniest thing I've read all day.

  12. ken says:

    well where to begin,this saga began over at redzilla's blog,with the poor liitle butterfly clad girl who was sharing drugs with her freinds,when i commented that there are good reasons for strip searches and that teachers need this tool,red decided a personnal attack was needed to make her point,again the hallmark of the ''liberal fascist'' ,by the time i went back to see what her latest insults were she had blocked me,but kirk was still free to remark to my comments and did so again with this trait you all have of being personnaly insulting instead of being in the least bit informative,so i went in search of this ''kirk'' and found him showing off his good side on his own blog,where i left a comment that stated my point,and gave him the idea[maybe] that his personnnal attacks were not needed,in doing so i seem to have inraged this ''liberal fascist''not only did i get back the gutter speak of him and his freinds i was also treated by kirk's saintly daughter. if i remember right the rambling comment was something about my kids being responsible for drugs in school and something about not dropping a bar of soap,after such sweetness and light the need to spare the poor angel just didn't seem to be needed,kirk had not spent any energy sparing her any of the worlds dark side.that this phony can put up a blog in defense of her virtues all the time using the most base of insults, the most invasive of tools is sick.that you spend half your time telling me how amazing your gray matter is and then turn right around and prove what a small minded phony insulting lieing jackass you are is at best amazing,at worst it point's to the fact you need help,seek that help kirk before you slide even further into that ''happy place'' of your's.and by the way thanks, this is the 12 post in my honour,number 13 has got to be a humdinger

  13. ken says:

    if you feel at all responsible for your own stupidity you can keep,dancing bear and pizza girl over here.i'm sure they will fit right in with the rest of your''liberal fascist'' freinds.

  14. ken says:

    back from cuba so soon,did they ask you to leave?????????

  15. RG says:

    You show a remarkable level of restraint, my friend. Were this my daughter that was being so pointlessly, adolescently and ignorantly maligned I would find him and hurt him. I would. I'm big and strong and violent by nature. The desert around Vegas is…well, let's not go there. At least not yet. πŸ™‚ Tell Panda RG's on her side.

  16. Tatsu.ZZmage says:

    I share the sentiment but the Washington is so very lacking of places like that.

  17. Tatsu.ZZmage says:

    opps i meant the state of Washington

  18. Kirk says:

    *yawn* Everyone knows the story already, ken, you funny little simpleton. We didn't need your run-on re-hash. "this is the 12 post in my honour,number 13 has got to be a humdinger" Honour? Is that what you think this is? You take posts detailing how you are an idiot and a hater as compliments? Ha! Think about that for a second, genius. That must mean you're turned on by DB's come ons. It all fits now.Now, count how many people here at VOX you have supporting you. I know of two little suck-ups, and maybe you've acquired opne or two more. Now count those posts about how much of a shit you are one more time. Which number is higher, smart guy? Hint: Twelve is higher than four. What does that disparity mean, ken? Think. OK, I'll tell you: it means more people at VOX think you're a shithead than not. Bummer for you.As far as my "good side" goes: what you see is what you get here at CimC. I've been blogging at VOX since its beginning three years ago and it's always been that way. Ask anyone. So your argument that I only show my good side here is yet another dollop of your contrived mouthshit. Wipe your face, dude.

  19. ken says:

    that the truth is staring you in the face and you still want to try to be the injured party is amazing,what part of you have lost your grip on reality don't you understand.that i see life as serious and try to understand it and you see it as a cartoon again amazes me.if you have something to say ,say it.i have never blocked or deleted anyone and just the giddy homosexual comment by the gay poster boy above would get me blocked on most's not that you might have something to say, it's your personnal attacks and tirades that make you not worthy of any real respect.

  20. Kirk says:

    "pizza girl" I don't know anyone by that name. I must assume that's another childish title you've given one of my friends in an attempt to hurt them? I must assume it's someone who has commented here already and since I love each and every one of the people who has left a comment so far (besides you, of course), I'm afraid your hatred has once again fallen… uh… flaccid.You sure have a lot of crap to spew for someone who has to hide behind a fake persona. You're a coward. I'll keep saying it until you admit it. You're a gutless pussy who has a lot of nasty things to say about others, but is too spineless and soft to face the repercussions of his opinions. If you weren't a craven chicken-shit, you wouldn't have to hide. It's that simple, loser.

  21. ken says:

    go play little girl ,you have less understanding of the written word then kirk does,read the whole story then reply it works better that way.

  22. Kirk says:

    I don't go to your blog, dumbass, unless someone points me toward it saying, "Look at this inane horseshit ken's saying now!" You flatter yourself.You may not block people, but you hide like a little bitch. That's actually me in my photos. My real name is prominent all over the place. That's because I am not a gutless tool like you.And I don't think you can say I'm afraid to speak my mind. For example, I have it in my head that you probably have to pay for sex and sometimes actually get rejected. I mean, judging by what you had to say about that harpy Coulter of whom you are so enamored.

  23. Kirk says:

    Uh… RG's a professional, published author. If you could read past the second-grade level you might have inferred that. Moron.

  24. Kirk says:

    "Were this my daughter that was being so pointlessly, adolescently and ignorantly maligned I would find him and hurt him. I would." Except that he's too timid to allow you to find him, thus the stupid photograph taken in a sliding glass door. I mean, WTF? When I first heard of this guy and then saw he's one of those guys who lies about who he is, I knew immediately that he was going to be a loud barker with no teeth or claws to speak of.And the thing is, ken knows all this to be true. That's why he's so pissed off. He's a coward and he can't do a thing about it. Wah.So glad you're back, by the way! πŸ˜€

  25. Kirk says:

    "He is lousy in bed BTW." I had guessed that's what the 20-dollar hookers were telling him. Thanks for confirming, DB. Though… I'm sorry for you… you horny bastard…

  26. ken says:

    kirk, iwill say this one time then iwill be done with you,you are a liar,a fool and a coward. any decent man would have owned up to his mistakes and then moved on,you on the other hand wallow in have showed from your first commment to me that live is a joke and you see no reason to be rational about it.if i caught my daughter speaking like your'sdid we would be having a father ,daughter talk that would skip work,school and sleep until the reason for her ignorance was gone.that you applaud it and appearently teach it ,is whats wrong with this country.go back to your cave kirk and bring your family with you….

  27. Tatsu.ZZmage says:

    ya know ken maybe you should put a little effort in to your typing also
    if your using internet explorer you should switch to firefox as it will put
    little red squiggles under your words when you run I and WILL together.

  28. Snowy says:

    Sorry to hear the resident idiot sullied your daughter's post, Kirk. I guess it takes some kind of hero to insult a young girl. He'd have to be the worst troll ever on Vox. She handled him well. Good for her.

  29. Kirk says:

    "kirk, iwill say this one time then iwill be done with you…"That's OK, nino. I didn't think you could take much more. And it is probably past your bedtime."…you are a liar,a fool and a coward…"…said the guy who is so unsure of himself that he refuses to crawl out from under his internet blankie and show himself. "…if i caught my daughter speaking like your'sdid we would be having a
    father ,daughter talk that would skip work,school and sleep until the
    reason for her ignorance was gone."Let's see: she defended me against YOUR accusation which I will now repeat for everyone's benefit. You, ken, said about me:"…if your kid sells my kids drugs you
    will be the one spending time in jail,,which sounds real good to
    me…from the sound of your smarmy remarks they will just love you in
    jail."Since that came out of left field and was complete bullshit, Amanda felt in her rights to defend herself and me. She replied:I'm Kirk's step-daughter. He practices what he preaches. Meaning I've
    NEVER been involved with drugs. Not the dealers or the addicts. I've
    been taught better than that. So if parents are ever held responsible
    for their children's crimes, Kirk wouldn't ever be in any danger of
    being sent to prison. However, since your kids seem to be buying drugs
    all the time, you might want to remember not to drop the soap.You're trying to tell me that you can say that they'll love me in jail because I'm smarmy, but Amanda's comment about the soap was untenable to you? You have got to be the stupidest person I have ever had the odious displeasure of encountering.Of course, that's probably a huge compliment to you.By the way, ken, I'm a sober individual. I haven't touched alcohol in over six years. Can you say the same? Careful how you answer, ken. I have links to comments you've made on the matter. Maybe you should stop being a proud drunken lush before telling me my kids are druggies, hmmmm?

  30. Kirk says:

    ya know ken maybe you should put a little effort in to your typing We've tried, my boy, we've tried. The imbecile known as ken simply
    hasn't the brainpower to comprehend the rules of English punctuation. He
    is a proud idiot. If he was ashamed of his ignorance, he'd learn to
    spell and punctuate. But he is so shallow he thinks he can convince
    people he's smart even though he can't spell elementary words.I swear, making him look silly is like taking candy from a blind, paraplegic baby.

  31. ken says:

    yea i know i said i woudn't come back but you are irratating your daughter has never done drugs,BULL.i have been around drugs and the people who do them most of my life,if she is as honest and forth coming as you say she is,she will tell you drink, i drink maybe once a week,my last bottle lasted for almost two monthes.that you over indulged alcohol the same way you over indulge ''playtime'' is no surprise to's a wonder you don't have a needle between your toes

  32. lauowolf says:

    Oh lordy, there he is again.It's sorta like coming back from a walk, and realizing you stepped in something.My sympathy to Amanda.He lumbered over to Sair's blog a while ago.The problem is, bullying doesn't really work when you don't even know enough to know what would bother normal people.She was cool and all.But I admit I to waiting impatiently for the karmic wheel to roll along over him.

  33. Karin says:

    I have scraped horseshit off my boots that was more intelligent than you are, ken. I think I finally figured out why your typing is so deplorable…you sit at your computer with one hand on your dick, the other on you bottle and you just sit there and type away with your nose. No wonder!You obviously raised a junkie so instead of admitting that you are a pathetic excuse for a parent you want to believe that ALL kids use drugs. Sorry, not a fact. You are a coward who discovered he can type insulting things to people on the internet and can't be punched in the face for it. You are not a man at all.

  34. Kirk says:

    "…yea i know i said i woudn't come back but you are irratating…" You come back because I'm irritating? You continue to impress me with your backwards nature."your daughter has never done drugs,BULL."You sure know a lot about my family. Not. Had you bothered to look into who you were slamming, you would have learned, among other things, she asked for a book by Dostoevsky for her birthday. Stoners don't tend to read deep philosophy. Sadly, you don't even know who Dostoevsky was (though you will in a minute after you check Wiki, I know…)."…i have been around drugs and
    the people who do them most of my life…"And you think that's enough to make you such an expert you can tell my daughter does drugs? That makes no sense. You aren't Kreskin (another name you don't know, sorry). Are you high right now, ken?"…that you over indulged alcohol the same way you over indulge ''playtime'' is no surprise to me."What is this "playtime" you're referring to? You're moving from pitiful dumbass to slimy creep with a quickness.Yes, ken, I am a recovering alcoholic. Wow, I'm human! I'm an imperfect creature! I have flaws! The most significant difference between me and you is that I try to fix my flaws while you revel in yours. See how simple you are?

  35. Kirk says:

    "You are a coward who discovered he can type insulting things to people on the internet and can't be punched in the face for it. You are not a man at all."BRILLIANT! And this from the woman who hates violence so much she didn't want me to kick the shit out of the drunken ape at the Arctic Monkeys show who was abusive to her. The gentlest woman I know says ken's a pansy-ass.I love you, babe. I love you so much.

  36. Dancing Bear says:

    I could feel this happening in my sleep.
    I think Kenneth needs a lady in his life and I think Paulette Anne is just the right Gal Pal for Ken. She's ready and willing and she loves her some Ken.
    She's pretty chesty and maybe we could each give her ten bucks to keep the knucklehead busy during liberal fascist hours each day. That way our propaganda and hate speak can happen undisturbed. Plus we can spend all the money at the Treasury while she keeps him in a boob-lock.
    Ken – I brought back some cigars from Cuba and I know you and Paulette Anne will have a blast playing Bill and Monica………but please, no video if you have a decent bone in you.

  37. Toe-Knee says:

    Well Kirk, I'm glad Ken got you up and posting again. I too know the value of a good subject to hate for blog subject matter, and he serves as well as any for that bill. Also… has your schedule cleared up enough that I can harass you for brain custard? I'm greedy that way. If it helps I can do some nonsensical right-wing ranting on my own blog. I will however, draw the line at insulting your family… I'm just not *that* committed to getting your attention.

  38. arbed says:

    This newest ken shit has been the best laugh I've had in a while. And that comment on Panda's tattoo? Unlike ken, I have no words. Well, maybe just to yada yada yada (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) back at him. I'm sure he'll understand what that means.

  39. Emmi says:

    Ken is obviously just an old sexist pervert. Period.
    Well since Vox hasn't thrown him off of here I say we enlist as many people as possible to block him. His free publicity should end now.
    ps Amanda rocks – she's obviously bored silly by ken, since she's a smart young woman.

  40. Emmi says:

    ya know ken maybe you should put a little effort in to your typing
    I know, he should hire a translator. At least Dune had its own freaking dictionary.

  41. Kirk says:

    I'm still waiting on that InDesign document… :-PBut seriously, I'm actually working out a daily schedule to make sure I'm not dropping the ball anywhere and so I think I might be able to clear up some time. A more efficient lifestyle should allow me to get the whole rulebook read this time around. I mean, I could have read thirty pages in all that time I wasted last night beating the hell out of a mush-mouthed malcontent.You busy today? Perhaps I'll call you at lunch.

  42. Please be careful when antagonizing these sorts of people, when they are involving your children. A couple of years ago someone figured out who my kid was and posted sex ads about him on Craigslist. I'd hate to see something similar happen to anyone else's child. People like that are just awful, and do not have any boundaries when it comes to terrorizing others. Just pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaassse be careful.

  43. Kirk says:

    Well since Vox hasn't thrown him off of here I say we enlist as many people as possible to block him. His free publicity should end now. Agreed. I'm finished with him. There's not much more to pick apart. I believe I've laid bare enough of his hideous traits to show how anonynous haters really have nothing to say that can't be translated: "Pleeeeease pay attentyion to me! Pleeease validate me! I'll even take you hating me, just please let me know I have some 'honour'"."ps Amanda rocks – she's obviously bored silly by ken, since she's a smart young woman."I know. She's more mature than me in some ways, I guess. πŸ˜‰ She understands "consider the source" quite well.

  44. Kirk says:

    You're kidding!!! And I bet this person was another asshat like ken who hides behind a fake username so he can practice one-sided abuse and tell himself it's his "American right".I will be careful, GB. You make a good point about CraigsList. Talk about a pervasive cancer on the internet. A forum for all things hateful.Thanks for the tip. I imagine ken is very familiar with CL and the deranged thought processes that exist in that realm.Still, I'll not be silenced or forced into hiding by some cantankerous old racist, mysogynist homophobe with a lifetime supply of Viagra.

  45. piscesgal says:

    Yup. I thought about leaving Vox because of assholes like Ken. But like you I won't be silenced.

  46. Kirk says:

    "…Paulette Anne…" Oooooooo! I feel this getting veeeerrrrry interesting. How long before that MPD sufferer shows up here and forces me to turn my discerning, beady stinkeye on her? With all those different incarnations she can't seem to keep straight in her head and her obsessed hater pals, she's bound to wind up here eventually, but… …who will she show up as? Which persona will she assume? Will she try to quickly logout and back in as several people in an attempt to fool VOXers who are ten times smarter than she is? We shall see…

  47. ken says:

    and i will remind capt quirks demented family once again that the filth,stupidity and lack of reading skills statrted with your pappyand his inability to reply without sounding off like a jackass.

  48. Kirk says:

    Ah! I just got it. "piscesgal" "pizzagirl"Lord. They don't have a clever bone in their body, do they? Don't you ever let them get under your skin, okay? Remember that no one attacks you out of any kind of confidence or security. All unprovoked attacks come directly out of FEAR. Think on that. You are attacked because there is something people don't understand about you and it jangles their weak little sensibilities. They are weak and wrong; not you.For what it's worth, I've always thought you were a lovely person and I'm glad you're in my 'hood.

  49. Kirk says:

    You actually want people to believe I started all this? Really, you delusional twit? No one here — not one person — believes your shit. This started when your hatred finally turned toward someone I care about — RedZ. She's a friend of mine. Not that she needed any help from me, no sirree, but I can't stand by and let some idiot like you give my friends a ration of mouthshit. BY THE WAY, I wanted to thank you for making me some money last night, ken. During that time we were kicking the shit out of you last night, my t-shirt sales skyrocketed! I was blown away! Your insensate hatred actually (and oh-so-karmically) made me some decent cash. Thanks again. Consider your bet debt to me paid of in full, ken.FYI: You have until noon to respond. Then I'm blocking you and moving on to happier things. Hate to not give you one last chance to rebut. Take it, if you have it in you. Or just go the fuck away now.

  50. ken says:

    am i supposed to be impressed by your repeated remarks about a book that your whole family most likely read in it's original russian[your ability to understand english is lacking] that alot of people first read it in college while they were stoned is another fact escaping you .and most of his books suck and have been getting dismissed by any serious reader.kreskin you will never be and kreskin was never all that good to begin with

  51. ken says:

    smellie,the guy uses his children to bolster his demented opinion and this was after his child had shown she was no angel.

  52. ken says:

    that i'm the one that needs to be careful that this lunatic and his family isnt going off the deep end seems to escape you .are you related to kirk.

  53. Emmi says:

    Kirk is an honorable guy, Ken. If your daugther were on Vox Kirk would slice out his own eyes before he would even consider harassing your daughter. You have no honor, Ken.

  54. ken says:

    yes kirk that fact seems still to not have sunken in, you made one of your idiotic ranting emotional comments to me thats how this got started that you have been a raging assinine blowhard since also seems to escape are with out a dought a ''liberal fascist'' and most likely couldn't be anything else ,its your only reason for exsisting,that your every comment since then you have attempted to paint your self as the injured party ,all the time running your mouth like a 70 year old whore ,your trash kirk you act and react as trash,go back to reading your boring russian books they seem to have more meaning to you then anything in english.

  55. Kirk says:

    Yup, Kreskin was a charlatan who fooled many people. My point, Einstein, was that you can't even do that. Man, you're slow.I have a BA in English from the University of Washington, but you, who doesn't even know the difference between "your" and "you're" are going to tell me I don't comprehend my native tongue? Keep talking, ken. Keep talking.Oh, and just because you start sentences with "that you" and include "seems to escape you" over and over doesn't make you an intellectual. It makes you a broken record.Do you see how many different people came in here to comment in support of Panda? You don't have that, ken, and it pisses you off. But, see, we didn't make so many friends being hateful shits. So, the only explanation is YOU are the hateful shit and that is why you have two friends to speak of. My peeps are used to me being harsh at times, but they're also used to a higher level of discourse than we've been having since you came on the scene, and I just can't subject them to your crap anymore. You bring out the worst in me and I've had it. You are now blocked. Goodbye, ken.

  56. Kirk says:

    "…that you have been… seems to escape you…"There it is again. Too funny.Maybe it's from not getting enough sleep? Say, why were up until 4am this morning, ken? The only people to stay up that late at your age are graveyard shifters and speedfreaks.Since I never said I would give you the last word, it's really sad that you wasted your chance to say something intelligent with that last lame-ass blurb. We'll let it stand forever as your final word on the matter and a testament to what a pointless waste of time some humans can be. We're done.

  57. piscesgal says:

    "Smellie" and "Pizzagirl". That says so much about the way Ken interacts with people on teh internets.

  58. Toe-Knee says:

    I'm at work, that basically means I'm free so you can call for sure. I did send you a document a while ago… must have gotten eaten by spam folders or somesuch. Nevermind that, I'll see about getting you a newer version.

  59. Kirk says:

    Never got it, but I can look for it. I was going to send you a reminder a while ago, but then I thought that would be audacious since I've been such a flake.Thanks for not assuming I was just being a dick.

  60. AmyH says:

    This has been kind of fun, in a watching a car wreck kind of way. It reminds me of growing up with my annoying brother who would poke at everyone until they were so mad they would beat him up. It was his way of entertainment and attention. MomH said, "Ignore him and he'll stop". And it worked. I kept cracking up at his assertion that you didn't understand English when it was painfully obvious he doesn't have a grasp on language, spelling, grammar and composition. If he actually graduated from high school, it's a sad commentary on our educational system.

  61. Kirk says:

    "…I kept cracking up at his assertion that you didn't understand English when it was painfully obvious he doesn't have a grasp on…" Ha ha! Yeah. I expect he's right now thinking: "He asked me questions and then blocked me! What a dummy." I suspect this is the case because I can't imagine he has any concept of what a rhetorical question is.

  62. Ross says:

    Ken's comments hurt my head. And that's just the misspelling and punctuation issues. I can't get past that to actually read the contents, which (from reading the responses others have posted) I'm probably blessed to not be spending any time reading. Nice way of handling this, Kirk.

  63. Austin1234 says:

    Anyone, who goes after someone's kid to get to that person is a coward. The best part of ken ran down his daddy's leg.

  64. Lauri says:

    Lol!Well, this was good reading! I did notice that the turd commented on my blog but, like Panda, I was pretty much "Meh" about even replying. I am glad you and Myke enjoy riposting with ken (heh, I said "post with ken"). It's so entertaining when you guys do it! :DDo you think he froths at the mouth and pounds his keyboard when he's mad?

  65. Xeyli says:

    Histrionic personality disorder much?I'm glad this is finally over by your blocking him. The comments on your posts were flooding my Vox home page πŸ˜‰

  66. Lauri says:

    Lol! Yeah, I noticed the booger had commented on my post….and I joined the "I blocked ken" group…I must not have blocked him correctly! :PWasn't anything in his comment I wanted to bother replying to! πŸ˜‰

  67. RG says:

    Ken…for the love of God and everything that's holy, can you please just let it go? Dude, you won't win in this forum. Why? Because we love Kirk and will support him until the cows come home. And while I'm thinking of it, why are "come" and "home" pronounced differently? Why is that? English is so weird. I'm with Ross…this is starting to hurt my head. Go back with your haters and leave the rest of us alone.

  68. spooktastic says:

    wow i came into this late! what a douchebag that guy was, and it was especially painful to read his comments. The man can't spell for shit. Amanda's tattoo looks great, and she should be proud of it!

  69. tom says:

    Lauri? If there isn't an "I Blocked Ken" group, perhaps there should be. lol I'll be late for work from reading this whole spectacular, Cinerama spectacle. Kirk? Hug Panda for me. You've got a helluva family there. Now I have to take the needle from between my toes and head off to buy more drugs at the Commonist store. Har.

  70. Lauri says:

    LMAO at "Commonist store". I missed that one, cuz I tend to see the name ken on a comment and then…um…..NOT read it! :)Myke started the "I Blocked ken" group and I joined it. Then he showed up on my blog, so I didn't block him…..only mentally!

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