No, DG, We’ve a Different Method for Larger Carcasses

The cats love to eat kill torture bugs – something I’m told isn’t a bit abnormal. Nevertheless, it causes Karin no small amount of angst because, well, what the hell is that thing!? And where is the remainder of its unwelcome clan lurking? And should Diblet really be using it for a cat-toy? Granted, we’ve yet to see a centipede inside the house and nasty arachnids like scorpions and funnel-web spiders pretty much shun Seattle, but that doesn’t make a brightly colored, ridiculously elongated exoskeleton with wings any less creepy. What if it’s a previously undiscovered and unusually venomous type of damselfly!?

Anyway, the magazine I noticed on the living room floor this morning was placed there to cover up said Technicolor torture victim, serving the dual purpose of completely removing any possibility a cat could consume the bug while also keeping Karin from actually having to touch it.

This practice is, evidently, something that particularly bothers our cats. They are not receptive to having their wriggling playthings taken away, as I learned from DG a little while later…

…I found teh Deej sitting in his new favorite spot on the corner of our bed. He likes this new location because it gives him a wonderful view of the bird nesting in an awning just outside our bedroom window. He’ll sit there staring out the window for an hour straight, flicking his tail and making these weird, clicking sounds with his mouth. He was so into it this morning he looked as if he might start dripping drool. I said, “Boy, you sure want to get at that bird, huh, Deej? Don’t you just want to catch it and smack it around for a little while?”

“Sure,” he mumbled in reply, “but mommy would just put a magazine on top of it.”

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7 Responses to No, DG, We’ve a Different Method for Larger Carcasses

  1. I-Luv-Eeyore says:

    Poor little DG being tortured by having a window between him and the nest of fun play toys.
    I've noticed an abundance of little creepy crawlies in the new house. Since the old house was in the country and this house is in a subdivision—I am assuming that OC was great at keeping the mice and the bugs out. I miss her.
    Give DG a scritch from me!

  2. Toe-Knee says:

    Cats are such special creatures.

  3. Karin says:

    Sorry, DG, but one of the reasons why you are not allowed to go outside
    is because I do not want you to kill little creatures. If you did I
    would not put a magazine over it (you silly little cat.) I would put it
    outside in the garbage can so you couldn't come and drop your kill in
    my lap like my cat, Puddy, did. Yuck.

  4. Lurkertype says:

    TK sez:hi! hi Deej! I eet bugs to. Al sorts. my mommy and daddy let me, they ar nicr then yr mom. (yu can mov magzeens with your noz, tht's how I do it)I chattr at teh birdz to! sqweek sqweek. yu need a windo shlef like me an tortie hav, too lay on an see teh birdz evn bettr. if yu sit, thr is room for yu an diblet like heer.hav yr peepl cal my peepl! bye!

  5. grrrace says:

    isn't that clicking/chattering noise that cats do funny? someone once told me that cats do that when they just.can' heh.

  6. Dancing Bear says:

    Tell Karin that if DG can get the bugs he will go after daddy's Jugular again.
    Zola left a neon blue tail on the laundry room floor. We have Blue Tail Salamanders and the babies are all over the front and back patios. One must have squiggled in on a pant leg or through a crevice. I can't fathom the horrible end it met. Only the Cheshire tail remained.

  7. Lurkertype says:

    Are those the kind of lizards that can break their tail off when bit and grow it back? I'll bet they are. So it's not really carnage, it's an escape maneuver. Keep an eye out for one salamander that's shorter than the others.Speaking of the jugular, how's the scars coming, Kirk?

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