And By “Loyalty,” We Mean “Sodomy”

"We reserve the right to use or disclose your personally identifiable information for business reasons in whatever manner desired."
–'s privacy agreement

Hate to break it to you so bluntly, but it seems sites like, Fandango and Orbitz are cramming their sticky fingers up your cash-hole and reaming it out good.

And when you protest, they’ll claim you asked them too!

CNet reports:

“WebLoyalty CEO Rick Fernandes said–for a fee–enabled his company to charge [ customers]…

…e-tailers such as, Orbitz, Fandango, and hundreds of others have given Web loyalty programs, also known as post-transaction marketers, access to their customers' credit cards. Some online shoppers don't realize that when they enter their e-mail addresses into these ads, they are opting into the programs and authorizing the charges.

Now, I don’t want to hear a bunch of pompous bombast about “personal responsibility” and I don't care to hear anyone’s bullshit about how they personally read every god-damned word on a user agreement page before they click through. It’s a lie and I won’t believe you, so spare me.


See, when a person is trying to convince someone else of something and deliberately leaves out or tries to hide a small but significant piece of information they know will hurt their cause, that conniving person knows they are being deceptive. They are fully aware of their manipulations and the selfish reasons for them. Period. It’s that simple.

The person is, essentially, a malicious liar.

And he knows it.

And he doesn’t care.

This is precisely what is wrong with Laissez-faire capitalism. This “let the buyer beware” idea – which is the essentially the mission statement of the professional swindler – has made it commonplace for the hapless consumer to be roundly lied to and stolen from. Honesty has been replaced with hubris and logic is overrun by lunacy. Entities with bottomless caches of money use their vast resources to constantly devise new ways to subjugate the common man and rob him of every last penny he possesses.

Honestly, who here truly believes it costs Bank of America anywhere near $35 every time a checking account goes six bucks into the red?

Of course it doesn't. It's thievery. But what are you going to do? Keep your money in your mattress?

Well, for one thing, I’ll never purchase anything from the three sites listed above, but moreover, I’ll simply be buying less stuff online overall. It’s not like I save any money – shipping eats up any savings I might see – so I might as well cater to my instant gratification and buy my stuff locally from an honest, hard-working retailer. You know, one who is happy to sell me a decent product for a reasonable price without attempting to cheat me somehow.

Hell, the guy at my local music store unfailingly drops the price on everything I’m buying! By way of contrast, the stool I ordered from Fender Guitars arrived with a giant fucking boot-print embedded in the box! Whether it was done by Fender or UPS doesn’t matter. Had I got it from, I’d be paying $12 a month on top of everything else to some company I’ve never heard of.

So… why should I buy anything online again? So thieving assholes like WebLoyalty CEO Rick Fernandes can pay a fee for the right to scam the shit out of me? No thanks.

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3 Responses to And By “Loyalty,” We Mean “Sodomy”

  1. Lauri says:

    I agree completely. I got scammed by one of those 12 bucks a month companies, too. Reservation Rewards. They are now being sued and paying some of our money back. (Group litigation) I learned never to put information online except when I know exactly what it's going for. And to watch the credit card statements like a hawk.

  2. Kzinti says:

    Give me that warm fuzzy feeling, like a jalapeno and caterpillar enema…

  3. Emmi says:

    Great information, thank you for the warning.
    Quite simply, I don't sign up for jack. I deposit checks from my job and get cash back and that's what I use to buy stuff, mostly local. I sign up for emails and obviously I register for blogs, but only if I can use an alternate identity.
    I have a debit card but only for emergencies or major screw ups. I'm probably sounding paranoid but I'd rather chop off my arm than give away any of my personal information, people are such raging scumbags these days.
    The groups I've signed up for (like NRDC, etc) have been good about not giving away my info, it seems. But even though I rarely use my debit card for anything in fact out of the 5 or 6 times I had to use it at the grocery store, sure enough I got a call from my bank that their system got hacked into and my info possibly stolen. Bummer. Now I'm even more paranoid.

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