Two Ends of Time Are Neatly Tied

It is with profound sadness that I relay the following news:

Sometime after 3am Pacific time Sunday morning, our beloved mama cat, Lucky, passed away of natural causes. She was fifteen years old.

CimC readers were first introduced to Lucky just over three years ago when I began telling the story of how DG got his peculiar, two-letter name. In that first chapter of The Book of Deej, I wrote about how Lucky, for all her terrifying personality traits, was always an amazing mother to her litters of kittens – even when that meant making some terrifically difficult decisions.

But I never really mentioned much about her life, nor have I ever written about how she happened to acquire her own very apropos name. In memory of the remarkable tabby who gave my family so much, I want to share a couple of those things with you now.

Nearly Needled in a Haystack

Many years ago, Karin rescued an emaciated, polydactyl kitten from a cold, dark barn somewhere in Washington’s farming region. The owner of the barn was evidently overrun with stray cats and, having nothing but contempt for them, had taken to pitch-forking any and all he happened to come across. Learning of this atrocity instantly inspired Karin to become a cat-owner.

Details concerning Karin’s search of the barn are not important except to make it perfectly clear that the tiny kitten Karin finally took home with her that day was fortunate beyond measure to still be drawing breath. Pondering this, Karin decided to name her new friend “Lucky”.

No Known Cure

One random afternoon a year or so later, Lucky began acting like she was in terrible pain. She howled incessantly and lurched around with her hindquarters firmly pressed to the floor. Unsure of what feline malady could so rapidly and strangely manifest itself, Karin rushed Lucky to the animal hospital where x-rays and a battery of tests revealed that the afflicted cat was merely in heat.

And looking back on it, it does indeed seem that every time we saw Lucky crawling about acting like her back was broken, we ended up with kittens some weeks later.

Rest in peace, Lucky.

WE LOVE YOU and we THANK YOU for giving us your many beautiful children.

We see you every time we look into their eyes.

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19 Responses to Two Ends of Time Are Neatly Tied

  1. Cat says:

    Sorry for your loss Kirk. As a mommy to 4 cats I all to well know what you are feeling. ((Hugs))

  2. Lurkertype says:

    Aw, Kirk, I was just thinking about your menagerie yesterday.You guys gave Lucky a wonderful life and in return, she gave you awesome kitties.((hugs)) to all, 2 and 4 footed.

  3. arbed says:

    RIP sweet kitty. Sounds like you were all very "Lucky" indeed.

  4. Jenn says:

    I am so sorry….that is awful.
    Much love to you.

  5. Marie says:

    RIP Lucky! ((hugs)) for your loss!

  6. Laurie says:

    Thank you, Lucky, for the time you gave Kirk and Karin, and for giving us The Deej.

  7. little miao says:

    I am so sorry for your loss, Kirk. *hugs* to you and your family.

  8. Elyse says:

    im so so sorry for your loss.its always so tough to lose a family pet.pitchforking cats!?! thats horrible :S

  9. RIP Lucky. Hugs Kirk.

  10. CrowSeer says:

    Bless Karin for rescuing the kitty in the first place, and to you all for giving her a home, and a happy life.

  11. Roboco says:

    what a sweet post. such a lovely tribute to a beautiful kitty and her babies. i'm so sorry for your loss.

  12. Kirk says:

    Thanks so much, peeps! *sniffle* Fifteen years is a long life for a house cat and I'm thankful she never reached the point of being incontinent or crippled. I've seen cats live too long and it isn't pretty.Karin asked me what the title of the post meant and I guess it is a bit esoteric when taken out of context like that. It's from a song entitled "Tomorrow, Wendy" by a now-defunct rock band called Concrete Blonde. Here is the borrowed line in context:It is complete now;Two ends of time are neatly tied.A one-way street;She's walking to the end of the line.And there she meets,The faces she keeps in her heart and mind…

  13. DKN says:


  14. DKN says:

    OMG!!! I did NOT mean to click this is good. I have no idea how I did that. So sorry!!

  15. Kirk says:

    S'okay, D. I just took as meaning you liked the eulogy. 😉

  16. Xeyli says:


  17. Red Pen says:

    Sorry you lost your friend. Hugs.

  18. DJ says:

    RIP Lucky!*HUG*

  19. You and your family are such animal lovers that I feel for you but am pleased you gave Lucky a long and wonderful life. She wasn't going to survive those pitchfork pokes much longer.
    You also reminded me that we used to have a chook called Lucky. She survived some very bizarre incidents during her long life due to her non-chicken like nosy behaviour. It was always like "Oh my God! I can't believe she survived that (swim in the dam/snake swallowing assault/being trapped under a box in the hot sun for 2 weeks/shoelace wrapped around her head/etc, etc)."
    So thank you to all the Lucky's out there for making us smile.

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