By Way of Contrast

Item #1: 8-Inch Planter Drip Tray

Material: Plastic

Purpose: Catches run-off from over-watered houseplants

Price: $2:39, plus tax

Item #2: 1.5ml Curved-Tip Eyedropper

Materials: Glass and Rubber

Purpose: Accurately measures and safely dispenses eye medicine

Price: $1.00, plus tax

If the laws of supply and demand are as ever-present in our economy as we are supposed to believe, then it would seem during this recession, more people are turning to home gardening and, evidently, avoiding eye infections with greater success while they’re at it. An increase in homegrown tomatoes, perhaps?

Maybe, just like in science, “laws” of economics are actually only widely accepted theories with varying opportunities for divergence.

The two examples above are from the same store and it probably makes a difference it’s a grocery store. But if that’s to be considered a factor, then shouldn’t the eyedropper be the more expensive item? That is to say, we wouldn’t commonly consider either item to be “groceries,” but wouldn’t you expect a supermarket to carry eyedroppers before it carried drip pans? And let’s face it: it’s not like anyone ever says, “You know who has competitive pricing on medical supplies? Safeway! That’s who!”

For what it’s worth, I’d have no problem letting my houseplants drip into a plastic tray obtained from a dollar store, but there’s no way in hell I’d put something in my eye that came out of a dollar store eyedropper.

I’m just sayin’.


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15 Responses to By Way of Contrast

  1. Budd Black says:

    my grocery store only sells these giant eye droppers, not sure how much they cost, but who has eyes that big? These things are a good foot long with a bulb bigger than my fist. Can be found in the baking section usually.

    • kirkstarr says:

      That’s TERRIFIC! 5 Stars! I am going to have to have a weekly Cthulhutoon or something. I know the guy in the old spice commercial is ripped, but it might have been pleasantly ironic to have shown Cthulhu with his standard bloated, pasty body.

      Awesome find, lt!

  2. xeyli says:

    I wouldn’t mind an eyedropper from the dollar store… just not the eye drops.

    • kirkstarr says:

      I wonder how many vulcanized, retina-liquifying solvents China has come up with that can be molded to look and feel like rubber eyedropper bulbs…

      one is too many. I’m just sayin’. 😛

  3. paikea says:

    the supermarkets here don’t even carry contact solution – that was a shocker – there are no big drug stores – the little chemist shops/pharmacies indecently overcharge for everything – and there’s no variety – eye dropper? – plant thingies? – *hah!*

  4. Redscylla says:

    The problem is that there’s almost no easy way to know how trade tariffs and trade agreements and subsidies and tax incentives affect the prices of any given thing we buy. The free market is no such thing.

    • kirkstarr says:

      “The free market is no such thing.”

      Quite right. I’m continually baffled by the number of people who harbor a seriously messed-up notion of what “free” means and what “freedom” actually is.

    • kirkstarr says:

      Blo! Nice to see you made it! And you even brought the snoozing dragon along with you! Sweet! (Remind me to make you a new masthead with the VOX address removed.)

      Oh, and, uh… I do a lot of wrong things. You’ll have to be more specific. 😛

      • mizblo says:

        Take your time sweets. Yes I hadn’t look at my email in a few weeks and procrastination is my friend, we are on first name bases. lol.

        I really don’t know where to start on that one. :p

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