glowee green glare is glowee

I let DG title this post. As if you couldn’t tell.

This is a follow-up to last Wednesday’s pic of the Deej with his favorite kitteh treat. Remarkably — probably because he knows I’m like putty in his paws and my thumbs work a little better than his — he  chose not to build upon his previous masterpiece when I took the bag away.


Indoor Salmon. Now.

Tiny Green Mirrors

Do not be distracted by the mouf. Observe the eyes. They kindle with controlled fury, betraying a mood gone bad like warm sashimi. Indoor sashimi, to be precise. If you look closely, you can see the flash from the camera and my shadowed form.

What you can’t see in those lime-colored looking-glasses is that I neglected to set the bag of treats down before taking the photo. Truth be told, that’s really the only reason this isn’t a blurry shot of a blue blanket.


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I draw pictures for a living.
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3 Responses to glowee green glare is glowee

  1. lurkertype says:

    [this is good]

    Sigh. I love the Deej even when he’s grumpy. I never knew about two-toned eyes in kittehs till DG and his buddy TK came into my life.

    That nose still kills me. The outlined brick, the splorge of orange, it’s all too much.

  2. Kzinti says:

    All I can see is, “I will kill you slowest of all, male human”…

  3. doranyc says:

    The crushing disappointment is intense…

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