Turns Out He Got Sidetracked In Colorado

If you’d have told me, say, a month or so ago that Cthulhu’s impending return would see him sprawling on his back and accepting a tummy rub from the likes of an annoying ass-boil like South Park’s own Eric Cartman, I’d have been forced to assume you’d already been touched by the Great Old One’s special, mind-altering influence. I probably would have donned my best look of dismissive derision and made some trite claim about eating my shorts the day that happened.

Long story short, I’m glad we never had such an encounter because, as it turns out, I’d be looking pretty stupid right now and you’d be enduring some awful joke about the nature of employee potlucks at Fruit of the Loom Company or somesuch.

Cthulhu Puts the Hurt to South Park

Cthulhu Puts the Hurt to South Park

The full episode will be here on the third of December. Until then, if you happen to have cable, you can watch it via Comedy Central’s OnDemand. There are actually a few episodes with Cthulhu in them and if you can get past the continual mispronunciation of his name (as well as Cartman’s testicle-related profanities), they’re a terribly good time.

I do have to say a few words about the depiction of ol’ squidface himself. Although I’m pretty sure Cartman would have gone insane instantly and that Cthulhu would have slurped the fat little sociopath up like an overcooked won ton, I’m glad they at least gave Cthulhu some semblance of a gut. It’s not the “bloated” and “corpulent” visage I imagine when I read Lovecraft’s stories, but it’s better than all these lithe and buff Cthulhus I’ve been seeing rendered recently. And wings! They made sure you noticed the wings, too! They’re supposed to be “rudimentary”, but whatever. They’re usually forgotten entirely. It’s weird how the wings get left off all the time…

Seriously. It’s as if all anyone cares about anymore are profuse facial tentacles. People are sick.

Today’s picture of DG is entitled Poupon Revisited. Why another one of these? I don’t know. It just seems like he’s making this particular face a lot lately. Call it his “Blue Steel”.

DG's "Blue Steel"

DG's "Blue Steel"


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18 Responses to Turns Out He Got Sidetracked In Colorado

  1. Budd says:

    You sure that isn’t La Tigre?

  2. lurkertype says:

    I saw one of the Cthulu eps – the second or third. I thought of you, of course.

    Deej is Not Amused.

    • kirkstarr says:

      It’s nice that whenever people see his grisly visage, they think of me. I couldn’t ask for a higher honor. 😛

      What DG hates about these closeups is the flash. What you’re seeing is the Deej in mid-blink. I think it’s incredibly cute.

  3. redmosquito5 says:

    I saw bits of this one and immediately thought of you.

  4. Laurie says:

    I saw the whole trio of Cthulu eps, and thought of you throughout and wondered if you were amused or horrified. They actually use two pronunciations of his name in them, some characters stay Ka-too-loo and some say Ka-thoo-loo. Which one is right?

    • kirkstarr says:

      According to letters written by Lovecraft himself, the pronunciation would be “kuh-THOO-loo” (all caps representing the emphasized syllable). To my mind, the hard-t sound doesn’t come off nearly as creepy.

      But, yeah, a few people — like the David Byrne lookalike that bought some lemon bars — pronounced it correctly. That’s how you could make out the true acolytes. Cartman said it correctly, of course.

  5. Kzinti says:

    Blue Steel… LMAO

    Cthulhu is not impressed…

    • kirkstarr says:

      Oh, but he will be impressed with my 1/8 scale model of his Great Malevolence built from a quadrillion black and grey Lego bricks…

      …I’m going to need to talk to you at length about that endeavor, by the way. Can you guess why?

  6. deecrowseer says:

    “South Park” stopped being a thing over here a few years back… at least among people I know. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t air on any channels I can get, which is a shame because every now and then I’ll read about them doing something really cool and strange like this.

    • kirkstarr says:

      It stopped being a thing with me right around the same time. It got to a point where I felt like offending everyone had become more important than making a serious point. But then, at some point, they came back around to focusing on either 1) making important social allegories and/or 2) giving us a story that was at least funny.

      One thing that continually impresses me is how well they can put a cool-looking thing like that Cthulhu rendering in the cartoon, while still maintaining a decent amount of that cut-out construction paper look South Park is known for.

  7. doranyc says:

    LOL! I’ve been enjoying these episodes and of course I thought of you when Chtulhu made an appearance.

    *skritches DG*

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